To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

After arriving at Ji-woo’s restaurant, Seo-joon questions the chef about his protectiveness of him over the breaking glass. Ji-woo shuts him down, asking him to make of it what he liked. Seo-joon tells him that he is ready to change himself for Ji-woo but he is not ready for a compromise knowing that the actor will end up losing his career.

Seo-joon also suggests going abroad and starting their new life together but Ji-woo implies that he had grown tired of the actor’s routine. Ji-woo finally reveals that he was tired of living like the side character in Seo-joon’s life.

The two fight over each other’s past behavior and state how they both put up with it because they loved each other. Seo-joon states that he still does which is why he wants to make things work but Ji-woo states that he does not love Seo-joon, hinting that it was time for him to move on.

Ji-woo mentions that when they dated, Seo-joon never really gave him a hard time which is why he concluded that he was the problem between the two. He tries to hug Ji-woo but the chef pushes him back.

Ji-woo reveals that when he and Seo-joon were together, he felt lonely because of the life Seo-joon lived. He took notice of how the actor cancelled his plans with friends to be with Ji-woo who had no one else but Seo-joon.

He noticed how Seo-joon worked and travelled back home even if it meant that he could be with Ji-woo for a few hours and how he skipped celebrations just to be with Ji-woo. A flashback shows Seo-joon recalling all the times he tried to change his plans and schedules just to be with Ji-woo.

Later that night, Seo-joon recalls his conversation with Ji-woo as Pil-hyun lays beside him. The CEO discusses how Seo-joon often gives his all to his partners but does not often get the same treatment from them. He mentions that it is time for him to move on from Ji-woo.

Meanwhile, Sung-yoon discusses how she broke up with Ji-woo and remembers the time when they were together. Da-kyung praises her for being with Ji-woo when he had a hard time in the past. The two women think back to their childhood as Yoo-ha wakes up and asks them to just sleep as they had been disturbing her.

The next day, Seo-joon meets up with the villagers with gifts as he plays games with them and provides them with treats. Ji-woo is unsure why the actor is still hanging around the town when he asks Yoo-ha what was happening. Yoo-ha claims that Da-kyung and Seo-joon were friends now so Yoo-ha’s mother allowed her to hang around with Seo-joon.

She adds that the actor was now friends with the elders of the village too. She wonders why Ji-woo’s business wasn’t flourishing despite his handwork. Just then, the villagers came in to talk to him about the show. The village chief forces Ji-woo to film the show with Seo-joon because it would be beneficial for the town.

Meanwhile, Seo-joon leaves town for a while and Ji-woo looks at a photo frame on his bedside table. The next day, the filming crew for the restaurant variety show arrives in town and they start filming the episode featuring Ji-woo and his restaurant.

The special guest for the episode is Seo-joon. Back when Seo-joon was hiding away, he filmed a vlog on his YouTube channel featuring Ji-woo which had fans love the actor interacting with the chef.

Now that Ji-woo had a restaurant of his own, Seo-joon was leading the main crew of the show to the place. At the restaurant, the main crew and Seo-joon discuss ways on how Ji-woo can increase the marketability of his food.

After the shoot has ended, the crew asks Ho-min if the chef and the actor were not on good terms with each other because they appeared stiff. On their way back home, Seo-joon and Ji-woo are awkwardly walking together when Yoo-ha runs to them to show them a video of Sung-yoon’s interview.

In the interview, she talks about how she made the bracelet she wears when she was young. This reminds Ji-woo of the bracelet that she gifted him years ago and he looks up at Seo-joon’s reactions. Once they arrive at Seo-joon’s, Ji-woo asks him to stay away from the villagers, telling him he should be careful.

Seo-joon is going back to his house when he notices that Sung-yoon is meeting up with Ji-woo. He listens in on their conversation where the former couple discusses their present feelings for each other.

Ji-woo misunderstands their conversation and assumes that Ji-woo was going to get back together with Sung-yoon stating how she did not make him feel lonely, unlike Seo-joon. The actor is heartbroken when he hears Ji-woo and Sung-yoon talk about missing each other.

The Episode Review

I really felt that this episode would have the couple finally get back together but we will have to wait for the end now. The problems that Ji-woo has with Seo-joon really are very trivial when it comes to major relationship complexities in Korean dramas.

However, since this is the untold story from Seo-joon and Ji-woo’s universe, we will have to give them the benefit of the doubt. The couple really is a situation of opposites attract and it is commendable the type of things Seo-joon selflessly does for Ji-woo.

I hope Ji-woo realises what he is missing out on when he is letting Seo-joon go. There seems to be something going on between Ji-woo and Sung-yoon but I am sure it is just a minor hiccup and Ji-woo actually does not have feelings for her at all.

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