With Love Season 2 Review – A mediocre romantic comedy

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Episode 1 – | Review Score – 3.5/5
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Episode 6 – | Review Score – 3/5


The romantic comedy on Amazon Prime is back for another season. The second installment goes on to draw attention to significant events in the lives of the Diaz family, particularly those involving the siblings Lily and Jorge Diaz. The season sheds light on their major transformations as they go through important milestones in their respective lives. Additionally, we get a glimpse of how they rely on their huge family to support them.

Santiago and Lily continue to be together when the season begins. However, when Santiago communicates his feelings saying he doesn’t intend to get married, they quickly get into a heated argument.

Henry and Jorge are also deeply in love, despite their occasional arguments over trivial problems. Meanwhile, Nick is still drawn to Lily. Following the love triangle between Nick, Lily, and Santiago, Lily finally picks a partner for herself this season.

This season’s journey has a strong unifying theme that adds to all of the character’s current stages of development. The narrative approach used in the first season is continued in this one. Yet again, we spend time watching the Diaz family in settings of significant holidays and occasions, such as Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, a prominent Bachelor Party, among others.

The entire season takes place inside a bubble. Real-world issues are brought up, like home ownership as well as dementia, and then addressed with sentimental speeches. For instance, when Marta talks about her partner having dementia, she treats the situation way too casually. The majority of the show’s issues are solved in this way – with sweet talk. In addition to providing a means of escape, the show aims to be genuine. Unfortunately, it fails to achieve that balance.

With Love seems to have skewed too far into navigating moral waters, with some characters, like Sol, suffering as a result. This is particularly disappointing given how good their storyline had been in the previous season.

On the flip side, given how healthy their relationship has been from the very beginning, it is truly heartwarming to witness Henry and Jorge’s growth this year. Their bond truly shines through, making their relationship among the best parts of the show.

Lily’s character arc, on the other hand, is paper thin. You can’t possibly root for Lily and Nick’s relationship. Her quick switch from Santiago to Nick makes her relationship appear very superficial. Her kissing Santiago while dating Nick doesn’t help her case either. The love triangle plotline is absolutely tedious to watch and to be honest, you’ll feel bad for both Nick and Santiago because Lily appears to be using them at the expense of her confusion.

The season wants you to let go of your skepticism and accept magic. Additionally, since you’re aware that everything is going to be wrapped up with a neat little bow, you cannot take any of the dramatic instances all that seriously. Instead of portraying its situations with a simple black and white canvas, the series should have wholeheartedly accepted the grey areas as well. Unfortunately, With Love does not improve with its second season, making it mediocre at best.

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  • Verdict - 5/10

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  1. I absolutely agree that there’s no way that you can root for Lily and Nick. She’s not going to get over Santiago that quickly and to be honest it’s quite obvious that she’s not over him. Nick is the safe choice and with real love there’s always a risk.

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