The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 10 “The List” Recap & Review

The List

Episode 10 of The Rookie Season 5 starts with Chen and Bradford getting ready for their date. They are both struggling to find the perfect outfit so Bradford calls Chen to check on what she is wearing. Their dinner starts off awkwardly, what happened to their cheeky chemistry?

Chen asks to take the relationship slowly and Bradford agrees. He seems to be anxious that someone from work will see them. As they discuss their new dynamic, a fight ensues in the kitchen. One of the chefs slices the owner’s hand and Chen and Bradford are forced to intervene.

The next morning, Wesley tries to talk to Lopez about having another kid. Lopez is not sure she wants to give Jack another sibling.  She tells him that her experience with four brothers was hard. Wesley tells her he had a lonely experience as an only child and asks if they can compromise and meet in the middle.

On the other hand, Chen and Bradford worry whether the police report from last night’s incident mentioned they were sitting together at the restaurant. Chen thinks they should come clean and Bradford asks if she is ready for what that means. In the end, they decide to lie but it seems no one is onto them.

Sergeant Wade and Nolan are more concerned about the relationship between Thorsen and Juarez. Sergeant Wade asks Chen and Bradford to talk to Thorsen and Juarez about how close they are and to get them to focus and avoid distractions. Bradford is not excited about having to discuss love matters with Thorsen but Chen decides to ask Nolan to talk to Juarez for her.

Nolan tries to talk to Juarez but she gets defensive about Nolan telling her who she can or can’t date. She refuses to tell him whether she is dating Thorsen and draws a line between them.  Bradford’s talk with Thorsen doesn’t go well either. Thorsen tells him it is a personal question and he has no right to ask given that Bradford was married to a cop.

He also points out that he is not in the chain of command and there is no reason for anyone to wonder about them. Bradford can’t say the same as he is on Chen’s chain of command and one of them might have to transfer to another station. He gets frustrated and ends the conversation.

Elsewhere, Harper is enjoying her day off. She and her husband, James head over to the bank to discuss options on how to save for their children’s college fund.  She spots a serial bank robber, Todd and warns James that they are about to be in the middle of a bank robbery.  She quickly trains him how to best describe the two suspects she has made to the cops and sends him outside.

James begrudgingly agrees and exits the bank. Nyla warns a bank agent to hit the silent alarm before the robbery starts. One of the bank customers decides to take it upon himself to make a citizen arrest and pulls out his weapon on the robbers. Nyla advises him against it but he wants to play the hero.

Bullets start flying and Nyla is forced to discharge her weapon as well. The “hero” and another innocent lady get shot in the process. Thorsen and Bradford are first on the scene while Nyla tries to stop the man’s bleeding. James gives the description of the suspects to the cops.

The robbers force the hostages outside and try to escape in the commotion while shooting at the cops.  The police are forced to hold fire to avoid shooting innocent civilians. The suspects flee on foot and Thorsen and Bradford chase after them.

One of the suspects gets into their runaway car and drives off.  Nolan and Juarez pick his trace up and follow him. The suspect starts shooting at them and they lose him after almost crushing into another car.  Bradford and Thorsen chase the second suspect on foot. They spot him at a residential block and the suspect starts firing at them.

He takes a woman who was getting into her car and holds her hostage. Bradford asks dispatch to try and get the woman’s phone number and make contact.  He gets the number and calls the woman. She answers it on speaker and the suspect asks the police to back off in two minutes. Bradford agrees to his request but tells Chen he has a plan. He utilizes some brilliant distraction techniques and is able to arrest the suspect and save the hostage.

Sergeant Wade and Lopez arrive on the scene and Nyla updates them on the current situation. She believes there is a third suspect who she failed to identify as Todd always works a three-man crew. As they are discussing further, Nolan, Juarez, Simone and Carter arrive at the bank scene as well.

Simone informs them that they did a quick dive into Todd and found that someone paid him half a million two days before the robbery. They suspect that he was paid to rob a bank, Nyla says that she found it odd that Todd robbed the safe deposits. Normally, his crew only steals cash and Lopez offers to start checking the list of the owners of the 17 safe deposits box that were stolen.

They discover that one of the safe boxes belonged to a known hacker on the wanted list. Nolan, Simone and Carter visit the hacker, Barnes and find him trying to run. They offer to give him protection if he tells them what was on the list. It turns out Barnes hacked the FBI and got a list of Federal Undercover Assets. He was negotiating with a buyer but things went sideways. A sniper takes him out before he can name the buyer.

This leaves a big problem on the FBI’s hands, they can’t pull the assets out and it is equally disastrous if they leave the assets undercover and their identities are exposed.

Nyla and Lopez work on identifying the third suspect and they get a call that the police found another gun at the bank. The woman who got shot was working with the robbers. They rush to the hospital before she gets out of surgery but they arrive late. The woman wakes up from surgery and calls Todd to ask about the heist. She is the only one who knows the name of the buyer so Todd has to wait for her to get out of the hospital.

The police trace the burner phones of the two remaining suspects. Bradford and Thorsen follow their instincts on the possible places the suspects can steal a new car. In the meantime, the suspect calls the buyer and asks for more money in exchange for the list.

Thorsen and Bradford get spotted by the suspects while cruising on the rooftop of a building. The suspects use their car to push the “ shop”  to the edge rooftop and leave them dangling precariously.  Bradford orders Thorsen to leave first and they both miraculously get out safely. On the other side of town, Nolan and Juarez find the suspect’s car with Todd’s brains blown out all over it.

At the end of the day, Chen and Bradford go on a second date and share a kiss.  Juarez tells Nolan that she is not dating Thorsen. Nyla and James talk about choosing a guardian for their children if something happens to them. They settle on Lopez and Wesley and drop by their house to ask them. Wesley and Lopez agree to be the godparents.

The Episode Review

It was everything we hoped it would be and more! Chenford is going strong, we got to see almost all the couples on the show and both Simone and Carter made an appearance. I won’t call this a crossover event but it was so good that it no longer matters.

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  1. Hi Barbara. Part 2 of this case continues on the Rookie Feds. Since the list is Federal Property, the case now falls under the FBI’s jurisdiction. Thank you for commenting on the site. Have a great day

  2. So we are not liking the direction Rookie is going. Season 5, Episode 10, left a lot to be answered. Where did the 3rd female robber go? She is trying to sell an FBI undercover agent list. Who is stopping her? It just leaves us with Todd being killed but are they not in pursuit of her to stop the list from changing hands?

  3. Dear “Responsible Citizen,”

    There’s literally people like this and this has happened in real life. Stfu trumpet

  4. So tired of the inaccurate portrial of concealed carry civilians being stupid and unhelpful. Writers sticking Harper’s comment in just makes it worse. Maybe a reference to any of the actually helpful instances, or even a remark about listening to the officer?
    The whole Good Guy With A Gun argument is for when PD is not on the scene. This was just insulting to anyone who has helped before.
    Do some research instead of spouting platitudes.

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