With Love- Season 2 Episode 3 “Lily’s Double Quinceanera” Recap & Review

Lily’s Double Quinceanera

Episode 3 of With Love season 2 begins with us learning that it is Lily’s birthday. Jorge and Sol sing for her on the special day to wake her up. Following that, Sol hands Lily her bucket list of things she wanted to do before she got old. Lily decides to cross a few things off her bucket list that day, but Sol and Jorge have prior commitments and are unable to accompany her.

Lily receives a phone call from Santiago, who wishes her well. She also invites Santiago to help her cross things off her bucket list and he agrees.

Sol meets Charlie’s mother and Miles’ ex-wife, and the two get along well at first. However, when she and Miles talk, Miles has reservations about her calling him queer, which bothers Sol.

Jorge and Henry visit their wedding planner. However, they end up having different preferences in a couple of things and so they end up getting into a fight.

Santiago pays Lily a visit and he gives her a handmade travel make-up station. Lily is overjoyed by his gesture. Following that, they spend the entire day crossing items off Lily’s list. They almost kiss at one point, but it’s interrupted.

Anna and Nick visit an astrologer. The astrologer reads Nick’s card and informs him that he has unresolved feelings for someone from his past, a clear reference to Lily. The astrologer advises him to deal with his buried feelings.

Sol meets with their friends and tells them how Miles’ refusal to be called Queer bothered them. They then tell them that they believe Miles is a nice person and that they should communicate with him.

When Santiago drops Lily off at home, she invites him to join her party. Santiago reveals that he has a date. Lily is embarrassed, so she asks him to bring his date, and he says he’ll think about it. Meanwhile, Marta makes Henry and Jorge take a quiz to determine their compatibility for marriage.

Everyone is having a good time at Lily’s birthday party. Thereafter, Sol’s friends confront Miles and tell him that his behavior has bothered Sol, so Miles apologizes.

Santiago arrives with his date, Kiki. Despite her attempts to appear calm in the face of the situation, Lily appears to be hurt. Meanwhile, Jorge and Henry reconcile their differences and reach an agreement. Following that, they learn the results of their compatibility test, which show that they are compatible, making them happy.

After seeing Santiago and Kiki at her party, Lily can’t pretend to be fine. She then asks Santiago to leave, explaining why, and he understands. Following that, they agree to stay friends but never mention who they date.

Nick tells Jorge about what the fortune teller told him, in addition to his feelings for Lily. Anna overhears their conversation, and they break up.

The Episode Review

As usual, the episode is mostly entertaining, and it’s heartwarming to see Jorge and Henry work through their problems in a healthy manner. The love triangle between Lily, Santiago, and Nick on the other hand, is cliched and tedious to watch.

The show went overboard with Sol’s character too. Sol expressed her disappointment with Miles’ refusal to be called Queer because he does not consider himself to be Queer. People would definitely object if the situation were reversed. Moreover, Sol made it about them when it should have been about him, which is extremely disappointing given how good their storyline had been up until this point.

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