Frasier (Revival) Episode 2 “Moving In” Recap & Review

Moving In 

In Frasier Episode 2, Freddy is still sleeping on the sofa in his and Eve’s apartment, despite the impending move across the landing to Frasier’s new apartment. He is woken up by the crying baby and the nauseating song on the baby swing, ”Baby Shark.” He considers hitting the swing with a baseball bat, but holds back. 

Frasier learns that Freddy is worried that Eve doesn’t want him to move out, but it turns out she can’t wait for him to move out, due to his snoring and other things. David helps Freddy move all his stuff into Frasier’s apartment, and Frasier wonders why Freddy’s fellow firefighters couldn’t help instead of his dainty nephew. 

Frasier makes it known that Freddy’s things don’t match the aesthetic and ambience that he is going for in the new apartment, and encourages him to put certain things in his room. However, he does ask Freddy to help pick out a dining room table to soften the blow.

When Frasier takes Freddy’s Fenway Park World Series dirt and moves it behind some of his books, Freddy gets his own back and buys an air hockey table instead of a dining room table. Frasier returns and finds his son’s move a tad passive-aggressive but sits down at the table and is served his dinner. When he asks Freddy to pass the salt, he slides it along to him on one of the pucks. Frasier returns the salt with hilarious consequences, as his smoothness doesn’t match his son’s, and the salt tips over en route. 

Frasier settles into his new job at Harvard University. Sharing an office with Alan, he asks for advice about Freddy. He acknowledges that he has a similar relationship to the one he had with his dad, Martin. Freddy just wants to be accepted by his father, just like Frasier wanted his father to accept him. 

Frasier and Freddy compromise on the decor in the apartment, and Frasier displays the Fenway dirt on his piano. At the end of the episode, David comes over and pours the dirt into a nearby plant. Oops. 

The Episode Review

Episode 2 picks up where the last one left off and sees the relationship between Frasier and Freddy take centre stage again. This new series has a lot of heart, and continues to work well, as it is keen on exploring family dynamics.

There are some funny moments as the characters continue to unravel, and Kelsey Grammer and Nicholas Lyndhurst share a particularly funny scene as Frasier goes on a rant about his son, failing to realise that a reporter from the Boston Globe is standing right behind him. Not quite as good as the first episode, but this reboot of sorts continues to show great promise. 

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  1. This episode was way better than the first i actually laughed at some things here were the first was boring and bland hope it keeps up.

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