Twogether – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Clumsy Brothers

Following the clues they found last episode, episode 2 of Twogether begins with Jasper and Seung-Gi trying to decipher what they’ve found. With less than 5 hours to meet their fan, they make it to Prambanan Temple without a moment to lose. This majestic, beautiful locale boasts some incredible towers that stretch high in the sky.

With a Chinese Tour Guide and the weather a toasty 35 degrees, it’s Seung-Gi’s turn to feel in the dark now. After showing them around the complex, the tour guide leaves them with a quiz. Seung-Gi of course leaves it up to Jasper to complete, based on the information they’ve learned over the course of the guide. Unfortunately Seung-Gi lets the team down despite Jasper’s best efforts. Thankfully, some ingenuity from Seung-Gi redeems the team and they complete the quiz with yet another clue.

This time, they’re given some numbers to the fan’s address but they still need one more clue to complete the mission and meet their fan. The final site is Alun-Alun, which is an Indonesian site housing a large open area. This forms the backdrop for their final mission – badminton.

Inevitably, it draws quite the crowd who gather to watch the duo play. Unfortunately the clumsy brothers lose and are forced to replay again with different opposition. After winning, they obtain their final clue and piece everything together to find the address for their fan.

With 2 hours left and counting, the duo make it to the neighboring area and ask the locals for help in finding directions to the house. Eventually they make it and meet the first fan, who happens to be a big fan of Jasper. The pair are incredibly humble in meeting Mustika and it’s a great opportunity to reflect on their journey up until this point.

With the journey complete, they head to their next destination riding a high. As they touch down in Bali and admire the beautiful view of a sunset by the beach, they head to their apartment and are briefed on their next task. After winning the golden key from an elaborate game of rock, paper, scissors, the duo prepare for what’s to come in the morning.

Their first destination is Musa Dua, a gorgeous tourist spot that holds the beginning of their Bali journey and one very tricky mission – harpooning fish. Will our duo manage to overcome this obstacle?

As the two start to settle into their roles now, Twogether turns up the charm and the hilarity as the two engage in various different activities. The pop quiz outside the temple is a definite highlight here and there’s some hilarious set pieces throughout the episode. Meeting Mustika is another big highlight here though and the wonderful way these two are humble and gracious in their journey really sweetens the whole affair.

Quite what will happen next remains to be seen but given the little cliffhanger at the end, you’ll almost certainly want to jump right back into this one.


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  1. This is an original show. Korea tv is so much more interesting than American tv. Love from oceanside ca

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