Sea of Stars Guide: “Prologue / Mooncradle” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Prologue

Mission List (Tap to jump down the page!)

Mountain Trail

Children of the Solstice

Forbidden Cavern

The School in the Sky

A Sound in the Night

Heroes in the Making

Boss Fight – Wyrd



Welcome to our Sea of Stars walkthrough guide! It’s worth pointing out that during the opening few hours of this game, there’s a lot of hand-holding, linear pathways and cutscenes that break up a lot of the action.

Furthermore, Sea of Stars doesn’t really have missions per-se, although at save points you can clearly see that each chapter along the way is marked with a mission title. We’ll do our best to add those into this walkthrough, but for the purposes of the actual headings and titles, we’ll go based on place names for ease of navigation. 

Should You Choose Zale or Valere?

We immediately begin with a choice of who to play as and lead the party forward. Your choice falls between Zale or Valere. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as you can switch out your characters at any time at campsites. The only difference really falls to aesthetic choices and who you want to lead the party forward.

Make your choice and off we go.


Mountain Trail

After a brief cutscene involving the Archivist, we’ll get our first bit of gameplay. Depending on who you chose as your main character, you’ll immediately be faced with a tutorial fight with an enemy. It’s a pretty simple fight; just hit attack twice to best it.

Continue on the linear pathway, across the wooden bridge and you’ll be graced with a rather menacing looking enemy on the other side.

For now, ascend up the walls and across the next wooden bridge, and you’ll notice the enemy jumping around and following. On the other side, you’ll have to fight it and be briefing introduced to the Lock mechanic and using skills. Choose Crescent Arc and end the fight.

Zale will yell over from the cliff above and reveal that he’s found a fire and you should join him. Naturally, this means doubling back. Thankfully, you’ll be able to unroll the rope ladder in front of you for a quick route down.

Go back the way you came until you reach the fork in the road. This time, head left.

Follow the path all the way until it snakes back up a bunch of cliff faces. Travel left over the next wooden bridge and then into the cave. From here, approach the wall and shimmy up and across, all the way until you reach the top. 

Ignore the falling rocks for now, they’re just for aesthetic purposes. Defeat the monster on the platform once you get back on flat ground (or run past it, your choice!) and head outside.

Now, you want to go north rather than jumping down (pictured below) and then hop across a whole bunch of little rock platforms. In doing so, you’ll be reunited with Zale again.

The pair will reminisce about the past, including their Headmaster, before it’s flashback time!


Children of the Solstice

We then jump back in time 10 years, where Zale and Valere are joined by a spunky, cheerful guy called Garl. They’re on the outskirts of Mooncradle, where the bulk of our playtime here takes place. The trio are best friends and thirsty for adventure. Head out the cave and climb up the handholds on the cliffs outside.

At the top, keep moving forward and you’ll enter Mooncradle. There’s a few NPCs you can talk to not a whole lot else to see. Once you get close to the center of town, you’ll be introduced to Brugraves and Erlina. The two are strong magic wielders known as Solstice Warriors. After a bit of banter, the Headmaster will arrive and he’ll take the two warriors away.

Garl will egg you on to go into the Forbidden Cavern, and given there’s not much else to do, we might as well. Head north from this point and follow the linear path on the world map to the cave.


Forbidden Cavern

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to save. It’s worth doing this regularly too. Save Points are visually distinctive, showing up as a pedestal holding a floating book.

Once you’ve saved, interact with the door but Garl will stop for a quick snack. Valere (or Zale, whoever you’ve chosen as the main party leader) will interact with the door and it’ll open.

Progress forward and through the linear passageway. At the end, you’ll be ambushed by monsters. Neither Valere nor Zale are strong enough to fight them here, and as a result, Garl will have a nasty spike through the eye.

The Headmaster will arrive and save the day thankfully. He’ll take you back into town and decide to train Zale and Valere, given they’re so eager to be warriors. The Headmaster forbids Garl from joining, and with a very brief goodbye, you’ll head out of Mooncradle and onto a large sky platform.


The School in the Sky

After a fair amount of dialogue, Headmaster Moraine will task you with creating a magic piece of fabric “worthy of the very stars.” Once you’ve done that, you’ll then need to head through the Forbidden Cavern, into the world beyond to meet with the Elder Mist. The Elder Mist is the only being that can officially grant the title of Solstice Warrior. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here!

Once you’re in control again, immediately head right and to the dorms. There’s no point in exploring as there’s nothing to see here. Find your bed (Valere on the left, Zale on the right) and then rest for the night.

In the morning, the pair will be reunited with Brugraves in the Training Hall.

After a fair amount of dialogue, you’ll receive a Training Sword and Training Staff and be shown the basics of combat. Exit the Training Hall after the cutscene, and from the main atrium go south. There, Erlina will be waiting with more basic training tips. Her speech is interrupted though by the Headmaster.

Valere (or Zale) will get bored with sewing in the next scene and decide to have a look around. Go back up the stairs and into the main atrium, where you’ll overhear a heated discussion between the Solstice Warriors and the Headmaster. After a bit more dialogue discussing the world, Dwellers and the threat of World Eaters, it’s back to training.

A Sound in the Night

Zale will awaken Valere in the middle of the night and reveal that he’s heard a noise and wants to go check it out. Head out the dorms and into the main atrium. From here, go south on the same pathway you originally met Erlina. There will be a note from Garl. He’s brought cookies filled with Celestial Willow jam. He’s preparing himself to be ready to leave with them when they’ve completed their training. Bless him!


Heroes in the Making

A big cutscene will ensue next, eventually leading to Zale and Valere both completing their magical items of clothing. Head back into the atrium and speak to the Headmaster.

Erlina and Brugraves will show to congratulate the pair before talking through the basics of combat, including breaking locks and timings. 

Once that’s done and you’ve taken your warrior vows, take a leap of faith and jump all the way down through the hole in the ground. We’ve got our first very basic dungeon coming up.

This section works to get you ready for some of the larger dungeons in the game, which incorporate a mixture of physics-based puzzle solving and platforming. Oh, and combat of course!

Immediately take a right in this room after jumping over the platforms and climb up the ladder. Press the switch at the back of the room, highlighted with a green glow. This will raise three platforms and allow you to traverse over. Open the chest to reveal an Ornate Stone. Take this and interact with the Pedestal on the right.

This will open up two hidden doorways… and a couple of enemies too. These shell-based foes are the same one you faced alongside Brugraves during the tutorial.

Now is actually a good time to try out the two new skills here, including Valere’s Moonerang and Zale’s Sunball.

Moonerang requires you to tap your action button to deflect the magical boomerang back at enemies. If you manage to do it 25 times in a row, you’ll unlock an achievement. Don’t worry if this sounds daunting, it gets easier over time!

Sunball simply requires you to hold down the action button until the ball of energy gets bigger. However, it will get smaller over time if you keep it pressed down for too long. Wait for the ball of energy to expand four times to its maximum size for the most damage!

Head up the newly descended pathway and hop over the floating rock platforms. Tightrope diagonally down and open the chest. Another Ornate Stone will be inside.

Three enemies will also drop from the sky here so dispatch those and interact with the pedestal again. This will make the elevator ahead operational. Step on and let it take you up. Interact with the white stone pedestal in front of you at the top, and you’ll be greeted with a stone golem.



Mini Boss Fight – Wyrd

Wyrd is more of a mini-boss than a genuine threat but it still requires some strategic planning to beat quickly.

Tips for Beating: Throughout the fight, Wyrd’s weakness will change and you’ll have to switch up your attacks accordingly. You’ll be prompted to this as well via a message at the top of the screen reading: “Shuffle Weakness: Physical/Moon/Sun” If you cast magic spells when Wyrd’s weakness is physical, he’ll resist the attacks. Likewise, when his weakness is Sun or Moon, your physical attacks will be nullified.

It’ll be easy to visually spot too because Wyrd’s midsection will change from grey to orange or blue and back again, depending on which weakness is shuffled in randomly.

In terms of attacks, Wyrd has a couple of punches that he’ll use constantly, which you should be able to dodge after a couple of attempts. His wind-up will be very obviously orchestrated as he pulls his arm back.

This is a simple fight in truth, but keep switching up your attacks. Take advantage of Zale’s Healing Skill and hit Wyrd with his weaknesses. Eventually he’ll go down.


After beating Wyrd, head out the room and jump down the gap. Headmaster Moraine will be there and will congratulate you on your great work. Garl won’t be in town to greet you though for some reason in the next scene though. However, there’s no time to dwell, it’s onto the Forbidden Cavern!


Forbidden Cavern >>

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