The Kardashians (Hulu): Episode 9 Recap & Review

“Bucket List Goals”

Kim’s love for Dibs and Pete

Episode 9 of The Kardashians starts with Kim on her private flight as she departs for her Sports Illustrated shoot and the attendant hands her a special surprise from Pete. The surprise is a box of Dibs candy that Kim really loves.

Kim then talks about Pete and her new relationship and narrates how she gave him four months of her time and now she was obsessed with him. 

The producer asks Kim if she was in love with Pete and Kim politely states that it was not their business to know that information. On the flight, Kim talks to her friend about Pete’s sweet gesture and jokes that he was being a d**k because she just had a magazine shoot. 

Kourtney is Pooshing her boundaries

At Kourtney’s house, Kourtney is having lunch with her friend and Kim’s former assistant, Steph Shepherd. The two talk about Kourtney eating quail eggs because she was trying to get pregnant.

Steph asks Kourtney about how filming the new show for Hulu is going for her and Travis and Kourtney mentions how annoyed she is about her new relationship being dragged into Scott’s issues. 

She mentions how her engagement episode made her feel like the producers of the show want to make it seem like she has the most drama. Kourtney mentions that she is now in the best place in her life and wishes that the show would catch up on it and leave her alone. 

Kourtney also mentions how she wishes the show to take her new non-toxic relationship with Travis as a victory for women and empower her rather than bring her down by dragging on her toxic ex, Scott’s narrative for so long.

Two birds with one stone 

Kim arrives in the Dominican Republic for her Sports Illustrated shoot as well as her SKIMS Swim campaign. The mom of four tries on the swimsuits for her new line and her entourage claim that she looked good in all the outfits.

Kim mentions she is very tired and not in the best shape as she tries to put herself to sleep for her shoot the following day. 

People deserve (how) many chances?

Back at home, Kris and Khloe get together for lunch and Kris tries to pronounce the name of the dish – Cacio e Pepe – but ends up calling it Coochie de poopoo. Way to go, Kris. The mom and daughter discuss Khloe’s jean line, Good American, and its new campaign with women of all shapes and sizes. 

Khloe asks her mother about her relationship with Corey Gamble and Kris mentions it is going very smoothly as he always takes care of her and is protective. She then asks her mother if she was secretly married to Corey and Kris vehemently denies it. 

Kris mentions that Tristan always talks to her about getting married to Khloe and the mother of one also states that the Cleveland Cavaliers player had been talking about it with her too.

She also says how Tristan talks about wanting to regain her trust and Khloe says that is excited to move on to a new chapter in her life and get out of the toxic place she was in because she thinks people deserve multiple chances in life. 

Khloe thinks it takes patience for someone to regain trust and that some people are just not patient. In her confessional, Khloe mentions that marrying Tristan is her end goal but at present, there was more work to be done with their relationship.

Real Kourt and Fake Kourt

At Kourtney’s house, she meets with Benny Drama, a comedian who is famous for making spoofs on her and the rest of the family. She is collaborating with him for her brand – Poosh’s yearly wellness festival. 

She asks Benny to take over her house and make a spoof video as he mimics being Kourtney. The two discuss their plans for the video and joke about what she would like Benny to do, dressed up as her. 

All-inclusive Good American

Following that, Khloe is at her Good American meeting where she is meeting up with the girls on the new campaign. She mentions how the brand is very dear to her as it promotes body positivity and is all-inclusive.

Khloe then talks to her manager about the upcoming campaign and its auditions for models from all size ranges. 

Ice cream makes Kim horny (and sick…)

In the Dominican Republic, Kim is working on her SKIMS Swimwear shoot. After the shoot, Kim treats herself to ice cream and some Dibs candy. For the first time, Kim states that she is not worrying about the haters and jokes about what they would say as she eats the candy. 

The table then discusses Pete and how he is a romantic and Kim states how a suggestion from Pete for getting ice cream gets her horny. Kim states how she wishes for a drama-free life and that she would never get it considering the life she is living right now but she mentions that she is trying her best to keep her personal life “tabloid-free”. 

Work, work, work

In Beverly Hills, Kourtney and Benny Drama shoot for the Pooch campaign while Khloe is at a photo shoot for Good American. At the same time, Khloe is also shortlisting the people for her Good American campaign as she mentions how having diverse women with her brand is her goal. She finally shortlists her picks from among the many girls and calls it a day. 

At Kourtney’s house, the comedian is filming his sketches for the skit and talks about how being inside her house and mimicking her feels surreal after he spent years doing it otherwise. Kourtney nails her parts for the shoot and jokes that she will always be the funny one. 

Is Kendall ready for a baby?

The episode then moves on to Kendall for the first time since episode 7, who is driving around with Khloe as they talk about Kylie getting ready to deliver her second child. On the phone, Kylie talks about how she’s setting up the nursery. 

Kylie mentions that she deleted all social media from her phone and the sisters congratulate her. The two hang up on Kylie with the promise of bringing her something and Khloe mentions how she is a second mother to Kylie and that seeing her have kids of her own is refreshing. 

Khloe jokes about Kendall being the worst driver and Kendall shows off her parallel parking skills to prove her sister wrong. Kendall and Khloe are at a baby shop as they try to get something for Kylie. Khloe hands Kendall a doll and asks her to take care of the “baby” and Kendall nails it. 

She talks about how excited she is to be an aunt again. The runway model states how being at a baby store makes her feel like the day for her to have a child is coming soon.

How many dolls is too many dolls?

At the store, Khloe finds Kris’ favorite dolls and calls her mother up who asks Khloe to get six of them for all of Kris’ six granddaughters so Kendall and Khloe leave the store with bags full of dolls. 

Kim is now sick but is still getting ready for her new magazine shoot when Khloe calls her motivates Kim for her shoot as Kim coughs throughout the FaceTime call. She still pushes through and dives into the stream of water delivering a perfect shoot as the team praises her for her hard work. 

Then, Kim states how she feels this year is about her and it is necessary for her to work for her dreams to have them come true as she ends the shoot with a bang.

Welcome to the Good Squad!

In Los Angeles, Khloe is on a surprise video chat with the final girls who made it to the Good Squad – the group of girls for the Good American campaign. 

She talks to the models and informs them about making it to the campaign as the models get excited. As the episode is on its last leg, it moves to the day when all the girls make it to the Good American shoot as Khloe pays them a visit. Khloe takes a photo with her models and states that she is finally in a good place right now. 

Tristan cheated? AGAIN?

The next day, at 6:30 am, the producers immediately join Kim at the gym in her house when she is on a call with Kris. At the same time, Kylie calls and asks Kim about the authenticity of the news of Tristan cheating on Khloe, another time. 

Kim talks to Kylie and Kourtney on a group call as she reads out Tristan’s complete statement. The statement is in the present time and talks about an event that took place back in 2021 where Tristan had cheated on Khloe with another woman who had fallen pregnant. 

The sisters talk about how this is a never-ending betrayal for Khloe and how Tristan is the worst person on the planet to do this to her. Kim says that Khloe wanted a baby boy and for Tristan to father a boy with his cheating scandal ruins Khloe’s life altogether. Kylie states that Khloe does not deserve this and this has to be the final sign. 

Kourtney says that she did not know that Khloe was already aware of the cheating and Kim mentions that they do not know if Khloe had heard about this because she is not responding to any of her calls. 

At that time, Khloe calls Kim and the older sister asks Khloe to see what she has just sent her. Khloe asks, “What the f**k is this” and the episode comes to an end with a ‘To Be Continued…’ message.

The Episode Review

What a roller coaster ride of an episode, where we first went from Kris discussing Khloe’s plans of getting married in the future but only for the episode to end on a note where Tristan is caught up in a cheating scandal, again, for the nth time. So much so that the audience has lost count by this point!

It never goes smoothly for all the sisters, which is evident just as they were all feeling happy about their lives, Khloe ends up facing another tragedy. It seems like her life is always thrown in a tailspin because of the men she is with. First it was Lamar Odom and now it is Tristan; Khloe just can’t seem to catch a break. 

Kim, on the other hand, is finally in a very happy place and that shows by the way she talks about not caring about any of the trolls that bully her. This shows how Pete really is a good influence on her and tries to empower her rather than bring her down. Way to go, Kimmy!

It is also nice to see Kim worrying about her sisters and their relationships as she discusses Mason’s take on Travis and Kourtney and well as becomes the first person to break Tristan’s cheating scandal to Khloe. 

Kourtney is finally voicing her concerns about how she is being portrayed on the show and it is amazing to see her growth. She is not lying when she says she is the funniest in the family because we all remember the “My boot, not my foot” and “I’m gonna tell you what your issue is” from older Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episodes. 

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