Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Extremely Polite Yumi

Episode 13 of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 starts with Yumi at home, reminiscing over Bobby’s marriage proposal. She uploads a picture to her social media, depicting the beautiful Sky and the ring on her finger. Ruby instantly sees and rings her excitedly to discuss the big news.

Meanwhile, Control Z continues to try and help Woong win back Yumi, pointing out that he’s a love expert and in good hands. He believes Yumi and Bobby are on tentative ground and it’s a great time for Woong to strike. Only, Ruby rings and on speaker phone, reveals that Yumi is getting married. Woong is crushed, and all his big plans go out the window.

Speaking of plans, Yumi and Woog head off to visit Bobby’s father, who happens to be in his restaurant. Yumi’s Cells all discuss the momentous moment, including how important it is to make first impressions. She tries to hand over a gift but Bobby’s dad is pretty blunt. Bobby informs Yumi in private that he’s been like this since his mother passed away.

While Bobby is taken away on a work emergency, needing to send a fax, Yumi is left with a massive portion of tteokbokki to eat. Given she’s already made a plan to eat it all up and not leave any behind, she hungrily works with her Hunger Cell to gulp it al down.

The taste is exquisite and Yumi’s bouncing feet and mopping up the sauce are both indications to Bobby’s father that Yumi is absolutely loving the food. She clears the plate completely and makes a really good impression.

Although Bobby’s father is blunt and encourages her to leave, Yumi realizes she can’t just go without saying anything so she uses her metamorphosis card and goes full-on Sailor Moon, becoming “Full of Manners Yumi.” She even calls Bobby’s dad “Father”, a small smile cracks across his lips and he hands over some money, encouraging her to get something delicious to eat and to stop by again soon.

However, Yumi ends up getting a cold when she’s back home. As a result, she decides to change their movie date. Bobby wants to stop by but Yumi gently encourages him not to, pointing out that she just needs to rest.

Only, Woong messages and asks for a cup of coffee so they can talk. He’s reluctant to do it, but he wants to wish her well. When Yumi shows up, she’s happy and Woong wishes her well and congratulates her on her engagement.

“Are you happy?” He asks. “Yes, I think I am happy.” Woong makes his case known though, pointing out he really doesn’t like Bobby and admits he regrets not answering when she asks about marriage.

Only… she can’t answer whether she really loves Bobby or not. The silence that follows is deafening. Still, Woong heads home and tells Yumi she should do the same.

Yumi’s fever eventually breaks, and when she wakes up Bobby is there looking over her. He fixes her up some food, and Bobby’s father has even brought her more tteokbokki. After eating and perking up a bit, Bobby suggests they get married in Hawaii. This has always been Yumi’s dream, and it’s a beautiful coincidence.

When Bobby leaves the room, Yumi notices his phone going off. It’s Da-Eun. However, 8 months suddenly pass and we see Woong waking up on his flight back to Korea. He’s been on a long business trip with his game and has a fair mount of mail when he gets back.

Among those letters, he receives one from Yumi for her wedding. When he swings by her place, all her belongings are being moved out. The only thing left is the dining table that Woong got for her.

On his way out, he notices Yumi across the road. She has a big old grin on her face and to fund her wedding, she’s actually taken out a loan. Woong bites his tongue and says he’s looking forward to seeing her in a wedding dress.

Yumi is confused, and when Woong checks the letter, she notices that it’s actually her friend, Yi-Da, not Yumi getting married! Not only that, but she’s not actually moving. Yumi has bought her apartment outright and she’s moved her things out to decorate the place.

Yumi also drops the bombshell that she and Bobby have broken up. It was a while back too. 8 months back to be precise.

On Da-Euns birthday, she decided to ring Bobby (which explains the missed call) but Yumi immediately expects the worst. When she sleeps, Bobby deletes Da-Eun’s number. He’s paranoid about it the next day though, while Yumi reflects and realizes that she’s completely calm about Da-Eun ringing. The way she sees it, if she was really in love, would she be that calm about Da-Eun ringing? Apparently this explains why she’s broken up with Bobby.

The Episode Review

Yumi’s Cells has been a real see-saw ride this season and the whole will they/won’t they with Bobby and Yumi has been an intriguing albeit underwhelming journey at times.

This episode is definitely one of the stronger of the season though, showing the juxtapositions between Bobby and Woong, along with where their values and ideals lie.

The idea that Yumi is completely indifferent to seeing Da-Eun’s number and questioning her own feelings toward Bobby – not to mention how long it took her to even say whether she loves Bobby – is indicative enough to show that these two probably aren’t meant to be together.

It seems like the classic case of Yumi in love with the idea of being in love rather than actually in love with Bobby.

However, the ending does hint that there’s going to be more elaboration on that in the next episode, while there’s plenty here to suggest that the show could well end on another big cliffhanger too. We’ll have to wait and see.

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