The Best Man: The Final Chapters Review – We’ve got unfinished business

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Episode 1 -| Review Score – 3.5/5
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The Best Man movie series was first released in 1999; the good old days when we were first introduced to a group of college friends who were planning to be there for Lance as he marries Mia. The reunion didn’t go as smoothly as you would expect after it was revealed that one of the best men slept with the bride-to-be.

With a stellar cast which includes Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Terence Howard, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall, the show became a classic Black romantic comedy. It is no wonder that the film was greenlit for a sequel, released back in 2013.

Best Man Holiday saw the friends reunite for the Christmas holidays after 15 years. It catapulted the show into a staple of Christmas-time movies and filled in questions the audience had after the first film. It was a great watch that taught us about friendship, marriage, forgiveness and loss.

Fast forward to 2022 and it was announced that the friends’ stories will finally be settled in an eight-episode TV instalment. This was to give fans a chance to see what the lifelong friends have been up to and allow them to move on from the series.

In terms of the storyline and the cast, Best Man: Final Chapters delivers another fun and entertaining show. We see what the cast have been up to and how Covid-19 affected them. Throughout the years, they’ve all managed to keep a tight bond.

They are each in different places; Harper is doing well as an author and wants permission from the gang to have his first book adapted into a movie. Of course, there is friction when it comes to his first book, Unfinished Business, which nearly destroyed his friendship with Lance.

His wife, Robyn is also doing well, rising in the ranks of philanthropic business owners in the community. Sadly, issues arise between them as they each want different things and they are forced to reconsider their relationship.

Quentin, the charming man himself, is ready to quit his philandering ways and settle down but what happens when an ex refuses to give up on their history? Obviously drama ensues, and Quentin has to make an honest decision about the woman he will ultimately choose. On the other hand, Shelby is flourishing in her career as an influencer and business mogul, but she is forced to reflect on how to evolve with the times.

Candace and Murch are also dealing with their own battles and trying to figure out how to pursue their individual dreams while still being married and parenting their kids. It is not easy to be on the same page if they are reading different books but do they love each other enough to weather the storm?

We also have Jordan whose career is pulling her each and every way. She needs to learn to prioritize herself but being a Black woman in a demanding career is not easy. She has to work twice as hard as everyone else. She has been doing that for most of her life and is learning how to do the hardest thing she has to do.

Lastly we have Lance, who is still reeling from the loss of his wife Mia. Being a single dad is no easy feat and his son throws him a curveball that he didn’t expect. However, a champion like Lance is still going to find a way to handle it all. He is also struggling to find his purpose after retiring and trying to find love again.

The show manages to finalize most of the characters’ stories but when it comes to Jordan and Harper we still have unfinished business. Fans want to know if they ended up together. The ambiguous ending to their relationship is certainly a tad frustrating, although it’s still thoughtful that we got this limited series and it helps us say goodbye to these characters.

The cast and the production team do a great job in telling the stories and covering most of the issues that fans of the show are currently facing. We grew up with the show and it feels like the characters also grew with us. Times have changed them and helped them mature, and at the core of it, this show is about friendship, romantic relationships and having a support system around.

When it comes to The Best Man: The Final Chapters, this final instalment reminds us the importance of having and maintaining friendships throughout the years.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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