Wu Assassins – Season 1 Episode 3 “Fire Chicken” Recap & Review

The Fire Demon

Episode 3 of Wu Assassins begins with the police investigating a mass murder of Uncle Six’s associates, killed by McCullough. This causes the Captain to worry a gang war might be upon them while Kai spies on CG, which causes a fight to break out while he tries to tell her he has something to reveal to her. He eventually explains to her that he had a dream Uncle Six is coming with the intention of killing her.

Jenny, meanwhile, struggles to help her brother with his drug addiction. He insists that he’s fine now but she wants him to get help. She later meets with Kai at her restaurant where he asks for a job. It’s here where she reveals that she has accepted a loan from Uncle Six to help her decorate her restaurant.

The Captain visits CG soon after and explains that he’s worried about her because of the potential gang war and wants her to pull out of the case. However, she asks him to give her a week. With time against her, CG meets with a retired cop Jack, to ask him about a previous fire that occurred a while ago in Chinatown. He explains that the fire from that night felt different and unnatural. It’s also here where he mentions hearing kids in the building and that he saw a fire monster. He thinks the fire should have killed the kids but somehow they managed to survive.

Uncle Six gathers all his people and tell them to find the bald chef. First, they take one of Mr Young’s workers, Eugene, then they head into Jen’s restaurant where Zan and Jen have a fight. Unfortunately, Zan wins and their chef is also taken away. Ying Ying then tries to get Kai to assassinate Uncle Six but he fails in his mission. As it happens, the Triad leader has all the bald chefs gathered and on their knees. Kai, as a bald monk, tells him to leave them alone as he is the man they need where we leave the episode on a cliffhanger.

With more revelations about the past, Wu Assassins delivers another good episode here. We’re shown more well-choreographed and impressive fights, with the one between Zan and Jen standing out as the clear favourite in this episode. The chemistry between CG and Kai is also slowly improving and as they get closer to one other, it’ll be interesting to see what the series has in store for them.


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