To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories – Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

After his kiss with Ji-woo from the night before, Seo-joon thinks that he and the chef are back together for good in episode 5 of To My Star 2. Ji-woo leaves his house to go to work early the next morning but the actor wakes up hours later leaving Ji-woo’s house as he drives away in his van.

At work, Ji-woo is distracted and loses his focus from chores as he keeps looking at the door. Suddenly two guests appear at the restaurant and talk to the chef about being featured on a show about food. They claim that Yoo-ha asked them to visit the restaurant. Ji-woo calls the little girl to clarify the appointment and Yoo-ha forces him to talk to them about his appearance on the show.

Yoo-ha is hanging out by the park with Seo-joon which shocks Ji-woo. Seo-joon explains that he got permission from Da-kyung to keep Yoo-ha company while she is at work leaving some time for Ji-woo to chat up with the producers of the show. A while later, the producers leave the restaurant after Ji-woo declines their offer.

Meanwhile, Seo-joon is paying house with Yoo-ha. He compliments Yoo-ha’s hair and she states that ever since she pretended to be kidnapped, her mother has been paying a lot more attention to her as she chomps down on spicy ramen with Seo-joon.

He teaches Yoo-ha a valuable lesson about how parents too are just trying their level best when it comes to raising kids. Seo-joon also explains that she should not take Da-kyung being busy with work as neglect towards her. The two bond over snacks and games as Seo-joon plays along with her.

At the TB Entertainment headquarters, Pil-hyun gets a call from the producers that met with Ji-woo. They talk to the company’s CEO in hopes that Seo-joon would collaborate with Ji-woo and take part in their episode about his new restaurant.

Pil-hyun recalls how Ji-woo had appeared in one of Seo-joon’s vlogs a year ago and how fans loved the duo’s interactions. The CEO is shocked to learn that Ji-woo declined the offer for the show.

At work, Sung-yoon is working over details about the recently shot advertisement photos with Seo-joon when she sulks and states that the actor was indeed very handsome. The staff member reminds her of an interview with a big journalist that she had signed up for.

At the village, Ji-woo is on his way back home at night and is shocked to learn that Seo-joon is still in town. Thinking that everything is now back to normal after their kiss, Seo-joon has made himself home at Ji-woo’s house and has prepared a meal for the chef.

Ji-woo is angry at the actor and tries to push him away by asking him to be his hook-up partner without any commitments. Seo-joon is taken aback by Ji-woo’s proposal and shares his frustration calling him out on his recent behavior. The chef clarifies that Seo-joon is free to do as it pleases him and reiterates that he will never be getting back together with the actor.

Seo-joon is upset and leaves Ji-woo’s house. He sits at a spot on the street and drinks soju. Sung-yoon joins him and the two chat up leading Seo-joon to misunderstand that she is interested in him. The designer states that she is not interested in him and the two have friendly banter.

In his drunken state, Seo-joon sends a voicemail to Ji-woo’s old phone that is still switched off and asks him to forget their last fight. The next day, Ji-woo, Da-kyung, Yoo-ha, and Sung-yoon team up to clean up a room for the village chief. Seo-joon joins them and drags Pil-hyun along with him as all six of them work together.

After work is done, the six of them gather at Da-kyung’s house for drinks and food. Seo-joon talks ask Sung-yoon about her relationship with Ji-woo and mentions being ghosted by their partner. Da-kyung interrupts the conversation by dropping food on Seo-joon dragging him away from the table.

She informs the actor that she did that on purpose to stop him from triggering Ji-woo as Sung-yoon and Ji-woo has ghosted each other in the past when they broke up. Pil-hyun talks to Ji-woo and asks him why he was not willing to work on the show for his restaurant. Da-kyung gets up to offer Pil-hyun another drink and accidentally drops the glass. Ji-woo grabs it quickly preventing it from shattering.

Seo-joon looks at Ji-woo with a worrisome look on his face. The chef is aware that shattering glass noise is a trigger for Seo-joon’s mental health issues and the actor is shocked by Ji-woo’s concern for him. Ji-woo states that he was going to get some more drinks from his restaurant but before Sung-yoon can, Seo-joon offers to join him. After they have left and Da-kyung has put Yoo-ha to bed, she, Sung-yoon, and Pil-hyun talk about the funeral of Ji-woo’s parents.

Since Ji-woo and Pil-hyun are old friends, he recalls attending the funeral, and Sung-yoon shares how she was not able to do much for him back then. At the restaurant, Ji-woo grabs the drinks and asks Seo-joon to say what he accompanied him for.

Seo-joon asks the chef why he stopped the glass from shattering when Da-kyung dropped the drink. A flashback shows Ji-woo in his bed as he looks at a photo frame by his bedside table while turning to Seo-joon who is calmly sleeping beside him.

The Episode Review

I had my expectations way too high with this episode and it feels like viewers are being teased. Turns out Ji-woo kissing Seo-joon after their hunt for Yoo-ha was a ‘heat of the moment’ action and not actually something that would get the two individuals to get back together.

However, it is evident how Ji-woo still takes care of Seo-joon. Keeping the glass from breaking subtly shows Seo-joon that Ji-woo is always cautious about the actor’s trauma and he is the only one who actually is aware of it considering the way Pil-hyun was nonchalant about it.

I am sensing a romantic angle between Pil-hyun and Da-kyung because misery loves company. Pil-hyun is being avoided by his girlfriend while Da-kyung has her own battle with her ex-husband. It will be interesting to have Pil-hyun be Yoo-ha’s father but it could also just be a mere bonding between two individuals who are in similar situations.

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