Sea of Stars: Complete Walkthrough & Game Guide

Sea of Stars: Complete Walkthrough

Welcome to our Sea Of Stars guide! Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be honing in to every part of this indie RPG, helping you find the best ways to play and unlock everything there is to see.

We’ve played this one extensively and have everything you need to know about the game. From here, you’ll find links across to each of the individual chapters for walkthroughs, along with links to FAQ guides and more.

Now, it’s worth noting that although Sea of Stars does have chapters, they’re only viewed when saving the game. To make life easier, we’ll be breaking up the individual walkthrough into each area you visit in turn. 

Do bookmark this page though as we’ll be adding more and more articles over the coming weeks, including thorough walkthroughs for every area of the game!

FAQ Guides

Sea of Stars Release Date, Platform & Game Length

Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

Main Quests

Sea of Stars Main Walkthrough

1) Prologue 2) Mooncradle
3) The Forbidden Cavern 4) Mountain Trail
5) Elder Mist Trials  6) Moorlands
7) Stonemasons Outpost 8) Wind Tunnel Mines
9) Coral Cascades 10) Port Town of Brisk
11) Abandoned Wizard’s Lab 12) Town of Lucent
13) Cursed Woods 14) Flooded Graveyard
15) Necromancer’s Lair 16) Haunted Mansion
17) Cataclysm in Brisk 18) The Vespertine
19) Maelstrom Point 20) Mirth
21) Jungle Path 22) Lake Docarria
23) The Sacred Grove 24) Docarria Village
25) Tower of Antsudlo 26) Glacial Peak
27) Torment Peak 28) Mossy Cache
29) Mesa Hike / Autumn Hills 30) Bamboo Creek
31) Songshroom Marsh 32) Clockwork Castle
33) Sky Shrine 34) Cloud Kingdom
35) Air Elemental Skyland 36) Maelstrom Point Part 2
37) Kiln Mountain 38) The Sea of Stars
39) Derelict Factory 40) Repine
41) Cerulean Expanse 42) Lost Ones Hamlet
43) Sacrosanct Spires / Hunting Fields 44) Sky Base
45) The Dweller Of Dread 46) Fleshmancer’s Lair


Sea of Stars Fishing Spots

1) Sunglow Lake 2) Windy Loch
3)Lavish Lake 4) Haunted Creek
5) Settler’s Rest 6) Watcher’s Pond
7) Lake Turquoise 8) Skybound Lagoon
9) Cerulean Reservoir  


What do you think of the different missions? Are you playing through the game right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words Albert! I’m not gunna lie, that was tough going doing that in a week! Super good fun though and glad that people are finding it useful. The true ending section is coming, I’m just working through the last steps of the game for that and it should be online (and linked on this page) in the next couple of days or so!

    -Greg W

  2. I really appreciate the work done on this walkthrough plus all the photos! Thank you for the effort. You mention a True ending section, but I can’t find it

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