The Kardashians (Hulu): Episode 7 Recap & Review

“Where I’ve Been And Where I Wanna Go”

The last episode was focused on Scott and his issues with suddenly feeling exiled from the Kardashian family while Kendall and Kris were stuck in the middle and Kourtney was too happy to be bothered.

Kim, on the other hand, was very happy about finally showing the world she is much more than just a celebrity as she cleared the baby bar exam.

Kim Kardashian takes over her own styling

Episode 7 of The Kardashians starts with Kim who is finally trying to take over her own styling after her split from Kanye, who used to manage her outfits and her style. Kris Jenner first visits Kim and Kendall on set as they are the first two sisters to shoot for the promos of the show.

Kim talks about her love for the brand Balenciaga. Kim states how it was Kanye that introduced her to the brand and even before getting a campaign from them, she was already publicly promoting the brand by wearing their outfits all the time.

Kim also told her Momager that she wanted to handle the entire campaign, including the contracts all by herself since she would be doing them eventually for others. Kim suggests that she consider her Balenciaga collaboration a test run for herself as she would soon be handling contracts for other people.

Kendall talks about how the shoot for Kim being at her own house would be easy and Kim mentions that her mom, Kris will still get 10% out of the deal which agrees with Kris.

Grocery shopping, pushing carts, and tiny achievements

Next Kris is on a car ride with Kylie. A pregnant Kylie asks to be able to do normal things with her mother. Kylie complains how she had never been able to do things like grocery shopping with her mother before and being pregnant makes her realize she is missing out on hanging out with her own mother.

Kris states that she would like to be a mom to her kids while also being their manager. She states that this moment with Kylie is special for her because she is usually caught up in the role of being the Kylie Cosmetics mogul’s manager and not her mother as Kris would like.

The two go grocery shopping as they decide who gets to push the cart. Kylie stocks up on supplies and essentials during her shopping trip and once they are ready to check out, Kris is ecstatic about being able to pay using her card.

Kris and Kylie exit the local shop and insist on pushing their cart out themselves while Kris teaches Kylie some basic etiquette on how shopping carts are supposed to be put back in their ideal spot. The duo decide to get a car wash as they are on their way back home.

The Ayurvedic cleanse to having a baby at 40

The episode then moves on to Kourtney and Travis as the newly engaged couple are trying their best to get pregnant and are doing so, shockingly, by not having any sex. Kourtney mentions that she and Travis were trying out a new Ayurvedic ritual.

This ritual involves a complete cleansing of the body which would increase the quality of her eggs. Kourtney warns Travis about her upcoming mood swings as she is taking Oestrogen to improve the quality of her eggs.

Travis romantically states that he would rather have a hard day with a moody Kourtney than be away from her. The two are interrupted by Ayurvedic expert Martha, who talks to the couple about their cleansing journey.

Once Travis takes the leave for a moment, the expert talks to Kourtney about her health issues and makes a note of everything. Kourtney states that the two were on a seven-day cleanse and appreciates the fact that Travis was doing this cleanse with her because they were in this together and were making a baby together.

A therapeutic car-wash ft. Kris and Kylie Jenner

The episode goes back to Kylie and Kris who are extremely excited about getting a car wash. Kris tries to fill Kylie’s car with gas without informing her that she should first turn the car off but the two eventually figure it out.

Kris jokes how thankfully, they did not blow up. Kris struggles to put the fuel nozzle back in its place as Kylie awkwardly watches her mother fumble but the two get through it and finally get to the car wash.

Kylie realizes that they are in a drive-thru wash but she and Kris are not able to contain their excitement as they compare the mundane chore to a trip to Disneyland.

Kris mentions that they need to bring the kids here and Kylie states that the car wash was a tourist attraction. Kris talks about how she was extremely happy to have Kylie all to herself for a while because she always enjoys being around her kids.

The warehouse wardrobe

Next, the episode moves back to Kim who talks about how she is trying to figure out what her style is and how she is working on making it better now that Kanye and his team are out of the picture.

She visits her warehouse wardrobe, a place where she stores all her outfits, and mentions that she has 30,000 pieces at least. Kim worries about how she can be able to find her own style now with Kanye and his team out of the picture.

Kim mentions how she usually relied on Kanye for everything, given the rapper’s insane knowledge about fashion. Kim talks about the status of her relationship with Kanye and mentions how she is now ready to move on.

The mother of four talks states that she forgot about her desires, decisions, and opinions because she relied on someone else for so long. Kim and her entourage discuss Kim’s memory and how she just remembers all her outfits and looks to a tee.

Kim states that she knows what looks good on her and exactly what she likes which is why now, she thinks she should drown others’ opinions and listen to herself.

Body massages and genital steaming

The episode then moves on to Kourtney who is on her cleansing appointment at the Ayurvedic Centre where she and Travis will spend four hours undergoing the treatment.

Both Travis and Kourtney get massages and treatments including oiling Travis’ head and steaming Kourtney’s genitals.

Balenciaga beauty

Moving forward, Kim is getting ready for her Balenciaga shoot in her house. Because Kim is now taking over her own styling, she compliments the brand for letting her use her own hair and makeup team for the shoot.

She thanks the brand for letting her be herself and for trusting her choices which is empowering for her. Kris drops by Kim’s house and talks to her about the fashion magazine, Vogue.

She states that Vogue was working on a cover with the older Jenner sibling, Kendall. She states that the producers felt that Kim would suit the cover better and were hoping to get the SKIMS owner on board for the cover shoot instead of the model sister.

Kim can’t hold in her excitement and jokes about how Kris is now split between two of her daughters.

“Are you sure it’s your life?”

To add to the drama, Kendall shows up at Kris’ house and the Momager has to deliver the bad news to the model. A worried Kris tries to break the news to Kendall but the daughter tells Kris that her agent already informed her.

Kendall states how she is okay with the news because she thinks it went to the right person. Even though she thinks it would have been a great opportunity for her, she would love to give it over to her older sister.

Kris shocks Kendall next by blatantly asking her to have a baby which makes the model choke on her drink. Kendall states that she is happy with the way her life is going.

Kris delivers the most shocking line of the episode when she asks Kendall, “Are you sure it’s your life?” Kendall states that she has a lot left to figure out on her own and it would be hard to welcome a child into her life when she was enjoying it herself.

Kris delivers the most questionable logic next when she says that since she brought Kendall into the world, she owns the eggs that Kendall carries in her body. Kris hopes for Kendall to freeze her eggs and the daughter states how the entire conversation is uncomfortable for her.

A stocked-up pantry ft. Khloe Kardashian

For the first time in this episode, Khloe appears in her new house with her daughter, True where they will be moving in with True’s father, Tristan. Khloe brags about her stocked-up pantry and Kris and Corey laud her organization skills.

Kris states that she loves the fact that Khloe’s house is right next door to hers and the cohort rejoices as they count their blessings.

Kim Kardashian styled by Kim Kardashian 

Next in the episode, Kim is going through her outfits for her Vogue America shoot and she states how she has come a long way over the years.

Kim states that she feels empowered this time around as she is taking over her own style and is happy about how the shoot was going.

Kim then gets on a call with Anna Wintour, the editor of American Vogue, and mentions how she loves and respects Anna’s opinions and confidence.

A family dinner sans Kylie

Following that, sister Khloe and Kendall visit Kim’s house and they discuss Kim’s Vogue photoshoot. Kris, Kourtney, Travis, and Corey show up next and the family discusses Kourtney and Travis’ extreme cleansing ritual.

Kris then shows Kim a text message that has the KKW Beauty owner talking about her estranged husband, Kanye’s new rap song about Kim.

Kim mentions that Kanye is talking badly about her in the new song and Khloe states that most men do not trash the mother of their children publicly like Kanye was doing.

Kris hints that the things that Kanye is doing and saying now will eventually catch on to him when his kids are older and are able to comprehend what he is doing.

Kim mentions that she cannot control someone’s actions and would like to focus on her reactions to things.

Kim then mentions the impact her relationship with Kanye has had on her family and states how she never had the opportunity to apologize for what they went through when she was with the rapper.

The family then has dinner together joined by North as they raise a toast to their family. With Kim, North, Kendall, Kris, and Corey taking their leave from the table, Khloe, Kourtney, and Travis end up discussing Scott.

Kourtney mentions how Scott brought up the chaotic issue of himself being dis-included from her family events. Kourtney mentions that she told Scott she would discuss the matter with him at a better time and try to find a way to navigate through their new dynamic. 

The Episode Review

The episode seems to have been one of the slower ones in the history of the life of the Kardashians as it had little to no drama.

From Kendall being okay about her sister Kim being asked to replace her for the Vogue shoot or Kim finding out that her estranged husband, Kanye, was publicly dissing her or even Kourtney’s confusing sex life, all the events in this episode were pretty non-dramatic.

The Jenner sisters took the cake this episode with Kylie, a mother of two who was finally having her first-ever trip to the grocery store. This goes to prove how the rich and the poor live in two very different worlds where normal and mundane chores excite the rich so much that they find a trip to the car wash as good as a picnic.

Kendall on the other hand seems very satisfied with her life and is content with not having a child. Kris on the other hand was heavily criticized online for stating that just because she brought Kendall into the world, she had ownership over her life.

Kim seems to be focusing only on herself through this season of the Hulu original which is great for her and it seems like the real-life drama that took place a few months ago is finally catching up to Kim on the show.

It will be interesting to see how the family reacts to Kanye’s very public outbursts and if Kim’s current beau, Pete Davidson aka Skete will ever make an appearance on what’s left of the series.

Khloe seems to be living in a bubble at present as she discusses what living with her serial-cheater baby daddy, Tristan but many fans are not exactly happy with how lightly the Good American owner has been taking his multiple cheating scandals over the years.

Kourtney is living in her own universe and no one blames her but it seems that it would be best for her to keep discussions about her foot fetish or consumption of Travis’ bodily fluids to herself and not share it with the rest of the world.

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