Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review

A Different World

Episode 10 of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 begins with big changes in Yumi’s Cell Land. With Writer’s Cell installed as the Prime Cell, a big castle is erected to signify her dependence on her career.

Just to reinforce this, Ruby rings Yumi and tries to set her up on a blind date. Yumi declines, pointing out she has a big work meeting to attend to instead.

Thanks to Yumi’s failed relationship, she’s also been assassinating her fashion too, with Control Z even mentioning how Yumi has been dressing like a bum lately. Not only that, but Yumi is no longer stingy either, deciding to pay for drinks with her illustrator.

Yumi nonchalantly shrugs off why she and Bobby broke up, and because of her avid focus on writing, Yumi’s skills have improved a lot. She even gets the nod of approval from Control Z too.

Yumi isn’t the only one who has changed though. As the focus shifts across to Woong, he’s now the CEO for a game company and his successful game, Bow-Wow, has released and is a smash hit.

Bobby soon learns about Yumi’s web novel too, which is super popular right now. He’s also been nominated as one of Korea’s top developers. So what has Woong’s drive been? Well, apparently it’s related to Yumi. Specifically from her love. Now, it turns out Woong actually figured out that Bobby was Yumi’s boyfriend.

Anyway, Bobby heads up to the bookstore and decides to buy Yumi’s new book. Yumi shows up though and notices that the one she has just written has sold out. But how? Well, it turns out Bobby actually bought every copy form the bookstore!

Yumi heads online to see the reaction and although most of the comments are positive, one that says “Absolutely no fun” sticks with her. Malicious comments have more vitality than nice ones, our Cells confirm, although Control Z does try to help, screenshotting pictures of the comments himself – comments that reinforce how good the pictures are in the novel!

Control Z also confirms she’s been hired to be Woong’s illustrator for the second season of his game. When Yumi learns he’s a big success, she thoughtfully contemplates what this means. However, she also confirms that Woong was her ex boyfriend too. Yumi also struggles to remember exactly why she broke up with Woong.

That afternoon, outside the bookstore, Woong and Yumi cross paths once more. Part of this comes as a result of Control Z, who attempts to play matchmaker and has the pair meet up thanks to his “stomach ache”.

Woong though immediately goes on the offensive and brags about his successes. When he misplaces his business card, Yumi shrugs it off and congratulates him for being so cool and successful. Woong is certainly taken aback by her remarks but his heart begins to flutter, feeling those old feelings for Yumi once more.

When Woong learns from Control Z hat Yumi broke up with Bobby, it only brings those old feelings back stronger, with Love Cell all healed up from the past rage and disappointment.

With Woong’s chances looking up, one final twist sees Bobby reveal that he’s back in Seoul, working in the marketing department.

The Episode Review

The drama continues this episode as we see that Woong is back in the picture and doing much better than before. He still has his hang-ups – like bragging about his accomplishments which is a massive no-no in dating terms. However, his feelings have come back again, much stronger than before, and it would seem as if he’s about to make a move on Yumi.

Meanwhile, we also have Bobby who has moved back to Seoul again and that looks set to cause a particularly big problem when it comes to Yumi and her conflicting feelings.

It looks like we’re moving into love triangle territory now, although I personally feel like it would be a nicer ending if Yumi decides to focus on herself and just continue on with living her own best life.

Either way though, with Woong now back in this story, it sets up an interesting dynamic going forward. Roll on next week’s episodes!

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3 thoughts on “Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review”

  1. A mí me gusta mucho el 2 do chico . Porque el primero la dejó solo porque estaba arruinado? Entonces si le pasa nuevamente hará lo mismo? La dejara . Así que me gusta mucho más Boby es encantador .Aunque supuestamente ella llegara a tener 3 novios el 3ero es con el que se queda . Tal ves cambiaron el libreto si es así. Me gustaría un final con Boby

  2. Concordo com vc. Entre os dois, prefiro Woong com Yumi. Eu não acredito no amor do Bobby. Acho-o volúvel e maleável demais. Não tem consistência em seu amor, pois é só ver uma carinha bonitinha que vira a casaca. Mas , o certo mesmo é Yumi seguir sozinha, se realizando como escritora e como pessoa, mais lá na frente quem sabe ela encontra alguém que a faça feliz realmente?

  3. Episode 10 was so surprisingly amazing.. yumi’s so lucky to have those guys in her Life..but i despiratly wanted to see wung and yumi together I want them being together like in the starting season they were madly in love with each other and bcz of situation they seperate but can’t forget about each other.thats the power of a true love.and about yu Babi..he is also good with her but at some point his junior caught his attention and that’s really shocked..and only bcz of this i don’t want yu Babi with yumi.

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