The Kardashians Season 1 Review – An edited retelling of the true stories we all see on Twitter

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Reality shows based on the lives of another family are often a hit because of the nosy component of invading other’s privacy. But, a lot goes into the making of a reality show and that is proof of the fact how the Kardashian family came to be one of the most hated – but still, the most sought-after – family in the world.

I have always been an avid watcher of trash reality content because it is something that really does not require one to pay full attention to. So I started my journey with The Kardashian family and their antics back in 2015 when their long-running show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ aired a good number of its seasons.

The show may have come to an end now but it has subsequently given rise to the Kardashian empire. I won’t call it their humble beginnings but watching all 20 million seasons of the E Network reality tv show – and now the first season of the Hulu original – one comes to realize that even if people hate them, somewhere, we all wish we had the lives they are living.

The new show with most of the family members is a 10-episode Hulu original which walks fans through what the family have been doing over the last few years and what they have going on at present.

We learn that Kris is still the manager trying to micromanage the lives of her kids. The middle child Kardashian, Kim however, is finally resolving her separation from Kanye and both celebrities are moving on with their lives. Kim for sure, Kanye not so much. She is still pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer while she finds “true love” in Pete Davidson.

Kourtney on the other hand is seemingly happy for the first time in years after being engaged – and now married – to Travis Barker. The couple are obsessed with one another and to an extent, a little too much at times.

Scott Disick, Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend, and baby-daddy is pretty much obsessively involved with the family and hangs out with them still, considering he does not have one of his own. His actions, however innocent, seem manipulative but that is a discussion for later. Kourtney’s kids are finally accepting her relationship with Travis and everything is fun for her other than Scott’s narcissism.

Khloe has the most tragic life, one may wonder but it is actually far from the truth. I do have sympathy for what she is going through but as a viewer, I strongly believe that her past actions have come to bite her now. Back when Tristan, her NBA Basketball player ex-boyfriend, and baby-daddy cheated on her for the first time, and the second time (that we know of), the mom of one (or two now) took him back.

On ‘The Kardashians’, Khloe stated how she was sure Tristan had changed and after all the 30,000 chances she gave him, he had finally changed for good… only for him to cheat on her, publicly. It seems like Khloe does not know her worth and that is how Tristan treats her – like she is worthless.

Shocker! Tristan cheated on Khloe AGAIN. And to no one’s surprise, he has another illegitimate child who was born when she was planning to have a second child with him. Present-day fans know that the ex-couple is now expecting their second child via surrogate, but it is not the best decision from Khloe in years. This beats her staying with Lamar Odom when he cheated on her and was found unconscious in a brothel back in the day.

The show has Rob Kardashian MIA for the entirety of it so much so that the family members do not even make a mention of him.It seems like when the family brings him up, they are bound to discuss Chyna and that is one road the Kardashians do not wish to go down.

The youngest of the two KarJenners are the Jenners where Kendall is still taking over the world with her modeling career as she has a fulfilling “child-less” life by choice. It is great seeing Kendall put her mother in her place after she basically claimed ownership of Kendall’s body, asking to have her eggs frozen.

Kylie on the other hand has welcomed Baby No. 2, but by the end of the season is also missing in action. The show actually should not be called reality television as it is far from it.

In one of the episodes, Kourtney discusses how she saw the final edits of her engagement episode and did not like how the producers were ruining her happy day with the “Scott will be upset” angle. The show is absolutely what fans are calling it – Trash TV content only being served to fans via a new medium – an OTT platform.

The show seems to be cleverly edited to pose The Kardashians in the best light and I am not sure how the second season will go. Will the makers address the Travis Scott Astroworld Tragedy or will the Momager ask the makers to “skip” the brutal event?

Do fans get to know what happened with Tristan and how Khloe came to have a second child with him after all that he has done? Are Kim and Pete going to be Kourtney and Travis 2.0? All that is something Season 2 of ‘The Kardashians’ can only tell.

To be honest, if one wants to watch the true, unedited, unbiased reality of the Kardashians, I think sticking to Twitter is best. At least one will get some memes out of the process!

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  • Verdict - 5/10

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