V-Wars – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of V-Wars begins with Luther called into action by Calix who brings in the man he shot in the woods, forcing him to suffocate the man…only, this happens to be a dream. Back at the facility, Luther tends to Dez whose situation deteriorates while Michael’s situation thrives, taking control of the group and becoming smarter in terms of leading the Bloods.

Jimmy returns to Bobby and finds out about Dixon. Staring down the barrel of the gun, Jimmy convinces Bobby that he’s on his side…only, as Jimmy leaves, Bobby is convinced that he’s a Blood and prepares to hunt him. Feeling better, Michael speaks to Dani out in the open before they start kissing. While they do, Luther is grilled by General May until he’s convinced to keep him alive, given they need Luther to find the predator gene. Unfortunately, it turns out Dez is going to turn and as Calix watches him from afar, he sees what Luther has known for a while now – they have a way of finding out who’s going to turn and who won’t.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is invited into the ranks officially but he’s wise to what’s happening and shoots Bobby in the face. As he does, he tells the others that he’s not a vampire and rides away from the group which is the last we here from them. As General May catches wind of what’s happened with Dez, Luther tries to hurry out the facility but is cornered by Calix and May, eventually cuffed and brought inside for questioning where he refuses to disclose the location of his son give Teresa has taken him to a safe location.

Inside, Calix reveals they know what he’s doing and opts to bring him out the facility, given their conversation is off the record. He’s confident that Luther is the right man to try and find a cure and with the promise that May will not be in the picture in the future. Dez meanwhile heads out into the woods and sleeps while Jergen and Kaylee discuss the leaks they found through their hacks. Unfortunately, Kaylee leaves the van to investigate but when she returns, Jergen is killed, seemingly by the DNS.

In the middle of the night, Calix drops Luther off in the middle of nowhere but before he leaves, he wishes him luck and advises him that his son will turn at some point. However, as he leaves Calix also releases a man from another car and tells him to hunt Luther. It appears Calix isn’t on his side after all.

This episode in particular is where I’m starting to lose faith with V-Wars. Now, I love a good plot twist as much as the next man but the way these are delivered this time around seem to undermine the story. Bobby being killed off may seem shocking but given half the season has been spent building him up as a credible threat, shooting him in the face seems like an incredible waste of potential. The undercover agent angle had a nice amount of breathing room too but unfortunately this is squandered with the vampire hunter’s death.

Calix’s double-bluff is another interesting but ultimately pointless exercise too. If he intended to kill Luther all along, why not do it inside the facility away from the cameras? Allowing him to run out in the open and bringing hunters into the fray certainly makes for interesting TV, but it also highlights the ineptitude of the DNS in the process. Still, as we move toward the latter portion of this series, the door is left wide open for where this one may go next.


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