Wu Assassins – Season 1 Episode 4 “A Twisting Snake” Recap & Review

Diving Into The Past

Episode 4 of Wu Assassins begins with a flashback to the past with Jenny, Kai, Tommy and Lu Xin heading inside a building while Uncle six sets fire to two men guarding it. He then reaches a room with men playing poker who he kills using his fire power. The teens are then stuck underground and see the fire quickly spreading to where they are. This is where we see how Lu Xin got his scars and we also realize that these are the kids Jack mentioned to CG.

Back in the present, Kai, as the bald monk, confronts Uncle Six which causes another impressive fight to break out between the two. It’s pretty even too until CG arrives after fighting some of the Triad’s men. While uncle Six tries to kill him with fire, CG sees that the monk is actually Kai. With this knowledge, she manages to rescue him just in time.

Back at her flat, CG reveals that she is a cop and tells Kai she’s going to help him. She then gets a call from Lu Xin asking her to come to the garage. She also mentions the fire that happened years ago which make Kai realize that Uncle Six was probably the man responsible for it, despite saving them that day. In the spirit realm, Kai faces another trial and sees statues of the previous 999 Wu Assassins. We also find out that Ying was the first assassin and we see how all five elements were originally scattered, leading to her death. Since then, everyone has failed in their quest and she reveals that Kai is now their last hope.

Tommy and Jen’s parents are in town and they don’t seem happy with Jen’s renovations because the restaurant has received some bad reviews. Meanwhile Lu Xin meets with Babinov and tell him that some of the cars will be ready later than expected, which doesn’t please the Russian man. CG then texts Lu Xin warning him that Babinov is going to kill him.

The episode then ends with Uncle Six meeting with McCullough and we see that one of the assassins’ statues looks just like McCullough.

Once again, Wu Assassin delivers a consistently decent episode, one that gives some backstory on our protagonist and also on Ying Ying too. Seeing how it all started for the assassins certainly helps with the world-building too. Once again though the saving grace through this exposition are the fights, which are really nicely shot and choreographed. In particular, during the fight between Kai and Uncle Six, the camera spins at the same time as Uncle Six spinning Kai around.

Wu assassins has been pretty consistent so far and seeing the history between Kai and his friends is certainly a welcome inclusion. Whether they all come together to fight the evil at the end of the series remains to be seen, but it sure seems to be heading that way.


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