Frasier (Revival) – Episode 6 “Blind Date” Recap & Review

Blind Date

Episode 6 of Frasier starts in the bar with Eve asking Olivia and Alan if they are free on Saturday. Olivia wrongly thinks it’s going to involve giving Eve a ride to the airport or helping to paint her apartment. Neither option is correct, as Eve reveals she’s in a play and wants her and Alan to attend. It’s a complicated murder mystery that she says “almost works.” She admits it won’t be great, but Alan and Olivia feel obliged to attend. 

Freddy and Frasier arrive at the bar in a good mood. Frasier says he finally wants for nothing until Eve says she has someone in mind for Frasier to go on a date with. Frasier announces he can be ready in five minutes. Alan mocks him about past failed relationships, as Freddy attempts to stick up for his unlucky-in-love father. 

But Freddy is less hopeful. It sounds as though he’s been alone for a while, too, but Eve claims he self-sabotages his dates before they ever begin. Freddy warns Frasier that Eve isn’t the best at setting people up, having failed to help Freddy in the past. Eve suggests it’s all on Freddy for the failure, and then Frasier tries to psychoanalyse his son’s failure to have a lasting relationship. Eve says she’ll help set him up again but won’t reveal any information, so it’s a blind date. Frasier says he wants the same set up, and Eve agrees. 

Frasier prepares for his blind date in his apartment, playing classical music. He opens the door to a lady called June, and attempts to charm her after introducing himself. Frasier offers June a glass of wine, as Freddy arrives home and introduces himself.

Both Frasier and Freddy think June is their date, and are quite taken with her, and they don’t want to ask her to confirm which of them she is here for, after Freddy reveals his date is coming on the same night. So who is June here for? 

Frasier and Freddy discuss the issue at hand in the kitchen as June is seated in the living room. They argue over who June is here for, to which Frasier suggests she is too refined for his son. Freddy calls Eve to ask her if June is his date or Frasier’s, but she doesn’t answer. We discover this is because she is in the middle of starring in her murder mystery play, with Alan and Olivia watching on in horror at how bad it is. 

Freddy suggests it’ll be obvious who June is here for when the next date arrives. They approach June to figure out what’s going on. Frasier tells Freddy to sit down on the sofa and whoever June sits next to, must be one she is on the date with. They ask her about her celebrity crushes. She says Chris Hemsworth, which points to her liking Freddy, but then also mentions Kevin Costner which makes Frasier think she’s into him. June goes to sit down and sits in between Freddy and Frasier. They both get up and return to the kitchen, still unable to decipher who June is expecting a date with. 

There’s a knock at the door, and it’s an old lady who claims she’s looking for Frasier. Frasier is horrified that this lady could be his date. It turns out the old lady is here for milk, as she’s babysitting Eve’s baby. Frasier is relieved and gives her the milk and hurries her along to leave. Freddy reveals he knew the old lady was the babysitter, clearly enjoying trolling his father. Freddy suggests they call a truce after the petty fight over June, but then sabotages Frasier’s dinner, which is cooking on the hob. June reveals on a phone call with a friend that she’s actually here for a date with Freddy, but reveals she’s more into Frasier. Freddy tells Frasier about this, and Frasier tries to assure Freddy that there isn’t anything wrong with him despite June preferring him. 

Freddy says he’ll step aside. There’s a knock at the door and it’s a lady called Siobhan. Turns out, Siobhan might be perfect for Frasier. She’s an opera singer who’s lived in Milan and recognizes that Frasier is making osso buco by the smell from the kitchen. The decider for Frasier is that she brings him a bottle of sherry.

Frasier takes Siobhan into the hallway and tells her there’s been a mix-up tonight, but he’d love to reschedule their date for another time. Frasier considers trying to pull off both dates at once before deciding to offer Freddy a big-screen TV if he takes June out, paving the way for his date with Siobhan. 

Siobhan and June confront Frasier and Freddy about what’s going on. Both women decide to leave with each other to have a drink after becoming annoyed with both men over the date debacle and figuring out what’s going on.  Before they leave, Frasier says, “just to clarify, you both wanted me.” They leave, and Frasier announces he’s still got it. 

The episode ends with Eve and a fellow actor seeing another actor in the play face down on the stage with a knife in his back. They run when they think he is actually dead, but the man sits up after they leave, revealing he is very much alive. 

The Episode Review

“Blind Date” is a clever little twist on the date-gone-wrong sitcom trope, as it pits Frasier against his son, Freddy. Jack Cutmore-Scott and Kelsey Grammer really shine together in this quirky and funny episode. It feels like a play for the most part, which is ironic, as the subplot is actually a play that Eve is in.

Most of the episode takes place in the apartment as Frasier and Freddy fight over who a blind date is here for after a mixup involving Eve. There’s some laugh-out-loud moments, and some touching moments too, as father and son continue to bond, just like Frasier and Martin did in the original show.

Nicholas Lyndhurst is under-used this week, but he did have a big part last week, so this can be forgiven. However, David is completely absent this week, which makes us wonder if he actually fits into this show or not. 

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