Twogether – Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Twogether begins with Jasper heading underwater and harpooning while Seung-Gi stays above land fishing. He’s trying to catch a fish longer than 4 inches to move on to the next task. After a fruitless search, Seung-Gi decides to use the golden key and get a mercenary to catch the fish they need…only Jasper has already caught what they needed. Woops! They celebrate their win nonetheless though and then its on to Sanwangan.

In Sanwangen they both realize they need to undertake another mission, this time with them flying high while paragliding. Seung-Gi sees a beautiful birds-eye view of Bali while Jasper stays down below drawing massive pictures on the sand for him to guess. As the paragliding comes to an end, Jasper’s pictures are enough for Seung-Gi to guess the answers and the duo win their second mission.

This brings them to familiar sights in Indonesia as their cryptic clue takes them to Garuda Park where a huge statue of Vishnu towers overhead. When a huge group arrive and begin performing a Kerac Dance, the two are more than a little taken aback by the sounds. Only, this happens to hold the clues they so dearly need and eventually they decipher the sounds and make their way to their fourth and final clue. That place happens to be a yoga group – a couple’s yoga group to be precise.

After a hilarious series of poses, they manage to bag the next clue and find themselves heading to their fan’s house. With the night drawing in, Jasper and Seung-Gi arrive with her unaware they’re coming. Just as they’re about to open the door, the episode comes to a close.

The couple’s yoga toward the end of the episode is a definite highlight here and the way everything came together in this scene was really great to watch. Alongside this, the various different activities feed in nicely to the mission structure, leading to them finding their next fan.

How will they react to the duo arriving? Another cliffhanger will almost certainly see you tuning in to find out what happens next!


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