The Kardashians (Hulu): Episode 8 Recap & Review

“Never Go Against the Family” 

Family meal ft. genital steaming sessions

Episode 8 of ‘The Kardashians’ starts with Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe talking to their mom, Kris. Kourtney mentions her Ayurvedic cleanse and how she is feeling very good about it. She then explains to her sisters how she feels about genital steaming and hopes the sisters would try it too.

Khloe states that she is happy for Kourtney but also points out that some things are not for everybody. After trying hard and failing to conceive with IVF, she and Travis will try to conceive naturally.

The family states that they are happy for Kourtney but both Khloe and Kim refuse to try out the cleans with her leaving Kris as the only one to agree to try it out.

Scott, calm down

Scott visits Khloe’s new house and praises her organization skills. The father of three talks to Khloe about how happy he was to be living so close to her. Scott begins flirting with Khloe and it seems to have irked Khloe the wrong way.

Khloe mentions that despite the fact that she loves Scott, she wishes for him to get back to normal. Khloe then invites Scott over to Kris’ office to her the momager with a master class and the duo joke about the family being around each other all the time.

Next, Khloe and Kim are training together when Kim talks about Scott being a “baby” about Kourtney and Travis’ relationship. Khloe points out that this is because they baby the men in their lives which is why this happens with them.

Kim realizes what Khloe means and makes a promise to change her ways with any future relationships she will have.

The Poosh and Goop collab

The episode moves to Kourtney meeting actress Gwyneth Paltrow as she mentions that she and the actress, who were both on a similar wellness journey, would be joining together in a collaboration between their brands ‘Poosh’ and ‘Goop’.

The two discuss Kourtney’s journey on having a new baby and the two discuss Kourtney’s new relationship with Travis Barker. 

Kourtney says that she is really inspired by Paltrow and the two talk about working on a candle collaboration and plan on meeting another time with more details about the collaboration.

Mason is happy about Kravis

Meanwhile, Kim arrives at Kris’ house and they talk about Kris’ organized fridge. Kim tells her mother that Kourtney’s oldest born, Mason was now getting used to having Travis as his step-dad. Kris and Kim are ecstatic about Mason finally opening up to his mother’s new relationship.

Kim talks about how reassuring this is for her in the case of her children and her future partner/s. The producers prod Kim into talking about her beau, actor, and comedian, Pete Davidson. 

Kim gets on a call with Pete and the SKIMS mogul gets giggly as she ends the call with him. Back at Kris’ house, Kim and Kris discuss how they should not ever bad-mouth their ex-spouses/partners in front of the children they had with the said partners. 

The Kris Masterclass

Khloe and Scott visit Kris in her office and discuss the new masterclass that Kris will soon conduct. Kris mentions that she wants to communicate to the world her style of doing business and wants to answer people’s questions about how they created an empire. 

Scott and Khloe give Kris tips on she should drop one-liners that would stick with people during her class. The entire conversation ends up becoming confusing when Kris messes up one of her proverbs and the three try to figure out what the phrase about “chops” is all about. Kris kicks the two out and tries to prepare herself for the class.

Kim and Pete sitting on a tree, K I S S I N G

Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe are now at the oldest sister’s house as they all engage in a Pilates session with their trainer. Kim tells her sisters about her new magazine cover for Sports Illustrated and shares her excitement about being the first Armenian woman to be on the cover. 

Kim is working hard for the cover and mentions that she would be doing Pilates once a day and a workout as well to get in shape for the magazine. The girls then have their statement salad as they shake the box for all the fans that love to see to see the girls have their trademark meal.

Kim asks Khloe about Tristan and she mentions that they were doing great. Khloe prods Kim into talking about her new dating life and Kim finally talks openly about how she met Pete.

Kim states that after her and Pete’s on-screen SNL kiss, the mom of four felt something special about the comedian. She then adds that Pete did not hit on Kim first and it was she who got his number from the SNL Producers and hit him up for his ‘BDE’ – Big D**k Energy basically stating that she was talking to him only because she was ‘DTF’ – Down to F**k.

Kim then tells her sisters how her new relationship with Pete is very normal and that she is enjoying herself. The sisters share that they were happy for Kim and the celebrity starts singing her new boyfriend’s praises in her confessional. 

Kim then states that once she and Pete were already dating, actress Megan Fox had texted her about Pete asking her for Kim’s number months ago but mentions that the actress had refrained from giving it to him because she never thought Kim would be interested in him.

Pooshy smelling candles

Next, Kourtney and her assistant meet as they work on the candle colab with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.

Kourtney states that she wants to market her candle from ‘Poosh’ with the tagline – it smells like my Pooshy (P**sy) – similar to how Paltrow had marketed one of her best-selling candles.

Kourtney talks about being compared with Paltrow’s brand and mentions that two women can exist in the same field and still be successful.

Kris gets ready for the Masterclass

Khloe receives a call from her mother who talks about being nervous about her masterclass. Khloe, who is now Kris’ neighbor walks to her mother’s home to run her a bath. The momager walks into the bath and Khloe watches her mother relax as she sips a martini.

Khloe says it is okay for her mother to get nervous for the masterclass but promises that Kris can make it. The episode then jumps to the day of Kris’ masterclass shoot and Khloe accompanies her.

Kris records her speech to the camera when Khloe gives her mother a suggestion. She invites Khloe to speak to the camera and add her input to the class. The mother of six completes the class gracefully and the duo leave.

Kim AirTM

At the same time, Kim is on her private jet as she leaves for her Sports Illustrated shoot. Kim flaunts her jet and mentions that her jet will have custom SKIMS facilities and would be called ‘Kim Air’ as she records a tour of the plane.

Kim chats with Pete on a video call and is all giggly as the flight attendant informs that the comedian had sent her a special surprise – that is not revealed but Kim says those are her favourite.

The Episode Review

The episode again was one of the low-key chapters from the show with little to no drama. Kim has finally revealed her new relationship with Pete and it seems like Kourtney is working on setting up her own empire as she tries to better her brand – Poosh that is named after her daughter, Penelope’s nickname.

Kourtney is still struggling to get pregnant which is sad to see as she deserves the world after what she has been through with Scott. Scott on the other hand needs to chill out with the sexual references he has going on with Khloe.

It was one thing if she was okay with it but the Good American mogul is clearly not happy with his comments and it is pretty awkward to see him try and flirt with Khloe, who is already dating someone else.

Khloe and Tristan are on again for the third time, after two of the many cheating scandals when he was with her. Khloe is giving him a shot but the audience anticipates what is to come very soon – possibly in the very next episode – when a new cheating scandal from Tristan is exposed and he is revealed to be the father of another woman’s child.

Finally, Kris is sharing her business tips in a masterclass which seems like she is giving fans in on what the Kardashian-Jenner clan did to get this rich, famous and successful but it seems like their recipe to success is pretty simple – have big connections and be willing to do about anything and everything to get to the top.

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