Twogether – Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Caves

The premise to Twogether is pretty simple – two men embark on a journey to find their fans. With one man from Tapei and another from Seoul, we begin our journey at the airport as Lee Seung-Gi is the first to arrive. This talented actor and singer is joined by Jasper Liu, a man known for his movies and TV work.

Episode 1 of Twogether begins with both Seung-Gi and Jasper Liu given their plane tickets that confirm their destination is Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Referred to as the never-ending Asia, their individual planes touch down and Jasper is immediately approached by fans who he signs autographs for.

Seung-Gi touches down next and immediately finds Jasper waiting for him. Unfortunately the language barrier leads to some big awkward silences, despite the pair attempting to learn the other’s language in the days and weeks prior to their greeting.

After taking in the sights and sounds of the city, the pair make it to their apartment where they’re greeted by their Director with information on their first trip. Handed a mysterious pamphlet, they’re given a map with a variety of different landmarks on. They need to follow clues and complete missions in order to meet their fan.

First up is a cave in Semanu. With a limited amount of money to work with and a lamp to obtain stuck inside with clues to their next mission, they rent a jeep and start heading off-road to their caves. Unfortunately the price of admission when they get there is pretty steep but both men cough up the funds and get ready to descend into the cave.

Finally they make it in and retrieve the lamp, thanking the fan who led them to this beautiful destination. Having finished their first mission, next stop is Goa Kalisuci. They need to ride an inflatable raft down to find the clue – which happens to be hidden in the water.

Before they get there though, they make a big decision and buy the tools needed to try and find the next clue. While Jasper tries desperately to catch fish, Seung-Gi eventually finds the second clue which includes directions to another address. With both clues now found, can they decipher what they need to find their fan? We’ll have to wait for the next episode to find out!

With a distinct Asian feel to this with the cutaways and little expository bites of text on-screen, there’s a really fun-loving feel to this series that makes it easy to watch. The pair have some good chemistry together and the abundance of facts dotted throughout the episode is a nice touch too. If this is any indication over how the rest of the show will progress, we’re in for a real treat here.

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