With Love – Season 2 Episode 1 “Christmas Eve” Recap & Review

Christmas Eve

Episode 1 of With Love season 2 picks up where the previous season left off, at the Christmas party. However, we’re actually transported 12 hours back in time to gain a better understanding of the situation.

We learn that Nick is dating a woman named Anna. Santiago and Lily seem to be happy together, and Jorge and Henry appear to be stronger than ever. Additionally, Sol and Miles spend quality time together, and their bond appears to be deep and meaningful. Moreover, Jorge Sr and Beatriz are attempting to mend their relationship following Jorge’s heart attack.

Following a nudge from Henry and Nick, Jorge Jr finally puts his foot down and asks Lily to move out of the apartment. Lily then moves into her parents’ flat.

A day before Christmas Eve, Henry and Nick skip Jorge’s party, claiming that Nick will train Henry in the gym. Following that, Lily suggests that Nick open his own gym and Nick seriously considers doing that.

At Christmas mass, Henry hides Jorge’s absence from mass in front of Marta. Lily and Sol are sitting together, and Lily tells Sol about her plan to persuade Santiago to propose to her. Sol advises Lily to communicate with Santiago about her needs, and Lily considers doing so.

During the Diaz family’s Christmas Eve party, Nick introduces the family to his new girlfriend, Anna. Meanwhile, Jorge is disappointed because his dad doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. Thereafter, Lily overhears Marta mention that she discovered a ring in Santiago’s coat. As a result, Lily grows excited and shares her excitement with Sol.

Santiago asks Lily to accompany him out of the party to look at the stars. Lily is overjoyed and anticipates Santiago’s proposal. She is disappointed when Santiago removes the ring box and instead hands her a key, asking Lily to move in with him. Following that, Lily expresses her frustration, and they end up breaking up.

In the kitchen, Henry speaks privately with Beatriz and Jorge Sr concerning his intention to propose to Jorge. Jorge’s parents then give him their blessing.

When Lily and Santiago enter the party following their breakup, Henry proposes to Jorge, just as planned. The entire family, including Lily, joins in and they participate in the celebration.

The family is having a great time at the party, and all the couples appear to be enjoying themselves. Nick also informs Anna of his plan to open his own gym. Meanwhile, Lily and Santiago have a conversation and they decide to keep their breakup a secret for a while.

The Episode Review

This episode solves the mystery of the final episode for season 1. Given how healthy their relationship has been from the very beginning, it is truly heartwarming to see Henry propose to Jorge.

Jorge Sr and Beatriz appear to be working on their marriage, which is a nice touch despite the stale nature of their relationship. Additionally, Sol and Miles appear to be enjoying themselves together as well.

Lily and Santiago finally part ways in this episode, which is refreshing given that it was obvious the two of them didn’t share the same outlook in life. The fact that their breakup was quite respectful makes things better.

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