Sea of Stars Guide: “The Forbidden Cavern” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Forbidden Cavern

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Standing Platform Puzzles

Exploring The Caves

The Detour



Once you reach the Forbidden Cavern, interact with the doorway and head on through the linear passage. You’ll arrive back in the room where Garl lost his eye in the past, but with slight variations in the layout. From this room, take a left.

In this new area, hop over the platform to your left and dispatch the three spiky enemies. Are they the same ones you couldn’t face before in the past? Either way, let’s get rid of them.


Standing Platform Puzzles

Once that’s done, strafe the left wall and climb up the rock face. At the top, you want to stand on the platform and let it lower you all the way to the ground. Don’t try to jump off midway to hold onto the adjacent platform (which we totally didn’t do). When the platform reaches the ground, it’ll lock into place.

With the adjacent platform now down, you’ll want to climb up and then across the wall to the other side.

Once you’ve done that, head out into the next room. You’ll find yourself on a higher platform overlooking the original area. From here, you’ll want to shimmy over the small rock gap and head through into the adjacent cave. Before you do that though, be sure to open the chest just south of this location, under the glowing mushroom. Inside is an Adventurer’s Vest.

When you’re ready, head into the next room and immediately dispatch the spiked enemies. Once you’ve done that, climb up the walls on the left hand side. Make note of both the chest and the keyhole situated on the left. We’ll circle back to that shortly!

For now, go to the back of the cavern and follow the blue glowing flames. You then want to jump down onto the platform, which will lock into place just like before.

With the platform locked, and the adjacent walls now higher, climb up and open the chest at the top. Inside will be the Forbidden Cavern Key, which is a key (no pun intended) item that we’ll need.

Climb (or jump) back down and flip the lever at the back of the room again. Remember the keyhole? Climb back up and interact with it.


Exploring The Caves

In this little passageway, you’ll notice a glowing scroll and a chest just next to it. Before you enter this little alcove, interact with the red and white checkered basket. Inside will be 1x Mushroom Soup which will allow the entire party to recover 40HP. Touch the scroll and you’ll learn a new combo skill, Mending Light.

These scrolls are dotted throughout the world and will allow you to learn a whole host of useful and nifty skills in battle. Be sure to open the chest too, to reveal 1X Shiny Pearl. Head all the way to the left, and you’ll be back in the main entrance of the Forbidden Cavern. This time though, head up and climb the rock face.

Take a slight detour to the left across the tightrope and open the chest there to reveal Leeching Thorn, an accessory that allows you to heal back 15% of total damage done with normal physical attacks.

Next, jump onto the platform and let it take you all the way back down to the ground floor.


The Detour

When the platform clicks into place, the doors at the back will open and three new enemies will rush out. Dispatch them and progress on.

In the next room, you’ll notice that the pathway ahead appears to be impossible to cross. Thankfully, there’s a cave entrance to the left we can hop into for a detour. Progress in and you’ll notice the burning embers of a campfire just to the bottom of your screen. These are our campsites, which allow you to rest (restore health completely) and switch who the main character is if you wish.

Once you’re done, head north and we’ll have our first nasty boss to contend with.


Boss Fight – Bosslug

Bosslug is our first taste of a big boss in Sea of Stars, and unlike Wyrd in the previous chapter, this guy has some big variations to his moves.

In terms of moves, Bosslug will spew pink acid at you as projectiles. There are several variations to this, with a single hit and a double hit arriving sporadically through the fight. Be wary of this!

Bosslug will also use a Boulder Drop technique, smacking both walls and then dropping a large rock on both Zale and Valere. Be sure to tap your action button just before it hits to negate some of the damage.

The most annoying move though is called Acid Bug Bombs. This has a big wind-up, which you can try to break with locks but you may be unsuccessful in doing so. However, the more locks you break, the less bug bombs will enter the arena. That’s right, Bosslug will bring minions into the fight. They don’t have a lot of health but it’s a good idea to use Valere’s Moonerang skill here, as it’ll hit multiple enemies (and a lot of times if you’ve got good reflexes!)

Be sure to use your Combo attacks against Bosslug itself (especially Solstice Strike) and if you can use any skills (like Moonerang and Sunball) to hit multiple enemies when the acid bugs arrive, you should use them then. Oh, and be sure to use your new combo skill, Mending Light, when low on health as this heals both characters for a lot of HP!

Otherwise, take it slow with this one and you should get through it without too much trouble.

80 Experience Points    


With Bosslug down, a platform will drop next to the cave mouth to the right from the sky. Instead of heading there though, go forwards and into the ominous darkness ahead. Inside… happens to be two chests! 

The one on the left will hold 60x Gold and the one on the right will have 1x Adventurer’s Vest. Now you can climb up the platform to the right.

With the detour over, you can now jump down and head north through that doorway holding the moon symbol.

After a brief cutscene involving strange creatures that are numbered and seemingly wearing masks (eerie!), we’ll be back on the world map again and ready for the next leg of our journey.

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