The Best Man: The Final Chapters – Episode 4 “The Invisible Man” Recap & Review

The Invisible Man

Episode 4 of The Best Man: The Final Chapters starts with Lance practising with his former team. The news of his comeback to the field is the talk of the town. Everyone from the mainstream media to online podcasts is giving their two cents on the situation.

Later, Lance gifts his son a new pair of shoes and asks him to visit him during practice to meet coaches and players. He is hoping his son will keep his legacy and continue in his footsteps of playing the game. LJ, unfortunately, can’t make it as he has prior work engagements.

Elsewhere, Quentin is making plans to sell Spiev  Grand Manhattan but the buyers want more. They want to buy Spiev properties and keep Quentin to run it. They are willing to make a competitive offer and Quentin is thinking about it.

He later meets with Murch for lunch with their kids and shares his excitement over the offer. He confides in Murch that he is having trouble keeping up with Shelby’s sex stamina. Murch tells him that he is having a different problem. Candace has been busy with work and school. He has been trying his best to help her with the kids and he no longer has time for himself. Murch admits that he feels like he doesn’t fit in his own life. Quentin asks him to find some Murch time and find a hobby.

After lunch, Murch and his girls hail a cab but have an encounter with a “Karen.” The white lady lies that Murch stole her taxi and is being aggressive towards her. The police take the woman’s side and Murch feels slighted. His daughters think he should have done more. Murch tells Candace about the encounter and she worries if their daughter Keisha got an anxiety attack after the incident.

Keisha has stress and anxiety and Candace is hoping to get natural plant-based medication that can help her with that.  Murch thinks they should stick to Keisha’s current medications and Candace feels like he doesn’t understand her. She is passionate about this and she has been getting pushback from her dissertation advisor as well. Murch suggests she gets a second opinion.  She decides to ask Dr Temple to read her dissertation and give her his opinion.

Meanwhile, Shelby worries she is getting older and books a botox appointment. She is also not happy that Quentin is spoiling Kennedy by getting her the expensive things she asks for.  She asks him to start parenting and stop being Kennedy’s friend.

On the other hand, Quentin is having problems convincing his dad to sell the Spiev properties. His dad thinks he is taking the easy way out by selling and refuses to look at the offer.

The next morning, Jordan is surprised by Demetrius with a cup of coffee and an early date. He asks to start over again but Jordan is hesitant.  Demetrius hurt her before and she is not willing to go through it again.

Candace and Robyn meet for a date at the market and they catch up. Candace is stressed about her dissertation paper and Robyn shares she is yet to adjust to the new apartment. Candace suspects that Robyn likes one of her vendors, Jaha.  She asks Robyn to be careful since she is a married woman.

At practice, Lance is being teased by his teammates but he is taking it well. Murch and Quentin showed up to support him. Quentin is surprised Murch didn’t record his encounter with the “Karen” and the police so he can get them to face some accountability. Lance also shares his experience with a “Karen. ”

LJ shows up to work dressed to kill and confesses to Jordan that they are non-binary. Jordan congratulates them for being brave enough to come out to her. She asks if Lance knows and LJ says they have not figured out how to tell Lance. Jordan offers to help them break the news to Lance. She later gives LJ a coming-out gift and they tell her that they dont want to pursue football.

Later, that night, Murch gets home to an excited Candace. Dr Temple thinks her research is worthy of exploring and she invited him to their fundraising dinner party. Murch is not sure the dinner will be fancy enough for Dr Temple. The party goes well and Dr Temple is impressed.

Candace, asks him to be his dissertation advisor and he agrees. He, however, warns her that he won’t be taking it easy on her.

Quentin visits his father and his caretaker says she is concerned about his dad. He fell for the second time that week. He accidentally paid her five times last month and has been forgetting stuff. He later takes Shelby with him to visit his dad at home but his dad refuses to let them in.

They sneak in using a spare key and the state of the house is a mess. His dad is stubborn and Quentin is concerned about him. He wants to help him but his dad won’t let him. Shelby tries to calm both of them down. His dad gets angry when Quentin brings up his mom and tells him to do whatever he wants before walking away.

Shelby and Quentin decide to bring Kennedy with them and clean the house. Kennedy and her grandfather get along well and have fun as he reminisces about the past.

A few days later, Lance gets hurt during practice.  His return to the game is short-lived but the coach makes him an offer.  He hires Lance as an assistant coach of the team and unsurprisingly, he is good at it.

After the session, Lance goes home and LJ tells him that they are quitting football.  Lance is shocked to learn this.

Murch struggles to find his place at home, he feels ignored with everyone in his family focusing on themselves. While on his errands, he sees the “Karen” who ruined his day and contemplates confronting her but chooses not to.

The Episode Review

The episode focused on Murch and he is going through something tough. It hurts when you feel like you don’t fit in your own life. Quentin is right, he needs to find a hobby and make time for himself.

Robyn is playing with fire but I don’t think she will cheat on Harper. Unless the writers decide to destroy her character, you never know sometimes what these writers are thinking.

It was nice to see Quentin interact with Kennedy and show his love for his father though. They might have a tough relationship but they still care for one another.

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