The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 8 “The Collar” Recap & Review

The Collar

The Rookie season 5 episode 8 starts with Nolan and Bailey discussing their honeymoon plans. Their guest who has long surpassed her stay, Juarez is also there. Bailey complains of hearing soft noises at night and Juarez thinks the house might be cursed but Nolan tells her the only unwanted entity in the house is her.

On the other hand, Chen finds herself bombarded with Chris’s request to move in together. She is not ready to take it to the next level but is not sure how to break the news to Chris.

Thorsen asks Grey to give him a chance to shadow Lopez and Parker as he wants to be a detective. Sergeant Grey asks Bradford and Chen to partner up for the day.  Meanwhile, Harper and Lopez decide to train Thorsen hard from the get-go and test him by allowing him to ask only 5 questions after reading only the first page of a case file. In the end, he makes assumptions and Harper tells him the first rule of being a detective is to never make an assumption.

On their ride, Chen asks Bradford about his new single life and chastises him for being an indoor kind of guy in a city like L.A. Chris calls Chen to show her a new house and Bradford overhears their conversation. He asks if she is happy with Chris and Chen says she is but he sees right through her. The second time Chris calls, Chen admits that she is not in love with him and Bradford tells her she shouldn’t settle for someone who only makes her comfortable.

Elsewhere, in their normal ride, Juarez and Nolan spot a car overspeeding and ask the driver to pull over. The driver has a bomb tied to her neck and tells them that she has been asked by the suspect not to stop driving. Sergeant Wade, asks them to follow the car and find a way to drive her to a secluded area.

Lopez, Thorsen and Harper start running background on the woman to find out more about the victim and the suspect. They check home surveillance from Pam’s house and realize the suspect is someone she knew but they can’t see his face. Nolan and Juarez direct the driver, Pam, to a secluded lot and try to get her to be calm. Unfortunately, the bomb explodes before the bomb squad gets to the driver.

Soon after Pam’s death, Chen and Bradford spot another driver who is also carrying a bomb on his neck. He also worked with Pam as a lawyer in a law firm and they believe there is more to the story. The second driver gets nervous and pulls over and luckily cuts the bomb off his neck. The bomb squad analysis the bomb and realize that the bombs have a timer and are meant to go off whether or not the drivers followed the rules given by the suspect.

The interview with the second driver leads them to the suspect, Richard. He is looking for revenge after the law firm sent his sister abroad and she was kidnapped and killed. The kidnappers killed her after 43 minutes while the company heads argued back and forth on whether to pay the ransom.

They rush to arrest Richard and he is arrested with no event. He tells the officers that he is done with his revenge mission after sending out the last bomb. They hurry to get to the last man, who has been ordered to drive to the law firm. Juarez uses her experience with loss to try and get through to Richard. He tries to trick her but she follows her intuition and tells Nolan to cut the red wire instead of the green one to disarm the bomb. Her intuition proves to be right and she saves the day.

After the hectic day, Chen and Bradford talk and they admit they have feelings for each other. Bradford asks her on a date but she turns him down and asks for time to properly end her relationship with Chris.

The Episode Review

It is finally happening and we are all just trying to calm down! The ChenFord ship is about to take off and though it is not happening as we expected, it is still nice to see it. It took Chen and Bradford a while to get here and it is understandable why they are hesitant to take their relationship further. As Chen said, this is an important relationship for her and she is scared of the what-ifs.

Bradford is scared too but he is willing to take a chance now and we are just here, happily third-wheeling. Are you excited about ChenFord? What challenges do you think lie in their future? This certainly leaves the door open for the next episode!

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  1. Is it just me or was the ending song way to loud. I couldn’t hear the dialog because of the song. It was a nice song but the characters and the dialog should be the focus.

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