Frasier (Revival) – Episode 4 “Trivial Pursuits” Recap & Review

Trivial Pursuits

Frasier Episode 4 starts with a trivia contest in the bar, and Frasier teams up with Olivia and Alan, against Freddy and his fellow fireman colleagues. Alan is over confident of winning and orders expensive cognac, knowing that the winners drink for free. Its a tie going into the final question, and the question is about wine, and Freddy answers it first and correctly, and puts his knowledge down to spending his summer’s as a kid organising Frasier’s wine cellar. Frasier is proud of Freddy’s knowledge, and announces that “he’s not just a fireman” which annoys Freddy. Eve suggests Freddy invite his father to the firehouse to see him at work. 

Frasier visits the firehouse and cooks up a cassoulet for the fireman, and Freddy tells his father he might be called away at any moment for a life or death emergency. He does get called away but for a photo shoot for a fireman calendar. Freddy points out the calendar is to raise money for underprivileged kids. David visits the firehouse looking tired, and the firemen think he is an orphan when he mentions that he misses his parents. 

The firehouse resident Dalmatian tries to get Frasier’s attention and this reminds him of his father’s dog, Eddie, and rejects him saying “I outlasted that little mongrel. I’ll outlast you.”

The next call for the firemen is a man wedged inside a doggy door, and Frasier goes along to help, and is recognised by the man in distress from his TV show. Frasier gives him a therapy session. They all return to the firehouse to eat Frasier’s cassoulet. Once again, they are interrupted by an emergency call, leaving Frasier and the Dalmatian with a full pot of Cassoulet. 

Frasier is at the bar, and a news report comes on about the fire Freddy is tackling. He is worried for Freddy’s safety, and it stirs up memories of him being worried about his father when he was a cop. 

Frasier waits for Freddy to return home, and asks him how the fire went, and tears up a little, but this is revealed to be because the spicy chilli in the cassoulet is too hot. 

The Episode Review

Episode 4 really hits its stride this week, with a very funny episode centred around Freddy’s firehouse. There is an excellent call back to the dog, Eddie from the original series, which will make old fans very satisfied. Also, the supporting characters continue to provide a really good foil to Frasier’s antics. As funny as this new series of Frasier is, it excels in occasional heartfelt moments, but before you can cry, the laughter starts up again. Great episode!

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