To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Seo-joon leaves after overhearing some part of Ji-woo’s conversation with Sung-yoon at the start of episode 7 of To My Star 2. The former couple chats up about missing the friendship that they shared when they were a couple. When Ji-woo returns, Seo-joon tells him he will be giving up on saving their relationship.

He bids Ji-woo a farewell and goes back to his vanity. He calls for a taxi to go back to Seoul. On his way home, Ji-woo compares his two past relationships with Seo-joon and Sung-yoon.

He recalls how his loneliness made both his partners feel lonely. Ji-woo thinks back to when Seo-joon cancelled his plans to be with Ji-woo. He did not want to feel lonely with Seo-joon over time as Sung-yoon did with him in the past.

Ji-woo also resented being lonely when Seo-joon had his plans and hated being alone all the time when Seo-joon was surrounded by so many people. Back to present time, Seo-joon is back on set filming his action movie. During the scene, he is accidentally hurt and the team takes a break.

The director throws a fit about Seo-joon being unfit to shoot. Seo-joon confronts the director for causing twice as much delay as him. The director is enraged and calls him out. Seo-joon does not back off but tells the director that he should take a break after his injury.

He asks the director to refrain from talking behind Seo-joon’s back and asks him to talk face-to-face. As he is in his car, in order to not cause controversy with his injured face, Seo-joon goes live on social media and tells his fans about the filming accident. That night, Ji-woo is out on a walk with Sung-yoon.

They reminisce about the time they used to hang out as high school students. Seeing that Ji-woo is still protective of Sung-yoon, he recalls his time with Seo-joon and realizes that he misses him.

The next day, Seo-joon is still home when Pil-hyun and Ho-min yell at him for missing their calls. Seo-joon is sleepy and wonders why they were looking for him on a holiday. Pil-hyun yells at him for the trouble he caused on set with the director.

The makers have killed his character in the movie after he argued with the director. As Pil-hyun scolds Seo-joon, Ho-min accidentally drops a piece of glass on the ground triggering Seo-joon’s trauma.

He kicks them both out and starts having a panic attack. Outside his house, Ho-min confesses to Pil-hyun that Seo-joon got into a fight with the director because of him. In the village, the villagers are gathered to see Ji-woo’s show on TV.

Da-kyung informs the villagers that Ji-woo is yet to arrive but they insist on playing the episodes without him present. Sung-yoon asks them to wait for him to arrive but the village chief states that he asked Ji-woo not to come.

After his parents had introduced the villagers to a fraudulent man, the man scammed money from the villagers. Ji-woo’s parents worked hard to repay the money to the villagers before they died.

Both Sung-yoon and Da-kyung defend Ji-woo in front of the old villagers. The two women along with Yoo-ha leave the villagers. Outside, Ji-woo overhears the chaos. Da-kyung apologises to him for forcing him to return to the village. Ji-woo reassures him that he is okay. Meanwhile, Seo-joon still struggles all by himself as he lays in bed.

The next morning, Ji-woo takes his usual route to work but halts in front of a tree for a second. Yoo-ha is dressing up for school when the trailer for Ji-woo’s cooking show plays on TV.

In Seoul, Pil-hyun and Ho-min read the comments to the first episode and are glad with the positive reviews. Ho-min mentions that Seo-joon will have to go to the restaurant to film a second instalment of the show.

Pil-hyun gets a call from his girlfriend who is a reporter. She apologises for not being able to stop the release of the news. Just then, the phones start ringing at Seo-joon’s agency.

At the same time, Yoo-ha rushes to show Ji-woo the released article about Seo-joon that claims his health condition was worsening and that his phobia has relapsed.

The Episode Review

The new season is actually driving on the success of Season 1 so all things that are happening in this season seem very unnecessary. From Ji-woo’s family problems to his past relationship or people from his town being bitter toward him over something that happened years ago.

All these issues were never even hinted at in Season 1. To have the makers develop Seo-joon’s trauma from what it was in Season 1 makes some sense but the gravity of Ji-woo’s trouble is not really making sense anymore.

This episode was rather slow and it is obvious that the main leads need to be around each other more for the episodes to seem interesting. I hope the next episode picks up as we are now nearing the end of the show.

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