With Love- Season 2 Episode 4 “Bachelor Party” Recap & Review

Bachelor Party

Episode 4 of With Love season 2 begins with Annie and Andre paying a visit to Santiago’s home. They go on to tell him that they’ve decided to get married today in Vegas and invite him to join them.

Jorge and Henry’s bachelor party has brought the Diaz family to Las Vegas. Nick finds them a place to stay, and they appear to be having a good time. Furthermore, Nick seems to have feelings for Lily.

On their way to Vegas, Santiago confides in Annie about his desire not to marry. When they pull over to use the washroom, Santiago can’t stop thinking about Lily and believes he saw her at the gas station, but it turns out it was someone else.

Nick and Lily spend quite a bit of time together. Meanwhile, Henry gets drunk, revealing an unusual side. Henry gets lost, and everyone begins looking for him.

Nick is clearly smitten with Lily, but she has friend-zoned him and he is aware that she isn’t into him. As a result, he decides to set boundaries to protect his feelings.

Jorge and Sol take a break from their search for Henry to eat. They have a heartfelt conversation while eating and end up bonding over their shared struggles. They then decide to make time for each other.

Santiago, Andre, and Annie finally reach Vegas, just as a drunk Henry is having a great time. Everyone, on the other hand, is looking for him.

When Andre and Annie arrive at the church, they get married in a beautiful and touching ceremony. When Santiago witnesses the ceremony, he is taken aback and tears up.

Jorge and Sol finally find Henry, but Nick and Lily, who are spending time together, decide to go to the club after learning that everyone is there. Lily is platonically very affectionate, which affects Nick. He eventually confesses his feelings for her and asks not to be affectionate with him because he knows she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Nick then tells her that if she doesn’t feel the same way about him, he needs to set some boundaries. Lily is taken aback and stays silent.

Nick walks away to his room, while Lily goes to the club. Henry, who is drunk, strikes up a conversation with Lily at the club. When Lily tells him that Nick has feelings for her, he says he knows. Following that, he tells her that the best thing he ever did was to fall in love with his best friend, implying that Nick is good for her.

When Lily realizes Nick is her best friend and that they could be a couple, she makes her way to Nick’s room, and Santiago spots her. Santiago, on the other hand, believes he is seeing Lily even though she isn’t there.

Lily declares her desire to be with Nick. Following that, she expresses how he has always been there for her and how she is willing to give it a shot. Meanwhile, everyone at the club is having a great time. The episode concludes with Santiago leaving a message for Lily.

The Episode Review

The episode incorporates many heartwarming sequences, such as Andre and Annie’s beautiful ceremony, Sol and Jorge’s bonding scene, and the overall mood of the bachelor party.

Having said that, the show’s quality is deteriorating as the episodes progress. The love triangle involving Lily, Nick, and Santiago is tedious to watch. Furthermore, Lily is getting together with Nick, despite the fact that she clearly has feelings for Santiago, which makes Nick her rebound.

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