The Best Man: The Final Chapters – Episode 2 “The Wedding” Recap & Review

The Wedding

The Best Man: The Final Chapters episode 2 starts with the girls wondering why Shelby showed up at the resort. Quentin wants her gone but Xiomara is not worried about her staying, she excuses herself and leaves Quentin behind to get reacquainted with his friends. Quentin is tempted to report Shelby for trespassing, they start arguing and somehow end up sleeping together.

The next morning, Lance finds himself dreaming about Jasmine, the lady he met at the resort.  Meanwhile, Harper calls his agent and tells him it is best for them to drop the movie adaptation. His agent texts him the amount of money being offered and asks him to reconsider this opportunity. Robyn leaves the resort to explore and visit the market with  Savannah.

Murch apologizes to Candace and promises her that he will focus on them during their time at the resort. He also wants to spend time with his boys so they compromise to spilt their time.  Harper interrupts them and asks Murch to secure the talent for the bachelor party while he deals with the Shelby situation.

Jordan runs into the mysterious man she met the day before. She was hoping to put work aside and hang out but he says he is busy. He asks to meet with her later and Jordan regrets putting herself out there.

The men later get a massage and Quentin tells them he is done with Shelby after they had sex the night before. He is not happy to learn that Murch is planning his bachelor party.

Jordan and Shelby catch up while going for a walk and Xiomara asks to speak to Shelby. She confronts her for sleeping with Quentin and insists she keeps her man out of her mouth. I gotta give it to Xiomara, she handled this conversation like a classy pro.

In the afternoon, the group goes for an Ayahuasca experience. On the way, Robyn tells Harper how her morning went and gives him a drink with some aphrodisiac. Lance overhears the conversation and asks Harper to hook him up with the same drink. He has been having trouble getting little Lance up for some action.

During the Ayahuasca experience, Jordan is shocked to learn the man she met, Bobo is the shaman hosting the event.  He walks in mumbling some Swahili words and everyone in the group except Lance opts to go through with the experience. He goes back to his hotel room to chew some aphrodisiac plants. He spots Jasmine and they go for a run together. Jasmine listens to Lance’s concerns and asks him to find something that he can focus on and be proud of.

The hallucinogenic experience affects everyone differently, Shelby gets diarrhoea, Jordan starts being honest with herself, and Candace gets a weird epiphany. Murch is unable to move, I am not sure what was going on with Harper while Quentin and Xiomara are in a trance. This whole scene had me laughing so hard.

After the Ayahuasca, Quentin and Shelby have a talk. He tells her that Xiomara knows him and has shown him every side of herself. He tells Shelby that she never cared to show him more and only offered sex.  Shelby asks him to snap out of it, and that she put a wall between them to protect herself. Xiomara overhears their conversation as she hides behind a tree.

Bobo and Jordan have a talk and she says she is ready to focus on self-care. She flirts with him but Bobo tells her that they might not work out. He is physically intense for her and after he mumbles something in her ear, she agrees and they decide to leave it at that.

Murch and Candace also have a talk and she opens up about how stressful writing an acceptance speech after winning an award. She says she never felt qualified but she now understands that she is good at what she does. Shelby interrupts them and asks for Candace’s help. She bribes Candace with a spa day in return for her help to outdo Xiomara.

Elsewhere, Xiomara surprises Quentin with a poster revealing that she is the new face of his family-run hotel, San Pierre. He asks whether this was his father’s idea and Xiomara insists that she wanted to do this. Harper sees that something is off based on Quentin’s reaction. He assures Quentin that he doesn’t have to go through with the wedding but Quentin asks him to be supportive.

Night rolls by and the bachelor party starts, Quentin is pissed that the strippers are running late but Murch is on it. After his talk with Jasmine, Lance shares with Harper that he is ready to turn the page. Harper is happy that Lance is getting to a better place. They also talk about the movie and Lance gives him his blessing. As they talk, the strippers arrive and Candace brings in a surprise for Quentin.

Shelby enters the room and starts strip dancing for Quentin. She is one hell of a dancer, the flexibility and the smoothness of those moves are no joke!  She leaves Quentin impressed and he thanks Murch for putting it all together. Shelby later texts him to meet her outside but he doesn’t show up. Harper goes to meet her instead and tells her that he booked her a flight out for the next morning.

Xiomara interrupts them and has a talk with Shelby. She asks her to give up since Quentin chose her. Shelby agrees to leave but warns Xiomara about hurting Quentin. Defeated, Shelby decides to leave first thing in the morning.

The next morning, Jasmine informs Lance that she is engaged and they can’t be more than friends.

Harper informs Quentin that Shelby is at the airport and the wedding will proceed smoothly. Quentin doesn’t believe Shelby really left but Harper and Jordan assure him that she is gone. Harper asks Quentin if he wants to make sure she is gone and they drive to the airport.

At the airport, Quentin finds Shelby and publicly confesses that he loves her and doesn’t want her to go.  They end up getting happily married as their friends cheer them on. Xiomara, on the other hand, leaves after setting fire to one of the hotel rooms.

After the wedding, Shelby discloses to Quentin that he is Kennedy’s biological father. The next day, the group celebrates on a yacht. Robyn asks Harper to consider moving to the Island.

The episode ends with Jordan getting a call about her dream promotion.

The Episode Review

As a Kenyan girl, I will admit shaman Bobo did a good job with the Swahili phrases.

I enjoyed Quentin’s confession, it was so him. He was acting weird when he was with Xiomara, not anything like the Quentin we used to know and love. And yes, a man can change but that was way too drastic. Quentin and Shelby are toxic but they work.

It is also great to see Lance start his healing process. He still has a long way and he possibly might never recover from such a deep loss but he is working through it.

Lastly, this time Harper did things right and got everyone’s blessing for the movie and Lance’s request is reasonable. Hopefully, the movie becomes a hit.

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