Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Episode 11 of Yumi’s Cells begins with Yumi taken aback by how many positive comments there are against her latest writing. Only, it turns out Woong is actually responsible for these, logging in to multiple accounts and leaving nice comments for her.

Yumi’s mood is squashed slightly by learning that Bobby is back in Seoul and working at the old office. Ruby rings and lets Yumi know, although our protagonist shrugs it off, claiming that “if they meet, they meet.” However, Yumi intentionally avoids any area that Bobby frequents. At least to begin with anyway.

Eventually Yumi grows bold and starts to visit these areas, even going dressed up “like a bum”, according to the Cells.

As fate would have it, Yumi ends up waiting in line at a coffee shop…right in front of Bobby. He’s much more relaxed than she is, and he admits that he’s been assigned back to head office when he notices her in front.

Bobby is pretty sweet too, telling Yumi that he’s been reading her book and glad that her writing is getting better. He also opens up and tells her he’s been missing her terribly.

We then jump back slightly to see Bobby’s moments leading up to this meet. Bobby gives Da-Eun the cold shoulder and refuses to engage with her. This whole incident completely soured Bobby’s feelings, and eventually, heading back to Seoul allowed him to calm. Funnily enough, he also decided to avoid the places Yumi was frequenting.

Anyway, in the present, Bobby tries to talk Yumi around to explain his actions. “Why should I give you any of my time?” Yumi quizzes. “I never missed you.”

Bobbi refuses to listen though and claims she’s a liar. Eventually Yumi is swayed by his words. She leans forward and collapses in tears in his arms. While they hug, Yumi’s Reason Cell is kept in limbo while Yumi deliberates over whether it’s a good idea to date Bobby again or not. Well, she takes a leap of faith and decides to do just that.

Of course, this also throws the whole Woong situation completely into limbo. For now, Yumi decides to start dressing up, using her Fashion Cell to get back in the swing of things. Control Z comments on her outfit when she shows for their usual meeting.

Woong shows up just after, and it soon becomes apparent that he and Control Z have set her up to get a lift back in a bid to be a matchmaker. Although she doesn’t want everyone to know about her relationship, Yumi decides to go out for a drink with Woong and let him know about dating Bobby again.

This news completely shatters Woong’s heart as he tries (and fails) to explain himself. After rambling about how bad this is, he eventually sticks with “good for you.” Unfortunately, this also means that Woong is relegated from friend status down to ex-boyfriend.

Woong ends up hurting his hand on the car door outside though, as Yumi heads to the hospital to check on him. She rings Bobby and lets him know, honestly mentioning that Woong is the one hurt.

Woong suggests Yumi should go and see Bobby, pointing out that sticking around could be bad for her relationship. However, Yumi remembers how Woong took care of her and decides to head out and get him some clothes, just like he did for her. Only… she leaves her phone at the hospital.

Bobby shows up looking for Yumi, but instead runs into Woong who is also up and about, looking for Yumi to give her phone back. After taking her phone, Woong watches as Bobby stuffs it in his pocket and thinks about looking through it. “Don’t worry, she doesn’t easily sway,” Woong says, “unlike someone else I know.”

The Episode Review

Getting back with your ex very rarely works. There’s a reason why the relationship didn’t pan out in the first place and trying to rekindle what may have made that special is always a recipe for disaster.

However, Yumi is currently abandoning reason for her heart, deciding to double down on being with Bobby…which seems like the complete wrong choice. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on the Bobby train since the start but seeing him in this season so easily lie to Yumi’s face and somehow be swayed by this young intern…I dunno man, Yumi deserves better.

It’s interesting to see how Woong has bettered himself and developed though. I wasn’t really on Team Woong in season 1 but this time around he seems to have actually sorted his life out and it would have been nice to see Yumi attempting to rekindle what she had with Woong, if they were going t go the ex-boyfriend route. Bu I guess some bridges are just too burned.

The ending certainly hints that we’re about to get some feisty boyfriend-fighting though, with Woong’s scathing (but true) jab at the end really piercing Bobby’s heart. Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to find out what happens next!

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