The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 9 “Take Back” Recap & Review

Take Back

The Rookie season 5 episode 9 starts with Sergeant Grey and his wife visiting New York to see their daughter, Dominique. Grey is not happy about visiting New York, it is just not his vibe!

Elsewhere, Nolan is helping Bradford’s sister, Genny to move into her new home. She is still reeling from her divorce and is trying to find her footing. As she unpacks she notices her charm bracelets are missing. It turns out her son is acting out and blaming her for the divorce so he tossed them in the dustbin to get back at her.

With Sergeant Grey in New York, Bradford is at the helm and he is doing his best. Chris visits him to get his opinion on which house he thinks Chen would like. Chen walks in as they are talking and Chris leaves. Bradford asks her how the break-up is going and Lucy admits that she is having trouble finding the right words to say. Bradford tells her to just ask the guy for his playbook.

Thankfully, Chen decides she will handle it on her own and enrols Thorsen’s help. He helps her rehearse the break-up and he really gets into character. In the end, Chen realizes that she can’t rehearse life, she will need to take the bull by the horns and just have a serious, uncomfortable talk with Chris.

Meanwhile, Nolan and Juarez spot a robbery in progress at a jewellery store. Juarez chases the suspect after he refuses to stop. The suspect gets physical forcing Juarez to defend herself. After the tough arrest, they take the suspect to the hospital because he took a bad fall when fighting with Juarez. The doctors clear him and they take him to the holding cell where another nasty fight ensues with his cellmates.

They rush the suspect to the hospital and he dies while receiving treatment. Bradford asks Juarez to hand in her badge and gun and an investigation is started on the incident. Juarez is officially on leave until she is cleared. The investigation proves that the suspect got injured during the fight in the holding cell and Juarez is cleared, much to her relief. They also learn that the suspect has a young infant who he left unattended in a soundproof box in some motel.

They immediately start investigating the possible location of the infant. The suspect visited a lot of motels and it is hard to narrow it down. Harper and Lopez using their experience as mothers are able to track down the motel and Thorsen and Chen hurry to save the infant. Luckily, they get to her in time.

Back in New York, Dominique fails to show up to meet with her parents and she is not picking up her phone either. The parents go to her dorm and discover their daughter has been keeping secrets. She switched her major and has been hanging out with some girl with questionable character. They ask for help from the local police but as Sergeant Grey knows, they can’t do much until the 24 hr mark is up.

This forces them to take matters into their own hands and try to find their daughter. They try to retrace her last known steps and discover she had been kidnapped by her taxi driver. Sergeant Grey and his wife call for backup but they don’t want to risk waiting for them to arrive. They charge into the abandoned building the taxidriver and his gang are holding Dominique in and fight with the gangsters.

They successfully rescue their daughter and the police arrive in time to arrest the culprits. Even though Grey wants his daughter to come back home, she chooses to stay behind and continue with her education at the university.

After the shift, Chen goes home and has a talk with Chris. Chris walks out in anger without hearing her out. Chen goes back to the office and tells Bradford that she is officially single and ready for that dinner date he has asked her to before.

The Episode Review

It has been a while since we got to see Sergeant Grey in his family element as a husband and a father. It was nice to see him saving his daughter and being a protective husband.

I am not sure about Genny’s storyline but hopefully, her being close will help her relationship with Bradford. They get along fairly well but it would still be great to see them bond further.

It felt a bit awkward and rushed the way Chris and Chen broke up though. I feel like Chris deserved better as well. ChenFord is now in full swing and we’re looking forward to seeing how their first date pans out!

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4 thoughts on “The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 9 “Take Back” Recap & Review”

  1. This was a stupid episide of an increasingly ‘soapy’ show. The fake ‘drama’ surrounding the death of the prisoner and Juarez’s involvement completely ignores the prison fight as the likely cause. The whole thing is getting illogical and turning into a soap opera.

  2. This episode was OK but two things stood out as poorly executed. 1) The episode did a terrible job making LA look like NYC. The producers didn’t even try. 2) How did the gangster and Chen completely miss hitting anyone in the shootout in the end?

  3. “Riling from her divorce”? Do you mean, “Reeling?” This was yet another stupid episode in a stupid season of The Rookie. The shark was jumped in season 4 episode 22, and except for brief moments, it continues to devolve into a quagmire of ridiculousness.

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