Wedding Plan (Thai BL) – Episode 6 Recap & Review


Wedding Plan episode 6 starts with Nuea waking up, still in his hometown. Lom worries if Nuea found the gift he left for him in the fridge. Lom is aware that he must work hard to win Nuea’s trust. He also wants to prove his sincerity to Nuea’s family and works hard in the orchard. He is relieved to see Nuea eat the ice cream he left for him in the fridge. 

Since Ton and Ray are away, Nuea spends the day helping out at the farm. Lom tries to get a chance to speak to him. However, Nuea explains that he has already spoken to Yiwa. Yiwa and Marine explained everything in detail. Yiwa hopes the marriage will buy her the freedom to live with Marine. The plan is to live in separate apartments within the same building. She will live with Marine, and Lom will live on his own. 

Her mom is conservative, and she is not ready to bring up her sexuality to her family. Marine is on board with the plan. She asks Nuea to think carefully before deciding to be a part of this charade. Lom and Yiwa have lied to their families and friends for 13 years, so it won’t be easy. She believes that Lom loves him, but it is Nuea’s choice if he wants to accept  Lom’s situation.

After talking to Yiwa and Marine, Nuea is no longer mad. He starts to understand Lom’s position. He tells Lom that he understands and is no longer angry. However, they are unable to talk for long before getting interrupted. Lom confesses his love for Nuea before he is dragged away to meet a regular client.  

The client turns out to be a disrespectful young man trying to get cosy with Nuea. Nuea puts him in his place even before Lom can step in. Lom feels jealous that the guy held Nuea’s hand. He drags Nuea away from the house and asks if he has the right to get jealous. He confesses that his hands get cold when he is anxious or around someone he likes. Nuea realizes that Lom has liked him for a long time. That is why Lom’s hands are always cold around him. 

Lom admits he has liked Nuea from the first time he saw him at Prapai and Sky’s wedding. Nuea wonders why Lom hired him to be his wedding planner. Lom explains that he thought he could have a fling before getting married, but his feelings for Nuea grew. He cannot let Nuea go and is willing to cancel the wedding too.

Nuea is dumbfounded and walks away after teasing Lom about his cold hands.  As much as he is playing hard to get, he is losing the battle to his heart.

In Bangkok, Imm, Sun, and another coworker worry about Nuea’s situation. Nuea calls to inform Imm that he is fine now and things might work out with Lom. Imm is unsure if this is good news and continues worrying about the future. Sun and the other co-worker assure her it will all work out. 

Elsewhere, Yiwa’s mom is confronted by pictures of Yiwa and Marine acting too close. Her nosy friend somehow managed to get her hands on the pictures. She argues that Yiwa might be dating Marine, and Yiwa’s mom chews her head off. She insists that the pictures are not of Yiwa and tries to come up with an explanation of why Yiwa is always with Marine. 

Away from the city, Lom still tries to stay updated on his work. Nua catches him making calls and is impressed by how hard Lom works. He asks Lom to drive him downtown to get some supplies. It turns out that Nuea just wanted some free, uninterrupted time to talk with Lom. They stop at a bridge, and Lom remembers being there as a kid once. 

Lom tells Nuea more about how he and Yiwa came to learn they were queer and confessed to each other. He and Yiwa were on a family trip to Europe, and that was the first time he saw two girls kissing. It made him realize he was not alone and there was nothing wrong with his attraction to men. Yiwa felt the same about girls, so they vowed to keep and help each other with their secret. 

For years, Lom has debated on whether to tell his family but decided against it. He is probably scared that his family won’t accept him as they are conservative. He confesses his feelings for Nuea again. This time, Nuea responds that he loves him too. At first, they are scared to kiss in public but decide to throw caution to the wind. 

The kiss overwhelms their senses, and they head back to the car. They kiss more fervently, leading them to decide to go home. Upon arriving, things get all hot and heavy between them. Nuea is no longer holding back and freely gives himself to Lom. Later, he asks Lom if he likes this new side of him. Lom assures him that he enjoyed it and wants to do it again. This prompts Nuea to inform him that he will get back to planning his wedding. He asks  Lom to let him be part of his secret. This profoundly moves Lom, who cries and hugs Nuea in gratitude.

In the meantime, Yiwa’s mom tries to call her, but Yiwa ignores her calls. This forces Yiwa’s mom to visit Marine and confront her. She blames Marine for Yiwa’s sexuality, saying she knows her daughter best. Marine argues that Yiwa has never been allowed to be happy and that she is not at fault for Yiwa’s sexual identity. The mom takes offence to Marine’s words and slaps her. She orders her to break up with Yiwa and allow her to get married to the competent, handsome Lom. Marine refuses to accept her demands, but Yiwa’s mom insists the wedding will push through. 

Later, Yiwa visits Marina, and she is clearly angry about what her mom did to her lover. She promises Marine they won’t break up. She begs Marine to be patient with her and suggests they run away together.

With things settled between them, Nuea and Lom say their goodbyes to Nuea’s family and return to Bangkok. Nuea’s mom assures Lom that they will accept him if his family disowns him. Sun is sad to see Lom go but feels happy for him. Unlike Lom, Sun is still trying to win Ryu over. 

Three Week Later

It is finally D-day, and the wedding is all set. Lom starts having second thoughts, but Nuea encourages him to go through with the wedding.  Nuea is hurt but knows why the wedding must push through. As they get all lovey-dovey in the dressing room, a co-worker barges in looking for Nuea. He informs him that the bride is gone.

In a flashback, we learn that Lom met Nuea as a kid when he visited his hometown. Nuea was really kind to him. 

The Episode Review

The plot in this show has started to grow frustrating. This wedding should have been called off a long time ago. To continue with it does more harm than good. If they want to break free from their families, they can do it without marrying each other. It is understandable if they don’t want to come out, but they can cut ties with their families if they feel overwhelmed. 

It is great that Nuea is not forcing Lom to come out. That is a decision only Lom can make. As for Yiwa, her mom already knows; she is just in denial. Let us hope this wedding doesn’t go through in the next episode. It will be the finale; we can assume they will tie all the loose ends, and each couple can break free. 

Lastly, can the writers stop with the cliche storyline of the leads meeting when they were kids? Please, someone, save us all from this cliche! 

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