Wedding Plan (Thai BL) – Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

 The Groom’s Love Plan

Wedding Plan episode 7 picks up where we left off, with Lom finding out that his bride has run away. Imm quickly tries to inform the bride and groom’s parents that there is a problem. Lom’s mom is taken aback when Yiwa’s mom is in complete denial that her daughter ran away with Marine. 

What happens after the parents discover the bride is missing?

The wedding planner team tries to locate Yiwa and starts tracing her last known location. They check every possible place she could be at. Yiwa’s mom is losing it and implores them to hurry and get her to the wedding. The moms start blaming each other, but Lom asks them to calm down. Just then, one of the wedding planners finds a letter in Yiwa’s hotel room. He rushes back to bring it to Lom. 

What does the letter say? 

In the letter, Yiwa apologizes for ditching Lom on their wedding day. She explains that she is already on her way abroad and is looking forward to being with Marine. She no longer wishes to lose her happiness with Marine and hopes her mom will understand. 

She wishes Lom all the best in his life and hopes he has the courage to fight for his happiness. After reading the letter, Lom asks for some time alone to process the news.  

They excuse him, but the moms continue their fight in front of the shocked guests, who watch in fascination as they get into a catfight. The staff quickly try to intervene but end up getting pulled into the fight and hurt. Finally, after calm is restored, the wedding is ultimately cancelled. The fighting scene here is actually pretty hilarious; for some reason, it seemed more like a choreographed dance!

How does Lom take the news?

One would think Lom would be slightly sad, but he is actually grateful to Yiwa. He understands what her letter meant to say and is glad she set him free. He is also happy for her and wants her to be happy with Marine.

Later, Marine and Yiwa call him, and they talk. Nuea is also present and wishes the two lovebirds well. Yiwa explains that they are in Singapore on their way to England. She got a job there, and Marine can work remotely; they will be fine.

She has no regrets about skipping the wedding and explains why she never told Lom her plan. Lom has no ill feelings about being dumped on his wedding day. Yiwa agrees to be the bad guy to give Lom time to figure out what to do about his love life. She reckons Lom’s mom won’t force him to get married anytime soon. Lom invites Nuea to spend time with him. 

For a while, Lom plays the role of a depressed man ditched on his wedding day. Everyone, from his mom to his employees, believes he is struggling with the end of his relationship with Yiwa. Lom puts up quite a convincing act, from showing up reeking of alcohol, having messy hair and crying spontaneously in his office. Even his mom gives him space to lick his wounds and prays he will find love again.

Lom later jokes with Nuea that everyone is eating up his act, and he is having fun with it. 

What happens to Lom & Nuea?

Six months later, Loma and Nuea’s relationship continues to deepen. They are sweet and considerate with each other and spend as much time as they can together. Lom is basically the perfect boyfriend as he showers Nuea with love and affection. Even Nuea’s co-workers can’t help but feel jealous. Single people can’t relate!

Nuea agrees to be patient and allow Lom time to figure out what to do about his parents. He wants Lom to feel comfortable coming out and has no desire to rush him. They make plans for the future and clearly plan to spend their forever together.  The news of Yiwa and Marine getting married abroad inspires them to live their authentic lives as well. 

Lom’s mom notes that he spends much time with Nuea. She asks him to feel comfortable telling her about such things. She admits that she might have trouble coming to terms with his sexuality, but what matters most is his happiness. She doesn’t want him to run away like Yiwa did. In other words, she subtly supports his relationship with Nuea.

After getting his mom’s approval, Lom proceeds to propose to Nuea. Nuea is shocked and pleased to hear they got Lom’s mom’s approval. 

The show ends with Nuea narrating what makes a great wedding. According to him, it is the love between the couple, regardless of gender. He then turns to Lom, and they confess their love for each other.

The Episode Review

The series has officially ended, and we are glad we got a happy ending. Of course, there were a lot of moments when we thought some character’s decision made no sense, but who cares? It ended well for everyone!

The last scene was impactful as the world grapples with LGBTQ+ rights. Everyone should enjoy the right to marry the person you love.  Thailand is edging closer to legalising same-sex marriages, and these shows help to push the equality agenda. I appreciate Mame for including that closing scene.

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