Wedding Plan (Thai BL) – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Falling For The Groom to be

Wedding Plan episode 2 starts with Lom busy at work but he can’t help but think of Nuea and the moment they nearly kissed at the gym. 

Meanwhile, Nuea is at his office passed out from exhaustion. His colleagues worry that Lom is stressing him. They text each other back and forth trying to see who knows what is going on. Imm decides to approach Nuea and ask outright. Nuea is pissed that she woke him up and they start bickering. Nuea insists there is nothing wrong but his co-workers gang up on him and accuse him of forgetting stuff.

Nuea is unable to go against them so he abruptly leaves, claiming he has an appointment. On his way out, he gets a text from Lom asking him to join for his wedding suit fitting. Nuea agrees and Lom texts back saying he will pick him up. Nuea is under the impression that Yiwa will be joining them. 

He gets to the car but Yiwa is nowhere in sight. He asks Lom if she will be meeting them at the clothing store but Lom changes the subject smoothly. On the way, they get some takeaway food and Lom pretends he is not a foodie. Lom insists on paying for their meals and Nuea is unable to argue with him. Lom tricks Nuea to feed him while he drives and as expected, food gets spilt on Lom’s trousers. Nuea tries to clean it and Lom finds himself almost having quite a hard time. No pun intended!

They get to the store and Lom continues to flirt with Nuea. Honestly, Nuea doesn’t stand a chance against Lom’s smooth skills. It is, however, fun to watch him try even though he is going crazy. Yiwas texts Lom wishing him a nice day knowing he is with Nuea. 

On the other hand, Yiwa is at her home with Marine, her girlfriend. This explains a lot. Marine is aware of Yiwa’s upcoming marriage but, understands that Yiwa and Lom are only getting married because of their parents. Yiwa assures her that they will still be together and tries to appease her. 

At the store, Nuea finally realizes that Yiwa won’t be joining them. Lom clarifies he never mentioned she would. He apologizes and Nuea does too for getting mad in the first place. He, however, maintains that Yiwa needs to also get her wedding dress soon. 

They start the fitting and Lom asks for Nuea’s opinion and takes everything he says into consideration. After trying numerous suits, they find one they both like. Nuea tries his best to only give his professional opinion but Lom falls deeper listening to him. He tells Nuea that he trusts his judgement and appreciates that he called him handsome. 

Later that day, Nuea has a meal with Sun and keeps muttering under his breath his frustrations with Lom. At this point, Nuea is finding Lom’s flirting distracting. He knows he likes Lom but is in mild denial. Sun asks if it is because Lom is his type and Nuea admits it is true, he likes Lom. He promises to only talk to Lom about his upcoming wedding and keep it professional. Unfortunately, that promise is tested when Lom texts him asking to meet and check out a hotel. 

The next day, Yiwa drops by Lom’s office and acts like the fiancee. It is all a trick to keep up the façade that they are lovers. Yiwa invites Lom to dinner at her house with Marine. Marine warmly welcomes him and prepares Lom’s favourite food. At dinner, they tease Lom about his crush on Nuea and ask how the courting is going. They tease him even harder when he smiles like a fool after seeing Nuea’s text agreeing to meet him the next day. 

The following night, Nuea and Lom have dinner at the restaurant Lom wanted to check out. It turns out they spent the day together and managed to book a reception hall. Nuea feels anxious about spending more time with Lom.  He feels like Lom tricked him into dinner. He tries to bring up more discussions about the wedding but Lom refuses to talk about work. He asks Nuea to tell him about himself. 

Nuea tells him about growing up near a river and being raised by his mom.  Lom also talks about his family and the fact he has a younger sister. They start opening up to each other and Lom worries if Nuea feels lonely being away from his family. However, Nuea explains that Imm and some of his work colleagues feel like family to him. 

Nuea admits he loves planning weddings and watching couples celebrate their love.  As Lom listens, he wishes he can tell Nuea that he likes him. Nuea asks if he loves Yiwa and Lom says he loves her very much. For a brief moment, Nuea is disappointed but puts his feelings aside.

After dinner, they go for a walk and do some star gazing. Lom shares that he loves going on walks at that place and expresses his interest in knowing Nuea. Nuea starts to feel more conflicted wondering why Lom is giving him mixed signals. He tries to emotionally pull away from him. 

The following day, a frustrated Nuea shows up to work looking like a mess. Sun tries to ask what is wrong but Nuea asks to be left alone. Sun wonders if he is heartbroken but Nuea denies it. The conversation turns to Lom’s wedding preparation and Nuea admits it is going well. The are only a few things left including a photoshoot for the couple. 

As they talk, Yiwa’s mum calls Nuea to ask about the wedding. She informs him that she wants to invite more guests to the wedding. She implies that Yiwa and Lom are already aware of this. Nuea promises to fix the issue but she keeps listing new things she wants at the wedding. 

After the call, Nuea tries to call Lom but is unable to reach him. Sun asks him to calm down but Nuea is pissed. He will need to get another venue to accommodate the revised number of guests. He feels Lom should have mentioned the changes to him. He sets out to look for Lom and finds him at the gym. 

He angrily grabs him away and proceeds to give him a piece of his mind. He asks Lom if he thinks weddings are a joke and want to ruin his company. Lom is shocked to see how angry Nuea is and is unable to talk. Nuea gets even angrier when Lom is quiet and threatens to use his mouth to make him talk. Lom takes this as an open invitation to kiss Nuea. Nuea is too stunned to pull away. 

The Episode Review

Lom is hands down one of the smoothest guys out here. What did we expect?  After all, he is friends with Prapai and you know what they say about birds of the same feather! Nuea might fight his feelings for Lom but he won’t be winning that battle. 

At the back of our minds, we can’t help but wish that Lom and Yiwa came clean to their parents before the wedding. It will save everyone a lot of trouble. Marine and Nuea won’t have to stand by and watch the people they love marry each other. What exactly is hindering Lom and Yiwa from telling the truth?

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