V-Wars – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Conflict Ahead

Episode 5 of V-Wars begins with the Bloods continuing to feed and grow in numbers, taking control of an abandoned warehouse and turning it into their base of operations. Meanwhile General May takes over the operation at the DNS and decides to get to the bottom of what’s happening. While they do, Luther heads in and speaks to Calix who he managed to save from the fire.

As the Bloods watch the TV broadcast, Bobby and the other hunters do too, as General May addresses the nation and calls the vampires terrorists for their actions. However, as Michael addresses the growing numbers in his ranks, he tells them he’s Patient Zero and that they’re stronger together.

While the DNS prepare to head out, given they have a lead on a new location housing vampires, Bobby does too as he rallies the troops and prepares to move. At the house, Danika bites her wrist and plays out the junkie angle while Luther creeps through the house… until one of the vampires arrives and pounces on him. The DNS capture the vamp before he can strike though while the others inside the house play-act as junkies.

Inside the bus, Danika breaks free from her restraints, kills one of the guards and bites the neck of another. Luther is saved at the last second by Bobby, who commands Jimmy to chase after Danika who hurries off through the woods. Alone, he makes a deal with Danika while Bobby kills the remaining victims.

Jimmy reappears from the forest and reveals to Luther just who he is while Michael learns more about some of his members, making Ava his officer and second in command. Meanwhile Mila is encouraged to embrace her gift and make a fresh kill rather than dining on blood banks. As she does, Michael brings a wounded Dani into their ranks.

Learning that the infection may well be genetic, Luther scrambles to hide this from the DNS incase they go after certain members of the public, while Michael addresses America and tells them Blood Nation has a right to survive, going on to tell them a war is coming and they’ll be at the forefront of this. As the episode closes out, Dez appears to be turning.

Despite some on-the-nose dialogue, the halfway point of the show does do a good job of bringing all our characters together for the growing conflict ahead. While it seemed destined that Dani and Michael would end up on the same page, it does set things up nicely for the second half of this show.

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