V-Wars – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of V-Wars begins with Mila hunting a vampire and killing him while Luther heads back to his house in a bid to find Dez, unaware that he’s being followed and hunted. Teresa is dead, Dez is gone and out in the wild, Dez rings his mother for help who rushes to pick him up. Back at the house however, Luther is sneak attacked by the vampire but manages to kill him. In the morning, he speaks to one of the locals who tells him about what’s happening before phoning Rachel but she lies about Desmond’s whereabouts.

As Luther continues searching, he sees first-hand the guards rounding people up and taking them away. However, he’s saved at the last second by Jimmy who kills the officer just about to kill him in the woods. Michael rallies the troops and, given the government has started to mobilize, the 40 Bloods in Michael’s ranks prepare to strike. Dani scoffs at their plan though and tells Michael he should be thinking bigger, suggesting they make him into a legend and turn thousands to their cause.

When a DNS agent shows up at the house, Rachel shoots him several times before snatching up Dez and hurrying away. It turns out Jimmy is working with the FBI, not General May, and as he delivers exposition to Luther, he tells him the FBI were frozen out of the operation. After some back and forth, Luther convinces him to stop by Rachel’s house to find Dez.

Meanwhile, Kaylee’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and she hurries off for help, only to come face to face with the Bloods. She tells Ava to bring her to Fayne, given she’s covered him before in her leaks. Instead, they tie her up and begin torturing her. At the same time, the Detective arrives at Mila’s house and asks where her sister is. As we all know, she’s with Michael.

Dez is taken away from the motel thanks to a rogue vampire while Luther makes it to Rachel’s house in the evening, where he and Jimmy find the dead agent on the floor. With no one else there, they scramble off and find an Internment Camp, where all the infected have been rounded up. As they keep looking, he finds Dez in the ranks and prepares to head down and find them.

Although the vampire as a vampire hunter trope isn’t a wholly original idea, it is a nice addition to the fold but nothing really progresses with this, which is a bit of a shame. Still, the episode does do well to add an injection of urgency to the mix and I am intrigued to see what direction the story goes next. Although there are parts here that don’t always make a lot of logical sense, V-Wars remains a turbulent series of quality and quite what the future episodes have in store for us, remains to be seen.

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