Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 12 Recap & Review

The Three-Party Battle

Episode 12 of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 starts with Woong hitting that scathing putdown. Bobby is certainly taken aback, given how polite he was at Christmas toward Yumi heading out to see him. So in return, Bobby tells Woong he has absolutely no relation to Yumi now and he’s less than nothing. Oof.

Woong realizes he can’t win this war of words, so instead he hands over his business card and decides to destroy him with their work positions instead. Given Bobby is just a Team Leader and Woong runs his own company, he suggests Bobby apply given they probably offer a better salary.

Just before things escalate further, Yumi shows up and manages to de-escalate the situation. She remembers the fight she almost got into in the past and how Woong helped her. And this time, she reciprocates and says the same words to him. Yumi realizes she needs to protect the “highest priority” and that comes from Bobby.

With Daehan Noodles in need of an illustrator, Yumi introduces Control Z to the gang – including Ruby. She takes a fancy to him, but Control Z decides to draw her. Although he initially writes her off as not his type, it soon becomes apparent that she is. He even tells Ruby that her name is pretty.

The pair both think the other is flirting and eventually they end up messaging. Unfortunately, Ruby ends up getting rejected for the weekend plans, so Control Z rearranges it for the following day.

They’ve been messaging each other constantly, with a maximum of 20 minutes between messages. It’s a really cute segment, and one that’s followed up by the pair meeting at the exhibition and deciding to date properly from now on.

While these two get along well, Bobby and Yumi are struggling. When Yumi shows up to see Bobby, he’s no longer wearing his promise ring. He points out it’s because Yumi is feeling burdened. Not only that, but Bobby is about to head out on a business trip for 3 weeks, right across his birthday. It’s only just been decided but it also means that he won’t be around for his birthday.

As the business trip arrives and Bobby is away, Yumi realizes that things are different now compared to how they were. Bobby is short with his texts, he hasn’t sent over any pictures of where he is, and he doesn’t have as much time for her now. As for Yumi, she’s still hopelessly in love and messages Bobby, wishing him happy birthday. He can’t videocall but he does message, repeating twice “thank you :)”. It turns out he’s drinking with the Section Chief. Only, outside Yumi seems to notice him in a taxi.

Yumi follows him to his house, where it turns out Bobby was in Korea the whole time. He lied about leaving because he didn’t want to worry her. He got in an accident on the way to the airport and ended up breaking his leg.

Bobby couldn’t bring himself to tell her and that’s because he’s under the assumption she was regretting getting back together. Anyway, Yumi begins to cry so Bobby leans forward and kisses her passionately. As he does, he suddenly says to her “Let’s get married.”

The Episode Review

I’m sorry but Bobby lied to his girlfriend for three weeks, making her think he was abroad because he got into a car accident? And he didn’t think Yumi should know? He didn’t want her to worry because of her deadline? That’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard and it reinforces again that Bobby is a compulsive liar. Even worse, he decided not to even see her on his birthday, something that Yumi had worked really hard to sort out. And his reply? “Thank you :)” That’s it. Two words for Yumi on his birthday repeated twice.

So we have a guy who is known now as a compulsive liar…and this is the man Yumi is going to marry. Really? I’m sorry guys but that’s a pretty poor way of setting up a marriage.

Maybe an unpopular opinion but the only satisfying ending here is for Yumi to choose herself. Her and Bobby are not compatible and they’re walking on eggshells around one another, which is no way to set up a marriage. Despite that though, these next two episodes are going to be quite the intriguing affair to see how the writers play this one.

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7 thoughts on “Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 12 Recap & Review”

  1. Babi is not a compulsive liar, he adored Yumi and was always all about her. He showed his trust in her knowing she was meeting Wung, if it had been Babi going out to meet his x Yumi would have broke up them. Babi is very hurt also in the fact that she could just breakup that fast. I’m sure he wondered if she truly loved him. When they met & agreed to get back together seems like they didn’t have enough time together to reconnect. Wung lied more to Yumi than Babi ever did. Even Yumi said Babi made her heart flutter more than anyone. I think a Yumi made a big mistake pushing Babi away.

  2. I COMPLETELY AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE WITH YOU GREG & MADALENA!!!marriage isn’t the next step that they should take because Babi isn’t even emotionally stable from the very beginning. Yumi deserves better. I do feel like Woong and Yumi can give another shot because of the timing back then. I feel like they’ve both had grown a lot since they were together. Regardless, I think that Yumi shouldn’t be with Babi. I believe she needs to think about herself and choose herself especially because of everything she’s gone through. I agree that Babi and Yumi are not compatible.

  3. Estoy de acuerdo seria hermoso que Yumi se elija a si misma y no este en medio de estos 2 hombres que no la aman de verdad
    Son relaciones inseguras su regreso con Baby no es bueno

  4. Ending the comment before. The word marriage is really big now. As I said they haven’t had an honest conversation about what happened before the break up. Why he had a delayed response when she asked if he was wavering about the girl…. They missed each other because what they had was love, but neither of them looks like so way happy with this comeback. Lack of communication is a killer in all type of relationships. It will be sad they can’t get the thing clear and start again in a good way. I loved the relationship of this two better than Woong . Woong wasn’t bad at all but I thing the Babi’s relationship was more mature. He was always straight to the point and very honest about his feelings for her. His love was respectful and strong. What happened to him with the girl?, I don’t know, as I saw it was like a shallow thought, just happened in a second when he was at the car and for this second I think, it was the reason of the pause of his response. Remember he always was straight to the point and honest and even this flash thought was insignificant, he couldn’t able to lied to her. As a woman I can understand how she felt this day but ends a relationship made with love, for a seconds of delay, I don’t know. Communication is the key. If I had been her. I would have had a conversation with him about the matter and from there I would have made the decision if I was capable of continuing or if it was worth continuing my relationship with him or ended it. A clean break up indeed or a good restart as well. I hope they can really get pass through this and start again stronger. But after the big word M, she was the one who had a delayed response, another suspense point. Let us see what will happens there.

  5. I think they didn’t have a proper conversation before they got back together. I don’t think Babi is a compulsive liar. I think they have a huge line of insecurities after their break up. He thought she didn’t believed him, she thought he was having an affair (for me it was completely wrong, he didn’t even crossed the line with the other girl), a lot of suspense points and this is the reason of all this mistakes, lack of communication. I think the love still there, they have to be honest to each other and express their thoughts and feelings about it. After that they can decide if they have a courage to leave the past in the past and start again.

  6. I interpret the ending differently. I thought it was trying to imply that Babi wanted to get caught or that his action would eventually get called out so that Yumi would have an excuse to break up with him. You’re right though, Yumi should have chose herself. I don’t think she would be with Babi or Woong in the end. I think the show might go for the parallel with Babi and Woong with omitting stuff and Babi lying about his accident and Woong’s lie about getting a huge break during their break up.

    Honestly, nobody communicates properly. I want this to just be a lesson of Yumi learning to say I feel this because of that immediately without needing to be coy or some big potential break up scenario and that she can just share her thoughts without the need to keep up appearances.

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