With Love – Season 2 Episode 2 “Engagement Party” Recap & Review

Engagement Party

Episode 2 of With Love season 2 begins with Lily fantasizing about Santiago. And wouldn’t you know it, Nick and Henry almost join in on her fantasy. Lily is interrupted though by her parents having sex.

Later that morning, Beatriz checks in on Lily, who actually expresses her desire to move out as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Jorge is attempting to prepare Filipino dishes in order to impress Henry’s parents.

When Henry’s parents arrive, they barely eat Jorge’s food because they had already eaten on the flight. They also tell him about their plan to incorporate Texas traditions into their wedding.

Lily attempts to ask her boss for a raise at work. Her superior, however, turns her down, despite her progress at work, which bothers Lily. Meanwhile, Andre and Anne drag Santiago along for a walk and introduce him to their friend. After that, Santiago exchanges phone numbers with her.

Sol spends time with her grandmother. Miles, on the other hand, spends time with Sol’s grandfather. Miles notices that Sol’s grandfather has some major memory issues while they are heading home after spending time together.

Nick doesn’t invite his girlfriend to Jorge and Henry’s engagement party because he doesn’t think it’s necessary to involve her in every single activity. However, after the family comments that it’s rather strange for him to act in that manner, he checks in on his girlfriend, who appears to be upset with him.

Jorge, who wanted the engagement party to be perfect, gets annoyed when Henry and his family add a Texas touch by donning hats and intending to line dance. He is then relieved to learn that Henry and his family were simply messing with him. Meanwhile, Melanie calls Santiago and they schedule a date.

Jorge objects to Henry’s plan to perform a magic trick to reveal his Best Men. Jorge not being receptive to Henry’s wishes and ideas hurts Henry. After a while, Henry performs a magic trick to introduce his best men, which all of the guests find entertaining. Jorge enjoys the magic trick as well. Jorge then realizes his mistake and apologizes to Henry. They then share a touching moment.

Miles and Sol discuss Luis’s memory problem with Marta. Following this, Marta tells them that she is aware of the situation and reveals that he suffers from dementia. Sol then offers their support to her.

The entire family dances, while Nick asks Lily to dance with him. As they do, he tells her about his relationship status with Anna.

Later that day, Jorge Sr tells Beatriz about his plans to take her to Bora Bora, which makes her extremely happy. Meanwhile, Lily masturbates to pictures of houses.

The Episode Review

The majority of this episode is touching and entertaining. Jorge and Henry’s engagement party storyline is heartwarming too.

Having said that, Lily’s character is becoming increasingly strange. She masturbates to pictures of houses near the end of the episode, which is bizarre and is actually a psychological condition where people are drawn to inanimate objects. Whether this leads to anything or is just an excuse for some light comedic relief, remains to be seen.

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