The Kardashians (Hulu) – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Live from New York

The third episode of The Kardashians Season 1 takes us through Kim’s stint on the SNL show. Kim is working for the show and Khloe and Kris help her with the skit. Kris talks to Kim about Travis proposing to Kourtney and asks how Kim it kept a secret despite knowing about it before. Kris mentions how Travis went to Rob’s (Kourtney’s father) grave and asked for her hand in marriage before showing up at Kris’ house.

Kim is emotional about the news and jokes about how surprising it is that she hadn’t gotten married before. The group is at the pre-show party raising a toast to Kim who is surprisingly missing throughout the party. Scott is at the party and shares how he did not do a skit with Kim because Kourtney decided not to do one with him.

Khloe makes a toast to an absentee Kim while Kim was busy filming for the show till 3 am that night. The next morning Kris is dragging Khloe to her old apartment where used to live as a teenager. Khloe is tired of Kris’ constant need to live in the past instead of enjoying the present. Kim’s secretary says that Kim asked Kris and Khloe to come to her room which has the mother worried.

Kanye is in the room and claims that he went to LA from New York to get something for Kim. Kim breaks into tears as she tells her mother, sister and family that Kanye flew in the night before to bring her the tapes that he took from Ray J. Kanye allegedly made a deal with Kim’s ex and took back whatever was left of the sex tape that Ray was blackmailing her with.

Kim is grateful to Kanye for shielding and protecting her as well as their kids. The family raises a toast to Kanye and Kim states that the tapes did not have any sexual footage that keeps her mind off things. The family gathers in a circle for prayers and Kim leaves for her SNL appearance. Kris takes Khloe along to the apartment tour and they are being mobbed by the paparazzi.

Khloe finds her makeup team and abandons Kris and Corey who make a trip around NYC. She recalls how her life changed now after 45 years and the city feels a lot different to her. The couple ends up getting lost but Kris somehow finds the apartment she used to live in. An hour before the show, Kim is running her lines down with the producers and her team.

She says that she plans on making jokes at the expense of her family and hopes that they can forgive her. Kim apologises to Corey for calling him a gold digger but Kris’ boyfriend promises that he does not mind the comment and has a good sense of humour. Kim faces the show head-on and shoots throughout the episode and all the skits without any hiccups.

The shoot ends with a bang and Kim thanks her friends and family for their sportsman spirit. After the show, Kim treats the SNL team as well as her family to dinner. Kim is socialising at the event and is a total social butterfly. Comedian Chris Rock and Amy Schumer take the time to compliment Kim for hosting an amazing show.

The episode then moves on to Khloe’s appearance on The Ellen Show. Since Ellen Degeneres is a family friend, Khloe discusses Kourtney’s proposal with the comedian and talk show host. Ellen mentions Scott and wonders how he must be feeling because Kourtney did not want to get married when it was him but suddenly sees herself marrying Travis.

Khloe’s appearance at the show ends on a great note. With three days left for the day when Travis proposes to Kourtney, Kris shares that they have a minor hiccup. She tells Khloe that Kourtney will be having an egg retrieval with her OB-GYN on the same day as her and Travis’ anniversary. Khloe helps with a smart solution and suggests that they should let the proposal take place in Calabasas instead of the family going to Santa Barbara and wearing Kourtney out.

Kris calls Travis and Khloe gives her suggestion to him which he seems to be agreeing with. Kris and Corey are at the house and Travis calls Kris. He lets her know that the egg retrieval is postponed and states that the proposal will be taking place in Santa Barbara on the day they planned. Travis sends his proposal message to Kris for input and Kris gets emotional reading it out with Corey supporting her.

Corey is confused about how a simple message like this is getting Kris so emotional but he still helps her recover. Kris tells Khloe that the plan is still on for Sunday and that the proposal is still on. A pregnant Kylie and Kendall drive together to Santa Barbara with Kylie having her pregnancy cravings. The sisters get burgers from In-N-Out while Kim, Kris and Corey drive together.

The Jenner sisters talk about how Travis balances Kourtney out and Kylie is thankful for Travis making her family a part of the proposal. They discuss Scott and his erratic behaviour but Kylie thinks that Kourtney deserves to live her life even if it means hurting Scott’s one-sided emotions in the process.

Kris is worried that they will run into Travis and Kourtney on the freeway but as it turns out, Kylie’s car is closer to that of the couple. They are worried about running into Kourtney before the proposal and ruining the plan altogether.

The Episode Review

This episode felt a little better from the last and Travis Barker’s cuteness is to thank for it all. Knowing what we know now, watching Kanye bring the tapes to Kim seems so unserious because Ray J confirmed that there was nothing in the hard drive. It is just funny how the family is trying to manipulate the narrative showing Kim as the victim all these years after everyone involved made money out of the sex tape.

It is understandable that Kim wants to protect her children from seeing her in one of the worst positions they can see her in and I totally sympathise with her. However, with that being said, the family needs to realise that fans are only flocking to them for reality and if they do not deliver the reality, will fans continue to watch the show?

The proposal is something I am looking forward to and Kylie is really funny, I wish she appeared more on this show because her quirky jokes are to die for. Kim making it to SNL was really great for her and I’d love to see more of her parodying with her family as they stop taking their lives so seriously. Khloe is the most changed over the years and I really miss her “I don’t give a damn” attitude.

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