Frasier (Revival) – Episode 5 “The Founders’ Society” Recap & Review

The Founders’ Society

Frasier Episode 5 starts with Frasier complaining about not being invited to office events when Alan walks into their shared office with cake after someone’s birthday party. Frasier says he’s surprised by his difficulty to fit in, and then accuses his coworkers of being intimidated by his intellect. Alan tells him not to take it personally, as nobody they know attended the event either, and at this point, Olivia walks in with a birthday hat and cake. 

Alan and Olivia then boast that they have received an invite to the Founders Society event, and Frasier snatches the invite out of Olivia’s han, reading it with great disappointment. She tells him it’s not a big deal but then announces that it actually is and gets excited. Frasier criticises them for acting like “giddy children” until he spots an invitation for him on the floor and acts like a giddy child himself. 

Back at the apartment, Frasier, Alan and Olivia are dressed up smartly and having pre-drinks before attending the Founders Society event. Eve and Freddy have to listen to Alan and Frasier’s old Harvard stories, which they have already heard, so they mock them for it by finishing off the stories.

Frasier, Alan and Olivia leave for the party as David arrives, and he asks Freddy if there’s anything going on between him and Eve. When he says there isn’t, David says he’s going to ask her out. Freddy tells him to go for it, knowing what the answer will be. 

Frasier, Alan and Olivia arrive at the Founders society event and plot how they are going to be accepted into it. Alan stupidly tries on an antique gauntlet hand and gets it stuck. Frasier tries to help him get it off but it won’t budge. Alan hides it behind his back as they meet two people from the society. It is revealed that there are only two places available to enter the society, and the three of them discuss what they should do with this information. 

Frasier and Alan plan to ditch Olivia right in front of her by speaking entirely in Latin. Olivia announces “she’s so glad they are a team.” 

Back at the apartment, David has failed in asking Olivia out, and Freddy is greatly amused by this. Eve mocks Freddy for reading Little Women when he is being mean about David’s dating skills. Eve tells him to help his cousin talk to girls. Freddy tells David he’s going to help give him the “gift of game.”

Back at the party, Olivia points Frasier and Alan towards the influential Dean, and they rush over to chat to him. Unbeknownst to them, he isn’t actually the Dean, he’s just a waiter at the event, and Olivia goes to chat to the real dean. It turns out Olivia knows Latin too. Frasier and Alan try to impress the man, and he is totally confused and offers them a drink instead. After all, he is the waiter. 

At the apartment, Freddy is training David to talk to girls, using Eve as the target, calling her “the rehearsal human.” David goes over to Eve and says “Hello Ma Lady” to which Freddy blows his whistle to call off his pathetic attempts. David then continues to utter terrible lines, with Freddy blowing his whistle over and over. Freddy and Eve give David an example of how it works, while David watches on. 

Frasier and Alan discover the waiter is not the Dean, and they’ve been set up by Olivia. Olivia gloats and tells Frasier and Alan she has been accepted, but that leaves one final spot, and she is open to bribes from them. 

Olivia says Alan is currently ahead, but they must decide between themselves. Frasier pleads with Alan to let him take the spot, and Alan agrees to bow out. Alan then asks Frasier to help him meet a “special lady.” The special lady turns out to be a rare bottle of scotch in the cellar. Alan then tells Frasier he accidentally locked the cellar door, leaving them with only one option drink the scotch. 

David is at the bar with Freddy and Eve, and they are helping him with the next phase of his trainingtalking to an actual woman. David is nervous and suggests he builds a girlfriend instead. David orders a drink, and then starts talking to an equally nervous woman, and they hit it off and go off together. 

Frasier and Alan retrieve the bottle of scotch, and begin having a heart to heart. Alan tells him he cares about him, and Frasier talks about how he always wanted to fit in, and how he used to go to a bar in Boston, to which Alan replies “And nobody knew your name?” (a nice little in-joke for fans of Cheers).

Frasier says he has a longing to find the place where he belongs. Alan says the scotch is actually terrible, and then reveals they aren’t locked in the cellar and there actually isn’t even a door. Frasier says he doesn’t need the Founders club; as long as he and Alan have each other, that’s all that matters. At this point, the Dean walks into the cellar and offers Frasier a place in the society. Frasier pauses before accepting the offer. Alan sarcastically congratulates him for taking this pause. 

The episode ends with Alan returning the gauntlet hand to its rightful place, as he and Frasier leave. Alan can’t help trying on a helmet before going. Let’s hope this one doesn’t get stuck.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of Frasier is an extremely fun episode that features a masterclass in comedy acting by two of the all time greats in Kelsey Grammer and Nicholas Lyndhurst. In many ways, Lyndhurst’s character Alan could’ve quite easily been a carbon copy of Niles from the original series in lesser hands, but he’s played with aplomb by the Only Fools and Horses legend. His physical comedy in this episode is fantastic, as he gets a gauntlet hand stuck on him, leaving Frasier to try and prize it off him.

There’s also some really good moments between Freddy and Eve as they try to help David talk to women, and the chemistry between these characters is really strong. This revival series gets better each week, with much more going for it than just its lead actor. 

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