Frasier (Revival) Episode 3 “First Class” Recap & Review

First Class

Frasier Episode 3 starts in Frasier and Freddy’s new apartment, with Frasier causing a distraction with his questions about his outfit for his first day at Harvard. Meanwhile, Eve practices for an upcoming acting role, with Freddy giving a helping hand. Frasier points out that he did buy Eve’s apartment so she could have it all to herself with no distractions when Freddy moved in with him.

Frasier turns up for his first lecture at Harvard, and his nephew David supports him at the front of the class. But the students are more interested with asking for his advice due to his long-running stint on a television show. One student asks if she should confront her boyfriend about cheating on her. Frasier tells his class that anyone who hasn’t come to learn should leave now. And with that, quite a few students leave. 

Frasier returns home dejected and ready to quit Harvard. Freddy teases his father about this, getting him back for the judgement he received for quitting Harvard himself. 

Frasier’s boss, Olivia, isn’t happy with Frasier’s first lecture, so she ropes Alan in to help with the next lecture. Frasier shows Alan clips of his television show “Dr. Crane,” as he admits he never saw it. We see Frasier go from hosting a serious psychological show in the earlier seasons, to playing a caricature of himself in season 13. 

In the next lecture, co-hosted by Alan, Frasier walks in to the sound of the theme tune from his old television show, with the classroom set out like the old set. The class cheers him on like they are his audience. He walks out in absolute distress that he isn’t being taken seriously. 

Frasier gets Olivia to attend his next lecture to ask serious questions to help veer proceedings back into a serious educational standpoint. But it ends in disaster when David and Olivia get into an argument, as Frasier’s nephew is upset his uncle didn’t ask him to help. 

After the lecture, Olivia tells Frasier she was a big fan of his show. She suggests he just needs to strike a balance between fun and educational to keep his students interested. 

The Episode Review

Everything has settled down after the scene-setting of the first two episodes of this classic sitcom revival. Episode 3 really comes into its own, with some very funny moments as Frasier starts his new job as a professor at Harvard. Unfortunately for him, his students want the Frasier Crane they saw on their television screens.

This makes way for the funniest moment of the episode when Dr. Crane shows Alan clips from his old show, “Dr. Crane.” All the new characters are brilliant, giving the show a new lease of life, similar to what the original Frasier series did when he was relocated to Seattle after his run on Cheers

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