Wu Assassins – Season 1 Episode 2 “Misspent Youth” Recap & Review


The Training Begins

We begin episode 2 of Wu Assassins with a flashback into Kai’s past, one that sees him told to kill an apprehended, bagged prisoner until he refuses. Instead, we see a younger version of the Triad Leader, Wui Luik, take the hit and shoot the man instead. This brings up back to an enraged Kai in present time, where he confronts Wui about his men being sent to take him out. He apologises, leaving Kai reeling while Jenny skypes back to Hong Kong where her parents quiz her about the restaurant’s finances.

Takes cues from the Time Chamber in Dragon Ball Z, Kai begins his training in the realm, between Heaven and Earth. Ying Ying gives him his first task – to move a giant boulder. Meanwhile, Uncle Six continues with his quest of finding out who the mysterious fighter is. He questions Mr Young who mentions one name: Wu Assassin.

Lu Xin meets with Babinov who explains that Alec McCullough wants to make a new deal. He requests more stolen cars from him and gives him a very short deadline to achieve it. Elsewhere, Jenny goes looking for her brother and finds him completely drugged up on heroin. As they try to leave where he’s being kept, drug dealers arrive and try stopping them. Jenny, however, manages to quickly dispose of them.

After his training session, Kai returns to the real world where he winds up working with CG. Together, they reach the salvage yard but are met by some thugs and a fight ensues between all of them. CG manages to hold her own but the fight is interrupted by the owner who throws them out. Kai then continues on with his training and is given more tasks by Ying Ying in a bid to prove that he is indeed the last Chosen One and a killer. To convince him to accept his destiny, he’s also shown visions of his friends’ lives falling apart and of Uncle Six being the fabled Fire Wu.

Continuing with the same pace we’ve seen before, the second episode carries on with the same pace as the first, with enough action and fighting scenes to keep us entertained. While the acting is a bit average at times, and some of the stories a bit predictable, Wu Assassins’ fast-paced fight scenes and likable characters make this show an enjoyable and easy to watch martial arts series nonetheless.


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