The Best Man: The Final Chapters – Episode 1 “Paradise” Recap & Review


The Best Man: The Final Chapters episode 1 starts with Harper in 2024  reflecting on relationships and life.

We get a flashback to 2015 when Shelby was a guest in the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen where he asks her about her feelings about Quentin’s upcoming nuptials. She says she is happy about it and Cohen brings up a clip of her first hearing he is getting married. She loses it and drives to his office and physically assaults him.

She insists that they are good friends and that she is happy for him even though she doesn’t know who he is getting married to. Cohen does her a solid and shows her Quentin’s fiancee known as Xiomara Amani who is a beautiful actress, singer and businesswoman. Shelby is left speechless trying to keep calm.

Harper receives a call from his agent, Stan who tells him that Hollywood wants to make his first novel, Unfinished Business into a movie. Harper is not sure if this is a good thing but Stan tells him this is the first step of fulfilling his dream to make generational wealth. Harper talks it over with his wife, Robyn and she advises him to ask his friends first because that book caused a lot of drama when it debuted.

They head to dinner with Murch and Candace and Robyn brings the movie offer. Candace is cool with it and is glad for Harper. She and Murch are opening a new school and he has been a bit overwhelmed so she thinks the good news will cheer him up. Murch is also feeling sensitive that Quentin asked Harper to be his best man.

In the meantime, Shelby meets Jordan and tries to get info about Quentin’s wedding as she is not invited. She is hoping Jordan will bring a man to the wedding since she broke up with Brian. Jordan insists she doesn’t need a man at the moment. She wants to focus on work and being with Lance’s kids ( remember she is their godmother.)

On the other hand, Harper and Murch decide to pay Lance a surprise visit at his hotel. He has been cancelling his dates with Harper and he wants to check in on him and tell him about the movie. They find him dealing with his grief by choosing to let loose, no pun intended!

Harper tells him that he can’t deal with his grief by hauling himself up in a hotel room with strange women. Lance says it hurts too much to go home or see his kids, he sees  Mia everywhere in their family house. They try to convince him to come with them to Quentin’s wedding and get a change of scenery. Lance agrees that it might help him. Harper decides to tell him later about the movie when he is in a better place.

They fly to San Pierre for Quentin’s wedding and meet Xiomara for the first time. Murch tries to upstage Harper as the best man by flattering the bride. Harper tells Jordan about the movie and she is cool with it.  He tells her that he will soon tell Lance but the problem is Murch who is withholding his blessings until Harper agrees to let him be Quentin’s best man.

Jordan tells him he should let him have it because so far it looks like it will be a trainwreck. Harper is glad that someone else has noticed how much Quentin has changed before they get into it, the rest of their friends arrive.

The groomsmen have a meeting after settling in their respective rooms and Quentin tells them his story with Xiomara, how they met and how she has changed him. His friends are shocked when he says he no longer does weed.

Quentin’s dad arrives and says his greetings to everyone. He asks Quentin to finalize legal papers with Xiomara before they get married. Quentin’s dad wants him to take over the family business and build up the legacy.

Harper asks Quentin if he is sure he is ready for marriage. Quentin tells him that he is in love and he is looking forward to being happy in marriage like his friends. He loves Xiomara and he sees a partner in her, someone who elevates him. They are planning to move to Tibet and Harper is not sure that is going to work out.

In the meantime, Lance goes skinny dipping at the hotel’s pool. Jordan meets a guy and Robyn meets a lady who loves cooking and runs her own little restaurant.

At the dinner, Harper talks to Lance about the movie offer and he gives his blessing. Xiomara and Quentin give their welcoming speech and announce that they are having a ring ceremony during the dinner. The guests wonder what a ring ceremony is and Murch takes this opportunity to point out that Harper is unprepared to be the best man.

The ring ceremony turns out to be Quentin and Xiomara having matching tattoo rings while their guests watch. Harper thinks the marriage is not the right thing for Quentin but Lance tells him that is what happens when someone is in love.

He accuses Harper of wanting to derail the wedding and brings up the movie adaptation. Harper says that nothing is set in stone, he just wanted to get everyone’s blessing. Lance gets angry and says he can’t get everyone’s blessing since Mia is dead. Lance tells him that it was wrong for him to bring him here and remind him of everything he has lost. He leaves the dining table angrily, leaving everyone shocked.

Murch points out that this wouldn’t have happened if he was the best man. Candace gets upset that Murch has been too obsessed with his desire to be the best man that he has not been paying attention to her. She also leaves the dining table and Quentin’s dad approaches the table to ask what is wrong. Quentin asks them to keep calm until the wedding weekend is over. Unfortunately, that might not be the case with Shelby making her unwanted entrance at that precise moment.

The Episode Review

Of course, Shelby was going to show up and most probably bring drama. I wonder how Quentin will handle this; I don’t think Xiomara will get in her face.

Lance is grieving but I don’t think he should blame Harper for asking him to come to the wedding. He is Quentin’s friend too and ideally, he should be there to celebrate this moment with him. However, grief is blinding and sometimes we only see our pain and our loss and it makes it hard to celebrate other people’s big moments.

Quentin has changed and I think it is a good thing, the only question is how long will it last?

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