Frasier (Revival) Season 1 Review – A heart-warming and funny return for the classic ’90s sitcom

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Episode 1 Review Score- 4/5
Episode 2 Review Score- 3/5
Episode 3 Review Score- 4/5
Episode 4 Review Score- 4/5
Episode 5 Review Score- 4/5
Episode 6 Review Score- 4/5
Episode 7 Review Score- 5/5
Episode 8 Review Score- 4/5
Episode 9 Review Score- 4/5
Episode 10 Review Score- 4/5


Twenty years have passed since Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) left Seattle for a new life in Chicago, but now he’s back in Boston where we first met him back in the ’80s in Cheers. The first episode reconnects him with his estranged son, Freddy (Jack Cutmore-Scott), in an episode titled “The Good Son,” which is a nice throwback to the first ever episode of the original spin-off show, which was called “The Good Father,” and saw Frasier return to Seattle to live with his father. The roles have reversed and he’s now living with his son, This relationship is the emotional centre of this new show, and it works very well. 

Having Frasier back on our screens is a very uplifting feeling, and it delivers on every level possible. It doesn’t rely too much on the nostalgia of the original, which is actually helped by the ensemble cast from the original show not returning, as it’s able to pave its own way with a brand new set of characters who surround the titular psychiatrist. 

The highlight of this new ensemble cast is British comedy legend Nicholas Lyndhurst as Harvard lecturer Dr. Alan Cornwall, who regularly steals most scenes he’s in. However, the Frasier revival isn’t without guest appearances from faces of the past, with Bebe Neuwirth returning as Frasier’s ex-wife and Freddy’s mother, Lilith Sternin. She returns in episode 7 for Freddy’s birthday party and the sparring between her and Frasier makes this the stand-out episode of the season. Peri Gilpin also returns as Roz in the festive finale “Reindeer Games,” and it’s a welcome return for the fan favourite. Let’s hope there’s a season 2 and another return for her character, along with a few more guest appearances from the original series, as well as a couple from Cheers to boot. This would make perfect sense with the show being set in Boston. However, if this doesn’t happen, the show can stand on its own two feet just fine. 

The Frasier revival really comes into its own at the mid-way point of the season and builds towards a very strong finish, with the laughs getting more frequent and the focus on themes of family resonating with the audience. It was exactly what we needed in 2023! Frasier has left the building for now but he’ll more than likely be back for more in 2024. Thank you, and goodnight!

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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