To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

Episode 9 of To My Star 2 starts with Seo-joon getting a call from his father. The father warns him to be healthy so that he is not bothered by questions about Seo-joon’s health from his fans. Seo-joon’s father speaks to him curtly and is angry about the chaos he has caused them due to his fame.

Seo-joon tells his father that he has earned a lot of money for them and ends the call. That night, Ji-woo is on his way out to look for Seo-joon when he finds the actor’s phone on the street. He sees that Seo-joon was reading an article from the director who stated that the actor is hard to work with.

Ji-woo reads an incoming text from Seo-joon’s father. Da-kyung and Yoo-ha meet Ji-woo on the way and tell him that they had just seen Seo-joon go somewhere in the mountain. As Da-kyung and Yoo-ha have dinner, Sung-yoon shows up at their house and starts crying about being heartbroken by Ji-woo’s confession.

She hoped that she could win him back but is upset that she won’t be able to be with him. Da-kyung treasures her. Ji-woo rushes to the mountain to find Seo-joon as he recalls his relationship with the actor and the fun times they shared.

As Ji-woo arrives at the mountain, he spots Seo-joon on the mountain. At Da-kyung’s house, Sung-yoon gets a call from the reporter about the rumour about Ji-woo. According to the reporter, one of the villagers is responsible for spreading rumours about Ji-woo.

Meanwhile, at the TB Entertainment office, Pil-hyun is dealing with the new controversy about Seo-joon involving the director who called the actor hard to work with. Ho-min tells Pil-hyun that he is resigning from the post of Ji-woo’s manager as he has been selected to be a K-pop idol.

Da-kyung, Yoo-ha and Sung-yoon try to guess which one of the villagers made the rumour about Ji-woo when Yoo-ha points out that the initials DCH means Dacham Elementary School as her id begins with DCH too.

The trio try to figure out who the culprit is. At the TB Entertainment headquarters, Pil-hyun is still trying to process Ho-min’s confession.  He gets a call from Sung-yoon who helps them find out the true culprit.

Meanwhile, Ji-woo is still looking for Seo-joon when he finds the actor’s vanity. Seo-joon is having ramen all by himself. Upon seeing that the actor is okay, Ji-woo collapses worrying Seo-joon. He is about to call the ambulance when Ji-woo wakes up to tell him that he is okay.

Sung-yoon, Da-kyung and Yoo-ha confront the elementary school student who spread the rumour about Ji-woo. On the mountain, Seo-joon is rambling about his ramen getting soggy when he asks Ji-woo to leave him alone. Ji-woo tells him that he has only buried his couple necklace that Seo-joon gave him.

Seo-joon jokes that he should not hope the two would get back together as he has thrown away his necklace. Seeing how Seo-joon is cold towards him, Ji-woo leaves him alone. The next morning, Da-kyung, Yoo-ha and Sung-yoon try to tell Ji-woo who the real culprit is but his phone is unreachable.

As Seo-joon arrives at his house, he spots Ji-woo sitting outside. Pil-hyun is inside Seo-joon’s house as they ask him about the article from the director. Seo-joon asks them to leave him alone and declines to give an interview.

Pil-hyun decides to go but Ji-woo states he would stay for a while. Ji-woo cleans up the house and goes away for a while. Hearing the door close, Seo-joon comes downstairs to find his house cleaned up. Ho-min is picked by Pil-hyun who is acting as the to-be idol’s manager.

Ho-min receives his settlement as Seo-joon’s manager and asks him to do well as an idol. Seo-joon is alone at his house as he holds on to the couple necklace that he lied to Ji-woo about. Just then, Ji-woo enters the house with groceries and explains that he only went to take a shower.

Seo-joon asks why he was back. Ji-woo explains that even though he went running away from Seo-joon, the actor was always with him due to his fame. He declares that he has now made up his mind that he would not run away from Seo-joon anymore.

Ji-woo states that he will keep going back to Seo-joon even if he keeps on pushing him just like the actor did in the past. He begs for Seo-joon to take him back and asks for a hug.

An epilogue shows Ji-woo burying the necklace under a tree, one that he had marked with a handkerchief which is on his way to work every day.

The Episode Review

This episode was so much better than the last three. Fans really want to see Ji-woo and Seo-joon together. Even though they have not gotten back together, watching them apart is far worse than watching them fight when they are together.

Ji-woo is trying to get closer to Seo-joon but now it is up to him to give up on his pride and reach out to Seo-joon. I am sure that the first season was really as good as it was because of Ji-woo and Seo-joon.

Viewers actually want more of the couple and I think the finale will only be when we will get to see them back together. I like the progress made by the side characters on the show but sadly, they don’t contribute to Seo-joon and Ji-woo’s journey. I wished to see the couple together for more of this season but watching them bicker is also nostalgic.

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