The Kardashians (Hulu) – Episode 4 Recap & Review

We’re Celebrating Sex

Episode 4 of The Kardashians Season 1 starts with the family getting to Santa Barbara for Kourtney and Travis’ proposal. Kim, Kris and Corey are driving together while Kylie and Kendall are driving in a different car.

Kris mentions that family and friends of Kourtney were here to celebrate sex because Travis was proposing to Kourtney on the anniversary of the day when they first hooked up. Kim asks if Kourtney’s kids, Mason, Penelope and Reign were going to make it to the proposal. Kris mentions that it was difficult to get the kids along because they were much younger than Travis’.

The family gathers at the hotel room near the beach where Travis is soon going to propose to Kourtney. Before the couple makes it, the family and friends are talking about how it all went down between Travis and Kourtney.

Kim talks about how Scott is going to lose his mind with this change and Kris mentions that Scott should know it is going to be awkward because Kourtney was trying to have a baby with Travis. Kim jokes that marriages come and go but if you have a baby with someone, it means they are here to stay.

Tristan and Khloe arrive together and the mom of one claims that she is in a really good place with the NBA player. She claims that Tristan has been making a lot of effort into his relationship with her and claims that she loves seeing True have a stable family.

Kendall and Kylie arrive and Travis’ children all make it to the location before the Kravis couple. The engagement takes place at a distance with just Travis and Kourtney together. Kris is making small talk with Travis’ children and Kim as well as the other KarJenner sisters state that Kourtney’s children should have been there too.

Kris says that lying to Scott in order to get the kids there would have made it worse for everyone in the process. Khloe worries that she will be the target of Scott’s anger after he learns about the proposal. Kris gets alerts in the form of texts from Travis’ staff while the camera crew films Travis proposing to Kourtney at the beach with roses all around them.

Kourtney tells the producers how she had never even dreamt of getting married until Travis came along. The family starts reacting to the dreamy photos sent to them in real time and soon gathers around to welcome the newly-engaged couple.

As the Kravis couple arrive, the family and friends welcome them with huge congrats. The entire group sits for dinner as Kris praises Travis claiming that he is not only a good person but an excellent father. Kourtney wants to be the first person to tell her kids and moves aside to talk to Penelope.

Penelope starts crying on the call which has Kourtney and Kim upset. Khloe joins Kim and Kourtney while the oldest of the three claims that Kris excluding her kids from the proposal party wasn’t one of her best decisions.

Mason is not answering Kourtney’s call which has her further upset while Khloe claims that Scott probably knows about it already. Kendall joins them and they discuss Scott. Khloe mentions that Scott feels like he will be kicked out of the family now that Travis will be replacing him.

Kylie joins the sisters and Khloe claims that the narrative that is on Scott’s mind has penetrated into Mason and Penelope’s minds who think that their father will be out of the picture soon. Kourtney claims that Scott’s mindset needs to change.

Kendall asks Kourtney if she had any sympathy for Scott and the mother of three claims that she does. Kendall claims that as an outsider, she does not seem sympathetic towards him. Kim states that Scott has had many years to get over Kourtney.

Kim is upset with the sisters and states that they can discuss Scott some other time but now it was important for Kourtney to enjoy her night. Kourtney is getting her makeup done for the dinner and tells Simon Huck, her family friend, that she will have a small wedding which will be just her and Travis.

Kris raises an emotional toast to Kourtney and Travis while his son, Landon’s toast has the party cheerful again. The couple starts making out at the table and Kris mentions that she would love for them to have a happy life but jokes that they should get a room.

The episode moves to Kim and Khloe taking a walk when they start discussing their respective partners. Khloe wants to take a day at a time with Tristan and is only growing to trust him back because of the way he is working on himself. The two then talk about Kanye and Kim mentions how the rapper was hurt during her SNL skit.

Kim claims that Kanye walked out mid-skit because of her jokes about him. She claims that there have been times when she stood by him despite his erratic behaviour and expected him to do so too. Khloe points out that he was acting so because Kanye is used to getting what he wants.

Kim mentions that she does not have any energy on Kanye because her focus was the baby bar. Next, Khloe then visits Scott at his house and chats with him about the proposal. Scott jokes that since Kourtney is now engaged to Travis, he could try his luck with Khloe or Kim.

Scott mentions that he was getting over Kourtney which is why the proposal did not come as a big shock for him. He claims that he could never be what she wanted from him and he salutes Travis for taking the load off his chest.

Khloe tells the producers that this was Scott’s way of acting out and he is trying to paint Kourtney as the psycho when he had been in the wrong for so many years. Khloe hopes that Scott does not try to villainize the mother of his children in front of the three kids only because he could not get her.

She asks Scott how the kids reacted and he claims that they were upset that they were not at the engagement but Travis’ children were. Scott wonders if Kourtney will invite her kids to the wedding and he jokes if he could come too.

Scott thinks that if Kourtney wanted the kids there, she could have them drive by immediately when she thought they were missing out because Santa Barbara is not as far from Calabasas. He also adds that he does not mind Travis being involved but hopes that he and the kids are not eliminated from the family dynamic.

Khloe mentions that Scott and Kourtney need to discuss this between the two of them and find out what their family dynamic should look like. Khloe is driving back home when she calls Kourtney to let her know about her discussion with Scott. She asks Kourtney to talk to him and figure out how things will go moving forward for their family.

Travis and Kourtney take his tour bus to her egg retrieval session in order to help her conceive. She claims that she loves being a mom and also wants a child with Travis because of how good he is with his own kids and her three children.

The doctor checks for follicles in Kourtney’s ovaries and states that he is hopeful about her being able to conceive soon. The doctor asks Travis to give them his sperm sample and Kourtney asks to be there when he takes the sample making for an awkward interaction between the couple and the hospital staff.

The Episode Review

Kim talking about marriages coming and going was really one of the funniest moments from this episode and her laugh was a bit chaotic but it shows how the girls are very quirky but have changed so much of how they portray themselves because of the hate they get. Her statement is ironic because of the way Scott is being treated by Kourtney now she is being dismissive of him rather than talking to him and straightening things out.

Travis proposing to her was really the best thing to happen to her after what Scott put Kourtney through over the years. Watching him play the victim is so troubling because the man is making a joke out of himself. The family having to worry about Scott’s reaction is the biggest red flag to prove why that man-child needs therapy.

The family always say the best things about a person one of the sisters is dating when the relationship is new but that all comes down to bite them when they have to start bad-mouthing the men after the women have split with them. This could be authentically how they feel in reality but this sets the sisters up for failure because fans are always going to pull out clips and drag them. I think it is better for them to not say good things about the men and leave their actions to show how great they really are.

This episode paints Kendall as a bad sister for bringing Kourtney down when she is having one of the most important days of her life. From what we see, Scott is the one with so much baggage and it would have been bad for Kourtney to deal with that and not the other way around. Him thanking Travis for marrying Kourtney in his stead is the pettiest thing he can ever do.

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