To My Star: Our Untold Stories Season 2 Review – An average sequel to a perfect first season

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The second season for a K-drama is something fans of Korean culture are just getting used to but 2022 has seen its first renewal for a BL K-drama. While that’s great on its own, it makes me wonder if there really was a point. The first season of ‘To My Star’ was released in 2021 and the story, as well as the chemistry between the two main leads, was loved by fans.

The two characters fell in love through the course of the 10-episode show and the first season ended on a light note with the two finally dating one another. However, when it was announced that a second season for the show will be released, I began to wonder what exactly was left to be told now that we had a perfect conclusion in the first season.

Based on a plot pretty similar to the first, ‘To My Star: Our Untold Stories’ revolves around a homosexual couple, Kang Seo-joon who is an actor by profession, and Ji-woo who is a chef and owns his own restaurant. It is revealed that one day, Han Ji-woo decided to end things with Seo-joon and just up and left him without explaining things in person despite living together for a year.

The show then finds Seo-joon looking for the real reason behind Ji-woo’s sudden departure and tries to win him back. Korean dramas are really fine-tuned and well written which always gives fans something to talk about. ‘To My Star’ had an amazing first season but the conflict was completely resolved.

This makes me wonder if the second season was just made to cater to the buzz for the initial season. The direction of the show was amazing, considering it is the work of Hwang Da-seul, but it seems like the second season has coasted due to the popularity of its first season; the screenplay has nothing original to offer.

To spice up the dull plot, the character of Jung Sung-yoon tries to make Seo-joon question Ji-woo’s sexual preferences. I wish there was more about whether or not Ji-woo was debating about his feelings for Sung-yoon or how his break-up with her later affected his sexuality. Instead, we don’t get that.

It seems imminent that BL dramas start exploring the ‘questioning’ aspect in homosexual adults where characters who are debating over their sexual preferences finally come to terms with their sexuality and how.

The 10 episodes of the second season follow a similar pattern of questioning one’s sexuality, with a similar conflict detected and Seo-joon, our actor with a ‘main character’ energy, comes to save the day. Aside from one make-out scene that went viral during its first episode, the show failed to create any sense of excitement amongst fans.

Just like the initial season, ‘To My Star: Our Untold Stories’ has the same cast lineup with a few additions that do their best in the roles they have. The OST of the BL drama consists of six tracks with two English singles, ‘The Universe’ and ‘Winter Wind’.

Both songs are calming and fit well with the background score of the episodes. The single ‘Winter Wind’ has a Korean version that fans really love whereas three other Korean songs make up the OST of ‘To My Star 2’.

Personally, I went into the show expecting a step in the future for the couple with more challenges that they face together and was initially disheartened to see the couple broken up. However, the first few episodes showed me how it is not always a bed of roses for couples, especially a gay couple in a society that does not accept their sexuality.

Despite this, the fact that Ji-woo did not want to discuss his feelings with Seo-joon seemed appalling to me. The entire season would have ended in 20 minutes if Ji-woo voiced his feelings and explained to Seo-joon how he was lonely and did not like how the actor was changing up his life just to be with Ji-woo.

The less-than-necessary creation of conflict is what mars the second season. With all that being said, I still like this as a one-time watch but there’s not enough here to justify a renewal.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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