To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

After reports about Seo-joon’s phobia relapsing release, the production team of the cooking show are concerned about having him in the second episode. Pil-hyun reassures him that Seo-joon will be okay.

They bring up the actor’s recent quarrel with a director as they consider skipping Seo-joon out of the show. Pil-hyun reassures them that Seo-joon will be okay and asks them to gear up to film the finale at Ji-woo’s restaurant.

In the village, Ji-woo’s restaurant is getting local attention as customers start to buzz in. Soon, Ji-woo is busy and the restaurant is packed. Pil-hyun and Ho-min arrive at Seo-joon’s asking him to go back to the village to film a conclusion to Ji-woo’s episode on the show.

Seo-joon tells Pil-hyun that he cannot go and asks him to stop visiting him often because he wants to be lonely. Pil-hyun gets a call from his girlfriend informing him about a new controversy, this time around Ji-woo.

At the village, Da-kyung and Sung-yoon ask the chief who spread the rumour about Ji-woo being the son of a scammer. Sung-yoon calls a reporter for an interview to clarify things. Ji-woo is preparing meals for his restaurant more than he usually does after the boom in his business recently.

However, he does not have any customers. Pil-hyun and Ho-min worry about Ji-woo as Pil-hyun’s girlfriend tries to sort the issue out. Pil-hyun, who is an old friend of Ji-woo tells his girlfriend that Ji-woo’s parents were friends with a man who came to visit time years ago.

Back then, the man had talked the villagers into investing money in his insurance scheme. The villagers willingly invested in the scheme but since it was Ji-woo’s parents that introduced them to the man, they were ostracised by the villagers who were scammed of their money.

Present-day Pil-hyun tells his girlfriend that the entire rumour against Ji-woo is baseless and untrue. Ji-woo is reading the comment from the article about his controversy where fans are asking him to stay away from Seo-joon.

Pil-hyun reassures him that everything will be alright asking him to stay on and film the rest of the episode. The villagers show up at Ji-woo’s restaurant and order food. They tell him that it was not them who made up the rumour and Ji-woo is touched.

Ji-woo cries seeing that the villagers are supporting him. As Ho-min and Seo-joon leave to go to the village, the manager informs Seo-joon about the article on Ji-woo’s parents being scammers. Seo-joon is aware of it and already had a plan.

As Ji-woo leaves home to go somewhere, he notices that Seo-joon’s vanity is back in its original spot. Pil-hyun also arrives at the village and asks the villagers to help with some things to help bust the rumour about Ji-woo.

As the second episode starts filming, Ji-woo and Seo-joon see each other for the first time in a while. This time, Ji-woo presents fusion foods from the Italian and Korean cuisine for Ji-woo and the show’s host to eat.

The guests compliment the food. Suddenly, according to Seo-joon’s plan, the villagers show up at the restaurant one by one with gifts for Ji-woo. This is to show that the villagers are close to Ji-woo and prove that the rumours are baseless.

After the show has been filmed, Ji-woo and Seo-joon chat up. Seo-joon tries to ignore him and leaves. Before leaving he tells Ji-woo that he should stand up for himself. On their drive back, Ho-min tries to tell Pil-hyun something but gets ignored.

That night, Sung-yoon visits Ji-woo and chats up about their past and how Ji-woo thinks Seo-joon made him lonely. Ji-woo talks about Seo-joon in an endearing way that makes Sung-yoon realise that he still is in love with the actor.

At home, Ji-woo opens the box of belongings that he collected from Seo-joon’s house. In it, he finds his old phone. Ji-woo turns it on and goes through all his photos with Seo-joon. He starts getting undelivered messages from Seo-joon.

Turns out, Seo-joon constantly texted Ji-woo’s phone for a year despite their breakup. Ji-woo starts feeling apologetic for the time Seo-joon spent missing him as he sobs reading Seo-joon’s messages to him.

The Episode Review

Ji-woo is having a hard time in town. He is not welcomed these which makes me wonder if he really is not lonely there too. Ji-woo is alone all day with Yoo-ha keeping him company for some hours of the day but then he is lonely again. How different is this from living with Seo-joon?

I am trying to understand the motive behind the makers in having Ji-woo move to his town instead of staying back in Seoul. However, I got emotional watching Ji-woo go through his old phone. Seo-joon really is a sweetheart and it is commendable that he kept on texting Ji-woo despite their ‘break-up’.

I think Ji-woo finally has the push to reach out to Seo-joon soon. Seo-joon is at a very bad place in his life and it is the best time for Ji-woo to barge into Seo-joon’s life and pick up from where he left off.

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