The Kardashians (Hulu) – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Did Somebody Tape That?

Episode 2 of The Kardashians Season 1 starts with Kim being worried about her ex, Ray J’s manager threatening to release more clips from her sex tape from 20 years ago. She is on a call with her lawyer when she threatens to burn them all to the ground and Kris mentions how this could be really bad for the family. The two sisters and the momager leave Kim alone.

Kourtney and Travis Barker are house-hunting as she mentions how they are currently living in their separate houses. They end up enjoying the house a little too much as they start making out in the backyard. Khloe is with her best friend Malika at Kylie’s house as she discusses the new sex-tape issue around Kim.

They talk about how Kim was going to get through this SNL show despite the hurdles thrown her way. Khloe tells Malika how she is worried about the aftermath of her own public appearance. She gets emotional about being hounded by the paparazzi and shares how she is the most trolled family member. Malika reassures her that things will get better for her and comforts her.

Kim is in New York and is getting ready for her SNL week. She is still worried about the sex tape when Kris tells her to focus on her comedy show appearance instead. Kim mentions that she is meeting comedian and actress Amy Schumer to get input on her comedy set and her manager asks about Kanye arriving in New York to support her. Kim reiterates that they are not back together and that she has set a good amount of boundaries with him.

Khloe on the other hand is with Malika on her way to shoot The Late Late Show with James Corden as she recalls her last ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts’ segment on the show. Despite having fun memories, Khloe mentions how the entire ordeal makes her anxious. Malika tells her that she should tell people to back off and helps Khloe to regain a sense of her confidence back.

Khloe mentions that Malika and Tristan have similar responses to issues like this and that is why she is drawn to both of them so much. Kim makes it to Amy Schumer’s house but what worries her more is the baby bar exam that she is due to hopefully pass soon. The comedian and actress help Kim with her jokes and give her a lot of constructive criticism.

Kim is a little sceptical about her jokes but Amy helps boost her confidence with her input. Khloe makes it to the talk show and Kris shows up to cheer her on. Kris tells her that this will be the first show with a full in-person audience after the pandemic and Khloe is worried. The mom of six says that she personally knows how Khloe gets with her anxiety but mentions that people in their line of work need to grow a thick skin to get past the chaos.

The host, James Corden greets Khloe and Kris in the room and helps her boost her confidence about being hated and trolled. James tells her that the hate from trolls only has power over her if Khloe lets them. Khloe is motivated after the pep talk and finishes the show in full power. She feels a lot more confident after and thanks Malika and James for their words of wisdom.

Kris visits Kourtney and the mother of three tells her mother about her IVF journey. Kourtney shares how the treatment is not working for her but it is getting more and more difficult for her and Travis to conceive. She tells Kris that the medications are not working for her and put her into depression. Kourtney mentions that she and Travis are really looking forward to having a baby because they want to do something like this with each other.

Kris reassures her saying that a lot can happen in a year and hints at the possibility of her being pregnant at the time she least expects it. Khloe and Kris are shopping for home products for Khloe’s new family house with Tristan. Kris asks her to do the roll test where she rolls over the rug but Khloe denies her mother’s absurd buying tradition.

She mentions Khloe’s talk-show appearance and reads her a funny tweet that praises the mom of one for her personality. Kris tries to throw light on the fact that their fans outnumber their trolls and asks Khloe to concentrate on the positives in lieu of the negative comments being made to her. Kim is trying on her outfits for her SNL preview shoot when Kourtney calls her to let her know that she won’t be able to make it for Kim’s skit.

Kourtney claims that since Scott was going to be there too, she did not want to do it. Kim says she could disinvite Scott if she wanted to come but Kourtney insists that it would make things worse and that she should skip it instead. Kim talks to her assistant about her chat with Amy but states that she wants to stick with her gut and make that joke about the sex tape.

The mother of four shoots the preview after which her team gets emotional about the career growth she has seen. Her makeup artist Mario starts crying which makes Kim cry but she holds herself back because of her makeup. Kim is at the SNL shoot the next day which is a 23-hour long shoot. In between filming, Kim tries to sneak in study sessions for her baby bar exam.

Kanye is at the show to support her and Kim mentions that she does not want to make many jokes about their relationship struggle at his expense. Khloe and Kris are on their way to Kim’s SNL show when Kris asks their chauffeur to leave them alone for a private conversation. Khloe is suspicious but Kris dials Travis Barker.

Travis mentions that he will be proposing to Khloe soon and wants their blessings and presence during that time. Khloe is emotional because this is the first time Kourtney is so sure about marrying her partner and is happy with the couple. Kris is emotional too and is anticipating how surprised Kourtney would be after Travis proposes to her.

 The Episode Review

This episode was not as dramatic as fans of the Kardashian family like it to be and the show seems like a cookie-cutter version of the drama that fans see online. This definitely makes it seem inauthentic but we still live for whatever drama we get out of the family. I feel like in the present time, knowing how Ray J exposed the family for lying about the sex tape all along, Kim’s reaction to the entire ordeal is hilarious.

Khloe seems to be walking on eggshells when it comes to Tristan but I hope that she is able to move on from him soon because she deserves better after all that she has been through. Kourtney is really having the best time of her life with Travis and I hope that she is able to get pregnant soon because of how dearly she wants it.

The show does not give us much more than what is there on the Internet and I wish that the makers make more creative choices to show us the family unfiltered. That seems impossible because all five sisters are producers of the show but I hope they eventually get back to good old E!Network style Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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